Best Home Treadmill Review 2018

Best Home Treadmills Review

A regular exercise routine is a necessity for healthy living. But finding time to go to the gym, and the difficulties of dealing with the weather make finding the time for working out difficult. For these reasons, many people turn to home fitness equipment like treadmills.

But with so many options on the market, finding the right treadmill to fit your particular needs can be daunting. With our overview of the best home treadmills, we will break down the options for you by price so that you can make the options you want with your budget.

Our price breakdown here is based on the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price), but you will often find the treadmills for much less than the category they are in. You should check online retailers like Amazon for the most current prices and for any sales.


Best Treadmills under $500

If you are on a very tight budget, there are some decent options for treadmills under $500. These models obviously will not have the premium features of advanced models, and chances are they will not stand up to the same amount of use, but these three models are quality machines that will fit your budget and help you meet your fitness needs. These models are best for beginners, walkers, and those who are somewhat lighter since you will not wear as much on the machine.

ProForm 6.0 RT TreadmillProForm-6.0-RT

This is the entry-level treadmill from ProForm, which is owned by ICON Health & Fitness which also makes the NordicTrack and other Welso models included in the under $500 list. It comes with a moderately sized deck of 18″ X 50″ which should satisfy most users, but those with a longer stride might find it somewhat constraining. It does come with a good motor, 2.0 CHP (continuous horsepower) for a model in its price range. This will allow you to go up to 10 miles per hour.

The deck can also incline up to 10% for increased intensity and will fold up for convenient storage and moving. The deck comes with supportive cushioning to help reduce impact, which is generally easier on your joints than normal walking but not as much as other models.

The console on the 6.0RT comes with a USB port so you can connect your iPod to track your workouts with iFit. You can also use the console to listen to your favorite music, audiobooks, or podcasts. If you are not sure the best way to go about your exercise routine, the console does come with 8 pre-programed workouts that vary in terms of levels and intensity.

For its price range, it has a rather generous weight recommendation: 300 pounds. So, this model would be a good option for those needing to lose weight.

The 6.0 RT comes with a 5-year warranty on the motor and frame, which most people are unlikely to ever use. The rest of the treadmill is only covered for 90 days, but this includes both parts and labor against any manufacturer errors or parts defects.

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Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmillweslo-Cadence-5.9

Cadence G 5.9 from Welso is very similar to the ProForm 6.0 RT. It is simply a slightly smaller model, which for most people on a budget, should not matter too much.

The deck is only rated for 275 pounds and is driven by a 2.0 horsepower motor. You should note that, while this is technically a higher horsepower rating than the ProForm 6.0 RT, it is not “Continuous Rating Horsepower,” so it is not of the same commercial quality. It will, however, still drive the belt up to 10 miles per hour. It will also only incline only 6%.

The deck size is also a bit narrower on the G 5.9 at 16″ X 50″ making this model more suitable for those who are lighter and do not need as much width while they walk. If you have a long stride or who need more room between your feet should look for a model with a large deck.

The console does come with 6 built-in workouts to make training easier but does not come with any tracking software to sync with your portable device.

The warranty period is also a bit shorter: 1 year on the motor and frame and 90 days parts and labor for everything else.

If you want a very simple machine without any frills, this is by far the best option. Its small deck and simple console make this a cost-effective treadmill that will be good for those who have a short stride and small body type.

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Weslo Cadence R 5.2 TreadmillWeslo-Cadence-R-5.2-2

The Cadence R 5.2 is another good treadmill at an affordable price. The R 5.2 is a slight step up from the G 5.9 primarily because of the 2.5 CHP motor. It will still drive the belt up to 10 miles per hour, but will deliver slightly better performance than the G 5.9.

The deck size is the same as the G 5.9, 16″ X 50″, so it is best for those who have a short stride and a narrow step. Instead of inclining at continuous degrees, the R 5.2 has 2 simple adjustable incline positions. This gives you less precise control over the level of incline for your work out, but this might be preferable to those who want a simpler machine.

The deck will fold up into the console which will save you space and make it easier to move the treadmill. The rollers on the base also make it easier to maneuver though you will want to find a semi-permanent location for your treadmill.

The console comes with 6 different workout programs and quick-adjust buttons to customize your routine as you go. It comes with the same 1-year warranty on the frame and motor and 90 days parts and labor on everything else as the G 5.9.

The Cadence R 5.2, like the other models under $500 will not feel as solid under your feet if you are a larger person, but given the basic design and feature, this model should satisfy most walkers and beginners.

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Best Treadmills under $1000

If you are ready to invest a little bit more money but do not need to train for marathons continuously, these models will do well with higher capacity motors and more console features. You will also get slightly larger decks for those that have a longer stride and need a bit more support.

NordicTrack T 6.5S TreadmillT6.5-2

NordicTrack has long been a quality name in the home fitness market with their unique line of NordicTrack cross-country trainers. But the brand has expanded to include a wide range of machines, including several quality treadmills.

The T 6.5S Treadmill comes with a much wider and longer deck than any of the previous modes: 20″ X 55″. This makes it and the other models in this category much more suitable for taller people and those with longer strides. The deck features a special flex cushioning system which will help reduce the shock to your joints as you walk or run.

The belt is driven by a 2.6 CHP heavy-duty motor that will take you up to 12 miles per hour. This makes it more suitable for those wanting to run a bit for their workouts. It is not solid enough for long-distance runners to use on a continuous basis, but you should have no trouble with a light-duty running routine. The deck will also incline with the touch of a button up to 10% for more intense workouts.

Another nice feature of the T 6.5S is the easy to fold system which uses shocks to help lift the deck when you want to store the device. This system reduces the amount of effort needed to put the deck into the upright position, making it much easier for anyone lift or lower the deck.

The console can also be synced with your portable device to track your workouts with the iFit technology (additional subscription required). It also comes with 20 pre-programmed workouts to make it easier to get in a quality routine without having to be an expert.

This model comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 25-year warranty on the motor, and a 1-year warranty on all other parts (which includes labor).

With the larger deck and more workout options, the T 6.5S Treadmill is a good option for those who want a little more out of a treadmill but still are on a tight budget.

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LifeSpan TR1200i Folding TreadmillLifespan-TR1200i

LifeSpan makes some exceptional treadmills, and the TR1200i is their entry-level model, but it comes with excellent features for the price.

The deck size is about the same as the NordicTrack T 6.5S at 20″ X 56″ and the belt is driven by a 2.5 CHP motor. These motors are designed by Liefspan and are some of the longest lasting in the industry, which is why they come with a lifetime warranty. This particular motor will drive the belt up to 11 miles per hour for quality jogging or running.

LifeSpan’s EZfold technology uses hydraulic shocks to make folding and unfold the deck convenient and safe for anyone. This is perfect for those who need to save some space or in case you need to move the treadmill out of the way.

The deck also has specially designed cushion absorption and is rated for users up to 300 pounds. This makes it a good option for those looking to lose weight as the console comes with several pre-programmed workout routines specifically aimed at burning calories efficiently.

The console also features USB memory options to keep track of your progress, or you can become a part of the LifeSpan fitness club for more workout options and a community of support. With a bright, backlit LCD display, you will be able to see all of your metrics without any difficulties.

With all of these features, the LifeSpan TR1200i is an excellent treadmill with an exceptional warranty for those interested in more advanced programming and tracking features.

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Horizon T101-04 TreadmillT101

The T101-04 Treadmill by Horizon is the company’s entry-level, award winning model.

Its 20″ X 55″ deck is driven by a 2.25 CHP motor that will go up to 10 miles per hour and is designed to be quieter than other models. This rating and speed make the T101-04 perfect for the walker and jogger, but it will also handle some light-duty running well.

For more intense workouts, the deck will incline up to 10% which can be adjusted with easy controls from the console. The console displays in a 4.5 LED screen which is a bit small compared to other models, and is not backlit but you should not difficulty reading it. It comes with 30 different pre-programmed workouts which can focus on distance, calories, steps, or other metrics including heart rate.

The console also comes with speakers that are of a higher quality than many other models. This allows you to enjoy any number of different entertainments while you work out. And since the motor is so quiet, you will have no difficulty hearing your music well.

Horizon also provides a great warranty on this model. The frame and motor are covered for life and all other parts are warrantied for 2 years. This also includes 1 year of labor. There are few companies that offer such generous warranties.

If you like the extra protection, expanded pre-programmed workout, and don’t mind the smaller display, the T101-04 is an excellent option.

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Horizon Fitness Adventure 3 TreadmillHorizon-Adventure-3

The Adventure 3 Treadmill is a step up from the T101-04 model with some nice added features that will appeal to runners especially.

It comes with a 2.5 CHP digital drive motor which is quiet, reliable, and more responsive than other motors. The motor will recalibrate as you exercise so that it works in sync with your footfalls. At this rating, the Adventure three will go up to 12 miles per hour and incline up to 12%, the highest in this price range.

The deck is the same size as other models, 20″ X 55″ and features Horizon’s FeatherLight folding system to make lifting and lower the deck very easy. The 3-Zone cushioning system will also lighten the stress to your knees and joints to make your workout more comfortable.

The console on the Adventure 3 is a Yellow-Green 5.75″ LCD display that comes with 30 different pre-programmed workouts. You also have the option of connecting via Wifi to two apps that help make your workouts more effective and enjoyable.

The ViaFit application can record, set goals, program workouts, and track results all in one convenient place. And with the Johnson Passport Player you can sync your workouts to an HD TV for an immersive experience as the screen creates one of two preload courses for you to exercise through. Both of these applications require an additional fee, but can be the added value you need to keep your exercise routine going.

The Adventure 3 also comes with Horizon’s great warranty. The frame and motor are warrantied for life and all other parts come with a 3-year warranty against all manufacturer errors or parts defects. This warranty also includes 1 year of labor should it need any repairs.

If you like the extra technological features and the quiet drive system of Horizon, this is an excellent choice.

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Best Treadmills under $1500

Treadmills in this category are generally suitable for those more serious runners or for those who need a larger deck because they have a longer stride. Taller individuals will find that the added space on the deck makes for a much more comfortable workout. You can also find more advanced options on the consoles in this category for those that want to take their workouts to the next level.

LifeSpan TR2000e Electric Folding TreadmillLifespan-TR2000e-4

The first model in this price range actual has more in common with the previous section but comes with one added bonus that makes it a bit more expensive.

The deck is 20″ X 56″ so it is still a not as long as other models in this price range. The motor is a 2.5 CHP heavy-duty motor which will only take you up to 11 miles per hour—a good speed for walkers and joggers, though it will accommodate some runners as well.

The deck will incline up 15 different levels and comes with 8 special compression shocks to make your run more smooth and reduce impact.

What really makes this model stand out is the automated folding system. With just the touch of a button, the TR2000e will fold the deck into the console for convenient storage and moving. You will not have to hassle with lifting or lower the deck at all. This folding deck is the main thing that separates the TR2000e from other models.

The console features a 6″ backlit blue display, pre-programmed workouts, and quick access buttons to make changing your settings easy.

It also comes with LifeSpan’s great warranty. The motor and frame are covered for life, all other parts are covered for 5 years, and this includes 1 year of labor. If you do not need a longer deck size and want a deck that will fold automatically, then the TR2000e is your best option.

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Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 TreadmillHorizon-Adventure-5

The Adventure 5 is, as you might guess, a step up from the Adventure 3. It features a 20″ X 60″ deck and has the same digital drive, 2.5 CHP motor for 12 miles per hour runs. It will also incline up to 12% like the Adventure 3.

The console on the Adventure 5 is a 7.5″ Blue LCD screen and features 35 different pre-programed workouts. You can also connect via Wifi to the ViaFit app and the Passport Player for immersive running experiences.

It comes with Horizon’s lifetime warranty on the frame and motor as well as 3 years on all other parts and 1 year of labor. If you like all the features of the Adventure 3, but need a little extra running room, the Adventure 5 is should accommodate your longer stride.

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ProForm Power 995i TreadmillProForm-Power-995i-2

This model by ProForm features a powerful 3.0 CHP motor that will give you speeds up to 12 miles per hour. While not the fastest treadmill on the market, this should be enough to accommodate most runners. The motor is designed to operate over longer periods so that it can satisfy those wanting to train for long distances and the quiet operation will allow you to comfortably listen to your favorite music or audiobooks without any trouble.

The running deck is 20″ X 60″ so those with a bit longer strides should find it comfortable to use. The ProShox cushioning will provide plenty of support to your knees and back even over those long runs to help reduce stress and injury. The deck will also incline up to 15% in order to give you a more challenging workout and really work your leg muscles.

The console comes with plenty of pre-programmed workouts and can be connected to the iFit app for tracking your progress and meeting your goals. It features a tablet holder so that you can watch your favorite movies or television shows while you work out.

With a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, a 5-year warranty on all other parts, and 1 year worth of labor included, the Power 995i is a great treadmill for the jogger or runner.

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NordicTrack C990 TreadmillC990-1

The C990 Treadmill is comparable in many features to the ProForm Power 995i. It comes with 3.0 CHP DurX™ motor which utilizes two special cooling fans which reduce both noise and vibration. It will go up to 12 miles per hour and incline 12% for intense workouts.

The deck features NordicTrack’s FlexSelect cushioning on a 20″ X 60″ surface area. This will create a comfortable workout for even long-distance runners.

Where the C990 Treadmill differs from the ProForm Power 995i is mainly in the console features. The C990 comes pre-programmed with 32 different workouts designed by professional trainers and displayed on a 7″ touchscreen display. This full-color touchscreen is Web-enabled so you can connect with iFit, browse online, or use Google Maps to simulate training routines. This can be a great way to break up the boredom of working out and track all of your metrics in one convenient location.

The C990 comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, 3-years on all other parts, and 1-year of labor. If you are looking for some extra technology to bring your workouts to life, the C990 is a great option.

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Best Treadmills under $2000

Treadmills in the price range start to come with some added features that some users will really like. Extended incline options, better console features, and higher weight capacities make these treadmills desirable for those needing more than just basic fitness machines.

LifeSpan TR3000i Folding TreadmillLifespan-TR3000i-1

The LifeSpan TR3000i Treadmill does not feature as large a motor or running deck as you would expect in a model of this price-range, but the heavy-duty frame and extra compression shocks make this model more suitable for heavier users.

With a 2.75 CHP motor, it will take you up to 12 miles per hour. And the 20″ X 56″ running deck will incline up to 15 different levels. The 8 compression shocks are independently designed to accommodate users up to 350 pounds which makes this a good option for those looking for a machine to help them lose weight.

The console comes with a 6″ color display, which is somewhat smaller than other models in this price range. It comes with 19 pre-programmed workouts and the option to use the LifeSpan club to track and plan your fitness goals. It also features Bluetooth connectivity or USB ports to connect your portable devices and sync your data.

It does come with a warranty to match its larger price point. The frame and motor are covered for life, all other parts are covered for 5 years, and it comes with 1 year worth of labor.

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Sole F63 TreadmillF63-1

The Sole F63 comes with a large deck, 20″ X 60″ and oversized rollers for smoother and more fluid response during your workouts. It comes with a strong 3.0 CHP motor that will drive the belt up to 12 miles per hour. The deck will adjust to 15 different levels of incline.

The console features a 6.5″ backlit LCD display and comes with 10 preset workouts. The F63 also comes with a chest strap included with the treadmill which will connect to the console via Bluetooth. This allows you to keep your heart rate within target zone for safe and optimal workout without having to grip the electronic contacts periodically.

With a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, a 3-year warranty on all other parts, and 1-year labor included, the Sole F63 is a good option for those looking for a treadmill with a long stride and some basic options in the console.

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NordicTrack X9i Incline Trainer – Treadmillnordictrack-x11i

As the name indicates, this model from NordicTrack is intended to give you extra incline in your workout. The tread belt is wider than others on the list at 22″ X 60″ so it will accommodate those with a wider stance.

The deck comes with an impressive incline up to 40% and a decline down to 6%. This allows you to seriously train and simulate real-world courses. At the highest incline setting, you can practice going up the steepest hills and prepare very well for races and marathons.

The X9i comes with NordicTrack’s DurX™ motor rated at 3.0 CHP which will drive the belt up to 12 miles per hour quietly and reliably.

The console comes with a 7″ touch screen which is fully web-enabled and features 44 different workout programs. You can also sync all your data with the iFit app and simulate courses using Google Maps on the color screen. A wireless chest strap is also included so that you can easily track your heart rate and meet your target heart rate zones.

The X9i comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, motor, and deck, a 5-year warranty on all other parts, and 2-year labor warranty. If you are looking for a serious training treadmill with lots of incline, the X9i will get the job done.

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Horizon Elite T9 TreadmillElite-T9 treadmill

The Elite T9 is the premium model from Horizon. It features their FeatherLight folding system to make the deck easier to lift and lower when you need to conserve space. The deck itself is 20″ X 60″ and features Horizon’s Infinity Belt which has been tested to run 21,000 miles before needing lubrication. This greatly decreases any maintenance needs.

It also features Johnson’s digital drive motor rated at 2.75 CHP to drive the belt up to 12 miles per hour. The deck can incline up to 15% and has a 3-Zone cushioning system to make your workout smoother.

The console features a 10″ touchscreen and comes with 44 workout programs and a tracking calendar to better track your goals and achievements. The console is also Wifi enabled and can connect with the wireless chest strap to monitor your heart rate.

The Elite T9 is rated up to 350 pounds, so it is a good option for those looking for a treadmill to help them lose weight. With 2-years labor warranty, 5-year parts warranty, and a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, this is a good option for those looking for a quality treadmill for many years of training.

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Best Treadmills over $2000

If you are ready to invest in the best of the best, these treadmills are all considered the premium models from the various brand names. Most of these will feature larger running decks, advanced options on the console, and great speeds. If you are a serious runner or need a treadmill that can withstand a lot of use, these are the models to consider.

NordicTrack C1650 Treadmillc1650

The C1650 is an upgrade to NordicTrack’s C990 model. It comes with same basic dimensions on the deck, 20″ X 60″ and a 12% incline. It also features the ability to decline 3%, a feature that does not come with many models. The motor is slightly more powerful at 3.25 CHP, but will still only go up to 12 miles per hour.

The big difference between the C990 and C1650 is the 10″ touchscreen that comes on the C1650. This web-enabled screen will allow you to browse the internet, simulate routes with Google Maps, or connect with iFit. This console puts all the controls of the treadmill right at your fingertips and will go a long way toward keeping your mind occupied while you work out.

It comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame, 5-years on all the parts, and a full 2-years of labor. This gives you some added protection should anything go wrong with the treadmill due to manufacturer errors or parts defects.

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LifeSpan TR4000i Folding TreadmillLifespan-TR4000i-1

The TR4000i is LifeSpan’s premium treadmill. It features a deck size of 20″ X 60″ and 3.25 CHP heavy-duty motor. At top speeds of 12 miles per hour and an incline up to 15 levels, this model is sure to give you many challenging and intense workouts.

The deck is equipped with 8 uniquely designed shock compressions to ease your steps as you run or job even over long distances. The steel frame adds stability to its generous weight capacity of 350 pounds.

This display on the console is only a 6″ backlit LCD screen which is not as large as other models in this price range. It does come with a wireless chest strap to connect to the console and track your heart rate. USB ports are included to connect your data or charge select devices.

LifeSpan models also feature the IntelliStep™ technology which automatically counts your steps as well as the IntelliGuard™ feature which shuts off the belt which you step off the machine for 20 seconds.

LifeSpan’s lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, 5-year warranty on the parts, and 2-year warranty on the labor makes this a good option for those needing a sturdy treadmill without any advanced console features.

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NordicTrack X11i Incline Trainer – Treadmillnordictrack-X11i

The X11i Incline Trainer is the upgraded model to the X9i and comes with all the same great features, but with an expanded, 10″ web-enabled touch screen display. With this display on the console, you can browse the internet, stream movies, connect with Google Maps to simulate fun runs or workouts, or track your progress with iFit.

If you are looking for a treadmill with all the great features of the X9i, but with larger display, the X11i is great for those serious runners.

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Sole F85 Treadmillsole-2

The Sole F85 is an exceptional treadmill with a large running deck size of 22″ X 60″. It also features a 4.0 CHP heavy-duty motor and sturdy frame that allows it to have the highest weight capacity of any treadmill on our list at 400 pounds. So if you are a large person looking for a treadmill to help you get fit and lose some weight, the Sole F85 is a great option.

The console comes with 10.1″ LCD display that will give you all your metrics and comes with 10 workout programs. The wireless heart monitor will give you continuous readings of your heart rate to make sure you are meeting your heart rate goals and keeping them within safe limits. The console will also connect wirelessly via Bluetooth with your portable device so that you can sync all your data to track your workouts and reach your goals.

Sole offers a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame, 5 years on the parts, and 2 years on the labor for the F85 so that you can be fully protected against any manufacturer errors or parts defects.

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As you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to quality treadmills. Finding the right treadmill for your particular situation is not easy. You should consider how much you plan to use your treadmill or how many people will be using it on a regular basis. If you plan on using your treadmill daily, it would be worth the investment to buy a treadmill that has a higher rated motor. Similarly, if you are a larger person, the greater horsepower motors will be able to handle the heavier workload.

If, however, you only plan to use the treadmill on a semi-regular basis, supplementing other regular exercise, you may not need the heavy-duty models. Likewise, if you are slight of build, heavy-duty steel frames may not be necessary, unless multiple people will be using the treadmill.

Those people who love to analyze data and keep track of their workouts should seriously consider a model that comes with good tracking software. You should be aware that some of this software requires additional subscription fees, but many people find the cost worth it for what you can learn about your goals and progress.

Whatever your particular goals are for your home gym, it is a good idea to make a list of the your desired features and read through our extensive reviews to ensure that the model you are consider fits all your checkboxes and matches your budget.

A home treadmill is a great way to get all your fitness needs in the convenience of your home. With all these options, you will be able to find the right model to help you meet all your health goals. Whether you want wireless connectivity and the ability to browse the internet while you work out or just a treadmill that you can jump and go, you should be able to find the right treadmill that matches your budget. And with the right treadmill, you have a great tool to help you either get into shape or maintain a proper exercise routine for years of healthy living.

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