Dahon Jack D7 Folding Bike Review 2018

The Dahon Jack 7 folding bike is the perfect bike for riding to and from work while being portable enough to keep it at your desk. The bike folds quickly into a compact size enabling you to keep your bike with you on the train, the bus or at your workstation. Unlike many of the folding bikes on the market today, the Jack is rugged and you can take it to the next level and drive over just about anything in your path.

The Dahon Jack D7 is a unique 7 speed folding bike that is a full 26″ and folds down to 13.3″ x 36.7″ x 30.8″. This folding bike can be folded down in less than 30 seconds for when you need to quickly catch a bus or train. The weight of the bike is 28 pounds, and may be a little difficult for the ladies to lug around or load in and out of the trunk. That being said, this bike accommodates many different riding styles and can easily become your favorite bicycle ever.

Getting this bike  you are practically getting two bikes in one here. The Jack is capable of being a traditional urban bike, handling the city streets and taking tight turns on a dime. Where this bicycle kicks into another gear is, its ability to handle all the obstacles the road can throw at it with its Schwalbe Big Apple tires. With the Kevlar anti-puncture lining and more suspension you can off-road with no issues.  Like traditional mountain bikes, you will be flying all over the bumps and imperfections of off-road travel at lightning speed. The Jack’s strong frame can withstand the shock and bouncing of the off the beaten path with little difficulty.

Dahon created the Jack D7 in three sizes, small, medium and large. The Jack can also handle riders from five feet to six and a half feet tall. With adjustable handlebars and stem, it can easily handle just about any riders style. The seven speeds allows you the flexibility to ride normal terrain or extreme hills with no difficulty. One of the features many riders love is the hidden bike pump that is actually built into the seat.  This will come in handy on those days when you’ve just left the trail, are heading for the streets and your tires need a little more air.  Despite the bikes light weight it is a very durable folding bike.

The beefy 7005 aluminum frame gives the bike some additional weight, but it also gives you the flexibility to get a little tough with this bike. It can handle the bumps and imperfections of the road unlike many light weight folding bikes. Durability is the key with the Jack, it feels like a strong bike as well as looks like one too. You would expect this rugged bike to be uncomfortable as a trade off of the strength, but you will be surprised how comfortable this bicycle is. Although the bike can handle all terrains, it comes with a price. The tires are much bigger, and that means when you fold it down it is not as small as many compact folding bikes. It is a little heavy to carry around, but its a small price to pay since you are getting a very durable bike that will last for many years to come.

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