Portable Standing Desk

What actually is a Standing Desk?

A standing desk, just like the name suggests, is a desk that allows you to stand while you do your office or home work for health and fitness reasons. Experts suggest that for an 8-hour shift, you should strive to stand for at least two hours. 

Switch Stance is among the pioneers of the modern standing desk and they have won quite a number of customers. It is no longer a rare occurrence to find these kinds of desks in offices where companies are seeking not only to increase their productivity but also improve fitness and health of their employees. And mark you; it is working wonders among those are trying it.

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Why should you try Switch Stance Standing Desk?

Why the craze about Switch Stance standing desk? It is simply because people have found it to be doing exactly what it has promised. So, why should you try it?

Firstly, it is the trending thing in the corporate world where people are working while they stand. And it has been proven to increase productivity. One such study found out that an employee who stood for at least 2 hours during their shift improved their performance by 10%. 

Most importantly, health guidelines have given the standing desk thumps up. It has been proven that standing for two hours each day, could by a large margin improve your health. This is by keeping at bay diseases and conditions such as type 2 diabetes, back pain, obesity and the entire cadre of maladies caused by long duration of sitting down. 

Now that you know what a standing desk is and briefly why you should get one for yourself, let’s get a sincere review on Switch Stance, currently dubbed as the ultra affordable, portable standing desk. 

Key Features of Switch Stance Standing Desk

· Sitting and standing modes: because you cannot stand all the day in your work; this one of a kind desk comes in two modes. The sitting mode allows your laptop or desktop screen to be aligned with your eyes for easy working. On the other hand, the standing mode with the keyboard and screen are strategically placed to allow more blood flowing all over your body that will definitely create room for increased productivity.

From an expert point of view, it is advisable to alternate between sitting and standing if you are to reap the entire package of health benefits from this ultra affordable, portable standing desk.

· Velcro strips: these strips make it easy and quick to fold the desk. 

· Cardboard carrying case: when you are done for the day, you can quickly pack your desk in the accompanying cardboard case. This makes it convenient for those who have to move from one working station to another. 

· Cable management holes: just like your wooded tables, this desk offers you cable management holes. There will be no heap of cables on your working space. It is just like your old desk but this one allows you to alternately sit and stand. 

· Made out of high-grade industrial strength cardboard: do not be deceived by the mention of ‘cardboard’. What we are talking about here is not your usual packaging box stuff. It may be light, yes, but yet so strong to hold heavy stuff you keep on it. 

Moreover, this material is recyclable meaning that it is Eco-friendly. 

· Phone holder: your phone is like your third hand and keeping it away is not an option. You will not be doing that with this desk. It comes with a ‘cool’ phone holder that ensures you have your gadget at your fingertips while at the same time keeping it out of your working area. 

Summary of Specifications for Switch Stance Standing Desk

Dimensions folded size: 55 by 32 by 5 cm (22 by 13 by 2 inches)

Sitting size: 55 by 52.5 by 28cm (22 by 21 by 11 inches)

Standing size: 55 by 52.5 by 50 cm (22 by 21 by 20 inches)

Product weight 820g (1.8 pounds)

Modes 2 (sitting and standing)

Pros of Switch Stance Standing Desk

· Eco-friendliness. This desk is made out of recyclable cardboard. It does not end up as trash at end of the day. 

· Affordability. This is one of the most affordable standing desks in the market today. You will not be spending much on it and yet you will receive all the benefits that come with standing while at work. 

· Portability. If you are the kind that hops from one job to another, this is a perfect solution for you. It is super light and comes with a packaging box. 

· The fact that it comes in two modes-standing and sitting- this makes it a perfect working station. You can alternately sit and stand at your work place. It has been proven that this alternating cycle is beneficial to both your health and body fitness. 

· Saves on space. It will not bother you that you have limited floor space because this desk requires just a little of that. It is foldable once you are done using it. You can even pack it until the next you need it. 

· The bottom shelf, which is your working space, is deep and wide enough to allow you keep your ergonomic mouse and mouse. 

· Just like your traditional working desk, this standing desk has cable holes to keep your working area clean. The sides of the lower shelf leave you a lot of space to keep your pens and a mug of coffee. 

Cons of Switch Stance Standing Desk

· This may be made from industrial high cardboard but still not the same quality as wood desk. 

· The shelf where you place your laptop is not high enough for someone tall. You can only work from there for a short while before you get tired. 

What we like about Switch Stance Standing Desk 

· Lightweight and portability: this desk is extremely light and you can carry it to any corner of your office or room. It definitely makes your working desk more ergonomic. 

· Eco-friendliness: It is made from industrial grade cardboard, which you can easily recycle. This means nothing will be trashed into the dustbin as waste. 

· Managed cable holes: there is no sign of cables thus leaving your desk spotless and organized. You can only add what you think is necessary. 

· Sitting and standing mode: this desk does not ask the impossible from you; it simply requires you to alternate your sitting with some standing intervals. After you feel that your legs cannot take anymore of standing, you can kick in the sitting mode. 

· There is a lot space leaving you with the option to customize your desk as you may wish. The cardboard is brown but still you can paint it to your favorite color. Whatever you do you will have fun with it. 

What we don’t like about Switch Stance Standing Desk

· It is a little louder than you expect: there will be some noise coming from the keyboard. It is the desk and it will interrupt as you go on with your work. 

· Yes it is cheap, but it will not give you the long service you would get from a conventional desk. 

· The height of top flat where your laptop sits is a bit lower than you would prefer for your permanent working station. 

Quick recap on the benefits of Switch Stance Standing Desk

· Weight loss: it is unbelievable what standing, at least 2 hours in a day, can do. One such great benefit is weight loss. Switch Stance gives you the chance to make it good on your promise to keep away from unwanted pounds. It does not matter you are losing just a fraction of a pound by standing, but it counts that you are heading in the right direction. 

· Increased productivity: through experiment, this desk has proven to be of great contribution to increased work productivity whether at individual or group effort. There is at least 10% increased productivity for those who use this standing desk. 

· Keeping lifestyle diseases on the check: diabetes type 2, some types of cancer, joint and back pains are notorious but you have a perfect answer for them. 

· Portability: for those who hop from one job to another, this desk will come in handy. You can go everywhere with your desk. 

Our Verdict on Switch Stance Standing Desk

What do we think about Switch Stance ultra affordable, portable standing desk? We feel this is a very positive step towards making the working place better. First it is low-priced: indeed you will not be breaking your bank account to acquire this desk. 

On another note this is a portable working station: you can carry it wherever you go and bring with you all the benefits it comes with. Remember this is a sound health step that will keep away many lifestyle diseases. In fact, diabetes type 2, some types of cancer and diabetes can be dealt a big blow with this simple and affordable standing desk. 

We definitely think this is a worth investment. Look at the benefits coming your way; and you are not paying so much for it. This is a conscious health decision and you should be making it today. In fact, corporate and startups are going full gear with this new invention and their productivity is soaring each day. There is nothing to lose; if anything, you are assured of the multiple benefits spanning from your health to physical fitness. 

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