Facts about iFit: Bringing the Best in your Treadmill

In the recent past most treadmill manufacturers have upgraded to designing treadmills with the iFit® feature to enable the users have the best out of their treading sessions. Maybe you are wondering what this iFit feature is all about; iFit® is a Smart Technology where programmed workout cards are featured in a treadmill to give the user more personalized workout programs other than the ones that are preset in the treadmill.

These cards contain gradual workout programs that are set by a certified trainer to enable the runner exercise as if they were under direct supervision from a trainer. The programs are set to run for 8 weeks and they are designed to adjust to the treadmill incline and speed automatically.

Good thing about these workout cards is that you don’t have to keep using the programs that were loaded in your card when you purchased it, you can always download new ones into your older cards. Note that there is usually no room to upgrade any treading machine to use the iFit technology because it only works in treadmills that come with the iFit® compatibility.

What are the advantages of iFit®?

Once you have the iFit® module you also require to get into the iFit® membership that will enable you to access a wide range of personalized workout programs, iFit® Track, iFit® outside, street view and also plenty of Google map routes. When you take home a treadmill with the iFit compatibility there are plenty of ways you will use the features that all work together to help you attain your training objectives on calorie burn, weight loss and body fitness. Here are facts about the iFit feature that you should know; 

Access Jillian Michaels

With the iFit feature you get to train with the America’s Top trainer Jillian Michaels and achieve your workout goals quite fast.

Get Involved in Online Competition

This feature helps you to connect your machine to the internet whereby you get to compete with your friends who are far away but are working on the same workout program as you do. This kind of sharing workouts and competitions keep the runner motivated for more workout sessions. 

Endless Google Map Routes

Those famous running routes that your legs are itching to run on will be brought inside your home by this smart feature. On this multiple Google map routes the user will be able to run on a large number of terrains either gentle or rough and give their body varying exercise challenges day in day out. The runner also gets to enjoy a clear street view from the console that makes them feel as if they are running on the actual route. 

Wireless Automatic Updates

With this feature the user gets automatic software updates into their treading equipment which gives them an easy time to achieve their fitness goals. 

Innovative Workout Tracking 

This one enables the user to download the data of every workout session into their treading equipment for easy access. 

Link with your Smart Device

iFit® will make it possible for you to access information directly from your iPhone device on nutritional diet for runners, how to set fitness goals, how to keep track of your workout progress and also how to predict the results of your workout sessions. This connection is aided by an iPhone app that is compatible to the iFit® feature. 

Build Workouts

Depending on your workout goals this feature enables you to create your own customized workout programs. 

Fit Score

iFit® measures your lifestyle with the Fit Score. Your Fit Score is a rate of  your fitness level on a scale from 0-100.  This represents your overall fitness level.


Take care of your body with this feature. Log  daily nutrition for an accurate calorie intake and stay on track to your fitness and health goals.

Having iFit® membership means you get to access  hundreds of workout programs that are built by world-class trainers.

Treadmills that are iFit Enabled

Different treadmills come with different offers on for the iFit® feature. Listed below are the outstanding treadmills manufacturers that feature the iFit® compatibility while designing their fitness equipment. 


All models of Weslo treadmills have an option to purchase a monthly  subscription for $9. 95 or yearly subscription for $99.


With NordicTrack you get to enjoy 1 year Premium iFit membership once you purchase your treadmill from them. Monthly subscription for this feature on their machines is $9. 95. 


Once you purchase the iFit module for your ProForm machine you will be required to first identify the kind of machine you are using and then select the subscription that will suit you. It costs the user $99 in a year


This home fitness treadmill was fitted with the iFit technology not long ago. You will be required to pay a yearly subscription of $99 to get to access various workout challenges and tips on achieving your workout goals.


You will need to make a yearly subscription of $99 to enjoy personalized workout programs that are not featured in the machine.


The user should make a $9 monthly subscription to be able to experience every benefit that comes with the iFit feature.


FreeMotion manufactures  treadmills and also one typ of incline trainer. They all have build-in iFit® technology.

Is your treadmill missing this very useful and cool feature? Now you know what treadmill you will buy next time you go shopping. 

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