Horizon T101 Treadmill Review 2018

Horizon T101 Treadmill

This Horizon Fitness T 101 treadmill is one of the bestsellers from Horizon treadmill manufacturer. One of the factors that make it a top choice among many customers is its budget friendly price. Other than this wonderful price this machine also has special features to satisfy the needs of a runner who wants to enjoy light workout sessions at home.

These features will enable the user to enjoy personalized workout programs as well as stay entertained and cool for an energized workout session. However you should note that this machine is small and it also has limiting features for intense workout programs. Below are the amazing features that come with this Horizon Treadmill for you to decide if it is what you need or not.



What are the Features of  Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill?T101Continuous Motor

If you are interested in being involved in intense workout sessions you need a treadmill with a powerful motor to support you. This running machine is featured with a 2.25 CHP motor that may not suit a runner that wants to undergo endurance training. Reason being that this kind of motor will give them breakdown inconveniences in between the workout sessions. Nevertheless it will suit perfectly a runner that wants to engage in undemanding exercises at home to keep fit. One attractive feature of this motor is that it works quietly and you won’t cause disturbances to the neighborhood when you are treading. Moreover you won’t incur replacement or repair costs since it comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


The maximum speed limit that a running machine can accommodate is an issue to consider since it will determine the running challenges you can set for yourself. This Horizon machine comes with a 10 MPH speed that would be appropriate for any average runner (or better said a jogger). The more experienced runners tend to exercise on 12 MPH speed and above. This means that this speed limit won’t be convenient for them and they should consider getting a treadmill with a higher speed limit. 


This machine is designed with a 10% incline level which is not one of the best for challenging your leg muscles optimally. Nonetheless it’s not every runner that is capable of running on super steep surfaces. This incline level will be ideal for a runner that is intending to train up their muscle legs into being involved in tough workout incline levels. Furthermore it will also work for anyone that is intending to lose calories without engaging in intensive training sessions. 

Tread Belt Length 

Tread belt length is a factor to consider when purchasing a treadmill because you don’t want to take home a machine that cannot accommodate your height. This Horizon T101 running belt measures 20×55 inches which makes it appropriate for below-average users only. If you are a tall user this belt will be problematic because it won’t give you enough space to make comfortable strides. 

Flex Deck Cushioning

Running on a cushioned deck is very crucial to keep you protected from joint injuries when running or jogging. This machine comes with efficient cushioning for absorbing shock and keeping the deck steady. With this you will undergo your workout sessions without experiencing strains on your ankles, joints, feet and hips. 

 Maximum User Weight

This treading machine is designed for every runner save the heavy users. It comes with a 300 pounds user capacity which will be convenient for average users. Note that treadmill experts advice that this machine requires a 230 pounds and below runner for top efficiency. Reason being that a runner with over 230 pounds may experience wobbling and on the running surface. However if you weigh 300 pounds and you are looking for a treadmill to walk or jog this will be perfect for you. 

Quiet Operation

This treadmill is not the kind that will keep you in constant trouble with your neighbors due to noise disturbances. Both the motor and the running surface operate smoothly and quietly throughout your workout sessions. Another advantage about this feature is that you will listen in to your favorite music comfortably with zero distractions. 


As a runner you deserve to enjoy maximum confidence as you work out. This Horizon treadmill is featured with a sturdy frame to support you as you train on the tread belt. With this strong frame you will have all the confidence that is needed to workout effectively. To win your trust this frame comes with a life time warranty from Horizon. 

Easy to Fold

Imagine being tasked with a difficult procedure to fold your treadmill after a tedious workout session? That’s an experience that any runner wouldn’t want to come across. With this treading machine that is featured with hydraulic shocks you will be able to fold your machine quite conveniently once you are done with your workout session. This feature not only helps with the easy folding of the machine but it also assists in unfolding it smoothly without getting injuries. Moreover you will be able to save on space for other equipment in a case where you have a limited floor space. Transporting the treadmill while on the folded position will also be super easy and smooth. 

Console Display


You don’t want to miss out on your workout progress as you continue to train. This machine comes with a 4.5 inch LED display console meant to show you your workout data. Though the size of the screen is small you won’t miss out on your information on calorie loss, distance covered, time, speed and incline. Additionally, this console is in gray color and beautifully designed to keep you motivated as you view your workout data. For runners that love to view their workout data from large display screens this size of screen maybe problematic to them. We would recommend that such persons should find a treadmill with a larger display console. 

Workout Programs 

It is definite that every serious runner wants to have treading equipment with which they will be able to enjoy a variety of workout programs to keep them motivated. This machine is featured with 30 workout programs which are designed by a certified trainer to help you accomplish your fitness goals conveniently. They are divided into different functions; 10 step goal workouts, 6 calorie-goal workouts, 10 distance workouts and 3 interludes workouts. With this generous amount of workout programs you will stay looking forward to the next training session to enjoy a new program. You are looking to holistic approach to fitness with the diversification of the provided programs.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart rate data helps the user to gauge their workout intensity so as to adjust into an intensity that will see them achieve their workout goals effectively. With this machine you will track down your heart rate accurately with the pulse dual grip monitor that comes with it. All you need to do is to place your hands on the handlebars and have your heart rate relayed on the display. 

MP3 Compatibility 

Do you keep checking your watch every time you are engaging in your training sessions? The T 101 fitness machine comes with an ultimate solution for you. It is featured with the MP3 compatibility that enables you to connect your MP3 device to the treadmill. By connecting to your MP3 device you will get to enjoy your favorite music throughout the training session. You don’t have to worry about the sound because this equipment is featured with built in speakers that produce a rich pleasant sound. With this enjoyment you will stay motivated all along the training session without minding to look at the clock. 

Cool Fit Fitness Fan 

Are you the kind of runner that perspires outstandingly while training? Then you need this treadmill that features a cooling fan. This fan keeps you cool consistently according to the intensity of your workout session. Staying cool as you train will make you more motivated and extra productive. 

Product Dimensions 

This machine is fairly small compared to other regular treadmills. It measures 70 x 33.5 x 55″” when it is assembled and 45.5 x 33.5 x 61″ when it is folded. 

How to Assemble this Machine

This being a relatively small machine it is easy to assemble. Various customers that purchased this product said they didn’t need to pay any one to put the machine together. Most amazingly one of them was impressed by how they started to practice on it barely 40 minutes after it was delivered. Normally the box comes with some of the machine’s parts packaged differently to prevent damage during shipping. With the assembling manual you will be able to fix together the treadmill’s parts quite easily. If you find it difficult to use the manual you can get online videos on how to assemble Horizon Fitness T 101-04. Horizon charges $100 to have the machine assembled together so if you feel assembling it is too much work you can bring along their technician. 

Customer-Friendly Price

If you are on a tight budget for purchasing fitness equipment this Horizon machine maybe appropriate for you. It comes with a generous price. However don’t expect to experience the powerful features found in other heavy duty machines once you have bought it at this price. 

Warranty for Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill

When it comes to motor and frame cover this warranty can be termed as quite generous because it offers a lifetime cover. However, the 2-year warranty for parts and 1 one year cover for labor may not be quite attractive. Nevertheless it can be slightly justified by its customer friendly price.

What we like about Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill

· Easy to assemble-unlike other huge treadmills this machine consume less of your effort to put it together once it is delivered at your doorstep.
· Great Price- the price is quite favorable for runners who wish to have a running machine on a small budget.
· Efficient Cushioning – keeps your joints, hips and feet comfortable during the workout sessions.
· Endless Entertainment – staying entertained will enable the user to enjoy every bit of their training sessions and workout better.
· Easy-to-use Console-it doesn’t require the user any special knowledge to be able to use it.
· Quiet Operation- friendly to the user’s neighborhood and also enables the runner to stay entertained without distractions.
· It is light- this makes it easy to move around; quite friendly to the old folks that may not have much energy to pull around a heavy machine. 

What we don’t like about Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill

· Weak Motor- a 2.5HP motor won’t be able to support intense workout sessions. It will mostly accommodate the below average users or light workouts like walking or jogging.
· Short Treadmill Belt- this 55 inch running belt leaves out the tall users. Only users with short strides will run on it comfortably.
· Unfriendly Customer Warranty on Parts and Labor-even though this treadmill is lowly priced the cover for the labor and parts is unfriendly compared to others regular treadmills.
· Low Incline Level – it is featured with a10% incline level unlike most of the standard treadmills that come with a 12-15% incline level. 


Where to buy Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill

The moment you decide to bring this treadmill home the best option that you have is to purchase it at Amazon. For Amazon it is well known for free shipping for Amazon Prime, customer-friendly service and quick replacement for faulty machines. Additionally with Amazon you will get this Horizon T101 treadmill for a fair price compared to its price offered on other treadmill sites. 

Verdict on Horizon T101 Treadmill

This machine has earned itself a good name in the treadmill world for receiving the Best Buy Award from Treadmill doctors. Despite of this award it is also important to consider if it is a running machine that can take care of your workout needs. From the above given Horizon Fitness T101-04 Review you are definitely aware that this machine will suit the needs of someone who wants a machine for walking or jogging. The reason being that it is designed with features that are not competent for intensive workouts. Good example is the 2.25 motor that may break down when used for long sessions. However if you are on a tight budget this is a good product to take home and begin working on your fitness goals right away.


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