Best Hoverboard – Self Balancing Electric Scooter Reviews 2018

Best Hoverboard – Self Balancing Scooter Reviews

The sight of hoverboards is a common one. You will see users of all age cruising in one of those trending mobile devices. Have you ever wondered why hoverboards are so common? The answer is no brainer: they are convenient for mobility and not anywhere near expensive. 

As you might have already discovered, finding a place to buy one for yourself is not a daunting task anymore. It used to be but no longer thanks to the many stores near you stocking them. However, you should not celebrate the readily availability. Not yet at least. 

Before you make a purchase, there are crucial factors to consider regarding safety and speed protection of your 2-wheel scooter-like device. It would not make any sense to buy a hoverboard today only to risk your life. Therefore, you need to thoroughly evaluate what you are buying in regards to your safety, convenience and speed. 

But first things first: let’s understand what a hoverboard is.

Defining a Hoverboard

Going by the popularity, you would expect a majority to know what a hoverboard is. But it will shock you to know even those who enjoy the smooth cruise do not fully know what they are riding on.

A hoverboard is simply like a personal scooter but way more versatile a device with a board, 2 wheels and is electronically powered. By virtue of its design, it can cruise for a speed of up to 20KM/hour (though there are model that can only muster 10KM/hour). There is an array of models and designs but they are broadly categorized as manual or self-balanced.

Looking to buy a hoverboard?

Here are 4 considerations to make before the purchase 

1. Since hoverboards became a popular trend, there have been concerns about their safety.

2. Children as well as adults have had accidents, which further fuel the discussion on the safety of these devices.

3. Despite obvious need to address the safety question, retailers are only concerned with making more sales. Therefore they market their products as the best, overlooking the pertinent question about safety and speed protection.

4. The ball is only left at buyers’ court to make an assessment of a hoverboard before purchasing it. While it may be near impossible to find a flawless hoverboard, here are 4 considerations to help you not only get value for your money but also ensure you are buying a safe and speed protected device:

Features and Specifications of Hoverboards

Basically, the safety and speed protection features and functions are all geared towards a common goal: hoverboard safety and efficient mobility. While this is the intention of many manufacturers, there are those scrupulous business people whose only intention is to make more money. They will exaggerate features and specifications only for you to make the purchase and be disappointed. 

The typical safety and speed protection features and specs in a hoverboard include: accessories bag, balancing motors, speed range indication, LED motion lights, user guides, and batteries. Depending on model and brand, some will have more enhanced features than others. 

Brand’s reputation

The first thing to look for when buying a hoverboard is the brand name. There are countless brands specializing in this field. Question is: which ones can you trust? And how do you tell a genuine brand from a counterfeit?

Reputation is what makes or breaks a brand. There are hoverboard brands that everyone is talking about. Reputable brands do not get it while sitting down; they have over time proven to be the best with not only their products but also customer service. 

Products from highly regarded brands have proven over time that they are durable, safe, and reliable, among other positive attributes. Ensure you do not follow a brand blindly. Assess their products through customer reviews, opinions from authoritative sources as well as asking for references from friends. 

When you finally decide to make the purchase, ensure it from an authentic licensed distributor or company. This way you will get value for your money, peace of mind and be sure of your safety. 

Convenience of Hoverboard

Without convenience, hoverboards would not be the ‘hot’ products they are today. It is therefore important to assess the convenience of what you are buying before you get into your wallet. 

The convenience here is to move easily and fast saving time with daily errands. As such, they should be fast (20KM/hour), lightweight with no worries about parking spaces and traffic jam. 

Besides, your hoverboard should be able to bear your weight and whatever baggage you may carry with you. For instance, if your device can take on a maximum of 300lbs then both you and your baggage should be lower than that. 

Another aspect for convenience is how often you are supposed to charge the motor and how long it will take you before you require a recharge. If your errands are occasionally short then you do not need to worry much about a recharge. 


Are you buying the hoverboard for yourself or a child? This is where functionality comes in. There are those that come at high speed range making them ideal for an adult. For children, you will require a low speed device. 

For balancing functionalities, you have to understand the concept of motor in the brand you are buying. Dual self-balancing motors are considered the best as they correct any balancing errors and prevent axel wobbling. 


There is no doubting what a mobility revolution hoverboards are. They have changed how you move across town, run errands fast without worrying about traffic or parking space. It is not only individuals who have realized the potential of these devices; the hospitality industry has harnessed the convenience of hoverboards and now uses them to serve clients in different corners of the town. 

As you shop for your hoverboard, ensure you get a reputable brand that will give you convenience, durability and value for your money. For whatever choice you make ensure that your safety, comfort and protection come first. Compare as many brands as you can and only purchase once you are fully convinced that is the kind of product you would bet your life on. 


The Top FiveHoverboard – Self Balancing Electric Scooter Reviews:

1. SWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard – Electric Self-Balancing Scooter

2. SWAGTRON T3 Premium Hoverboard

3. SWAGTRON T5 Entry Level Hoverboard for Kids and Young Adults

4. Powerboard by HOVERBOARD – UL 2272 Certified 2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter

5. EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover Self-Balance Board – UL2272 Certified

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