Ping Pong Paddle Rules

The game of ping pong is currently exploding in popularity all over the world.  There are now a number of professional tournaments around the world, as well as a very popular Olympic event.  Although there are a number of variations to the game, the professional rules, as laid out by the International Table Tennis Federation, are followed in all of the major tournaments and it’s important that any newcomers to the game know them inside out.  While there are specific rules regarding general play, scoring and table dimensions, there are also very specific regulations when it comes to ping pong paddle rules.Continue reading

History of Ping Pong

If you’ve never heard of gossima, nor flim-flam nor whiff-whaff nor ping-pong, then you’re probably not alone. Yes, before table tennis became more than an after-dinner competition compromising a cleared dinner table and a cork ball and racket, these onomatopoeic diminutives were used to describe the game in its early stages in the later 1800s. Continue reading

Bowflex Max Trainer Cardio Machine Reviews 2017

Of all the startup stories of fitness equipment companies, Bowflex’s a humble one. An idea started by an Ethiopian student studying in the US in 1986 has grown to revolutionize how we train. While the world of fitness machines was ruled by giant brands, Bowflex chose a different path; a path that has not only seen the success of the brand but also has brought smiles to many fitness enthusiasts. You can now have your own home gym and it will not cost you an arm and leg. 
Continue reading

Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table Review 2017

It’s each and every parent’s satisfaction to invest some high quality time with his kids, even though occasionally you really feel like your kid is tiring you with his energy. An outdoor ping pong table is really a great option to have around the home for those moments, simply because it permits you to invest hours together with your kid and have enjoyable. Continue reading

Ferrari 7 Speed Folding Bike Reviews 2017

Ferrari 7 Speed Folding Bike

The Ferrari 7 Speed folding bicycle raises the bar on the traditional entry level folding bikes on the market. When you mention the name Ferrari, you immediately are drawn to the companies philosophy of cutting edge technology and performance racing history. The name Ferrari is no longer limiting itself to high end sports cars, you can now see the Ferrari name on pens, clothing, sunglasses, and now high end bicycles. You can expect only the top of the line technology going into a folding bike, and the Ferrari Speed 7 bike delivers on all points.Continue reading

Swagtron T5 Reviews 2017

Self balancing scooter is the new trend. They come in a range of different products yet the most common ones are self balancing boards, self balancing scooters, mini segways, hoverboards, powered skateboard and powered unicycles. There isn’t really a product group for these, but we’re branding them self balancing scooter or Personal scooter. This is fairly portable and we are trying to find the best self balancing scooter for your personal use.Continue reading