Sole F80 Treadmill Review 2018

Sole F80 Treadmill

Are you the runner who is looking for a treadmill that performs its work perfectly for the best treading results? This new model Sole F80 Treadmill is what you need. It is designed with incredible features specially to make your treading activities super comfortable and 100% productive.

With this treadmill you will get to encounter the most amazing treadmill experience that you have ever desired for your workout. You will get to enjoy in-built workout programs, high quality motor and frame, mobile app synchronizations, easy user experience and many more breathtaking features. Once you make the decision to purchase this treadmill, here are the outstanding features that will make you never want to get out of your treadmill.

Watch this video about the features of the Sole F80 treadmill (review of a Sole F80 2013 model): 


What are all the Features of Sole F80 TreadmillSoleF80

Powerful Motor

A treadmill that is featured with a powerful motor is an assurance of excellent workout sessions. This treadmill comes with 3.5 CHP strong motor that works efficiently and continuously to give you all the convenience you need for your long training sessions. The motor is also featured with steel zinc coated flywheels which prevent vibration when the treadmill is in use. With this feature you are assured that the motor operates quietly even when it is involved in intensive workout activity.

Strongly Built Frame

If you want a treadmill that will give you a long term service you have to go for the one that has a strongly built frame. This treadmill is featured with a strong steel frame that can withstand all your workout sessions be it long hours of running or jogging on the treadmill surface. Moreover, this frame comes with a lifetime warranty that gives you more confidence to buy this product.

High Weight User Capacity

Want a treadmill that has a weight capacity that is large enough to fit most treadmill users? This amazing treadmill is all that you need. It is featured with a 375 pounds weight limit that is beyond the average weight of a large number of the treadmill runners.

Quality Running Belts

If you are in search of a treadmill with a quality treading belt to sustain your vigorous workouts, this Sole F80 is what you need. It comes with a two ply belt that consists of four layers; the 2 rubber layer for enhancing durability, PVC layer that prevents stretching of the deck and the nylon layer that gives a smooth surface. The running belt is 22×60 inches long which is a perfect running surface for any tall user that is interested in treading activities. With all these components put in place you will get to enjoy maximum safety and comfort while you run or jog on the running belt.

Properly Cushioned Deck 

Having a treading session that will end you up with sore feet and painful joints can be quite undesirable. This treadmill is featured with a properly cushioned deck to give the user maximum comfort on the joints, feet and hips as they do their workouts. While running on this cushioned treadmill you won’t suffer stress on your joints and feet since it reduces the stride impact up to 40% compared to running on the tarmac. With this feature you will also be able to have a quiet encounter while running on this deck. This will ensure that you have a quiet environment to boost your morale for more intensive workouts.

Easy to Fold Design

Do you have a limited floor space at home and you are looking for a treadmill that won’t consume much of it? This treadmill will be ideal for you. It is featured with a space saver design that makes it quite easy to fold when you are done with your treading activities. It comes with the Easy-to-Lift technology that folds the deck once you step back from it. When the treadmill is already folded and placed in an upright position the deck gets locked by the safety lock deck that is featured within. With this feature you will never lack on storage space to keep your equipment after use. 

Great Speed and Incline Levels

Are you a fast runner looking for a treadmill that can conveniently accommodate your speed? This treadmill will be ideal for you. It is featured with a 12mph speed which is one of the top most paces that can be found in a treadmill. With this kind of speed this treadmill can be used by any runner that has set challenging speed goals to attain their fitness goals soonest time possible.

This treadmill also comes with a 15% incline level that is perfect for a runner that wants to feel like they are running on a steep hill. This incline is also quite convenient for someone who is looking forward to lose calories in a remarkable way.

Cooling Fans

When engaging in intensive workouts you may tend to need something to cool you down and keep you refreshed. This treadmill is designed with cooling fans to keep you cool depending on the intensity of your workout sessions. With these cooling fans you will be able to stay relaxed and rejuvenated to keep up for long treading sessions.

Efficient LCD Display

Are you in need of a treadmill that is featured with a large display screen that will clearly display your work out details? You need to get yourself this Sole F80 treadmill that comes with a 9 inch White Back-lit display screen to enable you view your training sessions effortlessly. With this amazing screen display you will be able to access information on your heart rate, speed, distance covered, calorie loss and time consumed.

Having these details will enable you to evaluate your workout intensity and get to know whether your training session will enable you to achieve your set fitness goals. Moreover you will be able to select your preferred programs for workout exercises on this display screen.

In-built workout programs 

This treadmill goes an extra mile to feature in-built workout programs to give you an excellent success in reaching your desired health goals. It comes with 10 workout programs meant to help you achieve your weight loss goals and enhance your cardio and muscle training. The functions are categorized into 3 different roles; 6 standard programs, 2 customized programs and 2 heart programs. You will get to choose your preferred program for your workout goals from the easy to use LCD screen.

Integrated Message Board

This treadmill is perfectly featured to give you an easy time as you undergo your workout programs. It comes with this integrated message board that will enable you to receive scrolling messages meant to give you the guidelines that you require. With this feature you will go through your training programs efficiently as you were under supervision of an instructor. More to that at the end of the workout session this board also provides you with a review of the current training session to enable you keep track on the progress of your workouts.

Bluetooth Capability

A runner that wants to stay in touch with the current technology will go for nothing lesser than a treadmill with a Bluetooth capability. If you are this kind of runner this treadmill will work perfectly for you. It comes with the Bluetooth capability to enable you access your workout data in your smartphone. Sole Fitness offers a free fitness data tracking app whereby you can transfer your workout progress and get to see whether you are working in the right intensity that will see you attain your workout goals.

Efficient Heart Rate Monitoring

Want a constant monitoring of your heart rate during you training sessions to enable you manage your fitness goals better? This treadmill will make it possible for you because it is featured with contact pulse monitors and a wireless chest strap to keep track of your heart rate.

Tablet Holder

You don’t want your entertainment device to block the display screen or get damaged by accidental drops. This treadmill comes with a tablet holder that ensures that your tablet or iPhone is kept at a secure position for you to enjoy maximum entertainment from watching your favorite music videos or movies as you get to work on your set goals to keep fit.

2 Bottle Holders

With this treadmill there is no single instant that you will get dehydrated in between the workout sessions unless it is by choice. It is designed with two water bottle holders to ensure that that you get into your training session with enough drink to keep you hydrated during the session. With sufficient water or drink to keep you cool and refreshed you will be become more energetic thus enjoying your workout sessions more.

Accessory Tray

When you are on your treading sessions there are some extra necessities that you need to carry along other than your entertainment devices. This may include a sweat towel, lip balm and other personal necessities. With this treadmill you use the accessory tray that is featured within to store your necessities and get to enjoy the most convenient user experience you would ever desire.


Maximum Safety  

The number one priority of a treadmill manufacturer while constructing the treadmill should be the user’s safety and this is what Sole does when designing its treadmills. This Sole F80 is featured with maximum safety features to ensure that you stay safe during your treading sessions. It is designed with a safety lock that instantly locks the deck when it is not in use. It also comes with a low profile running hood to make sure you stay safe as you work out.

Maximum Entertainment

Do you want a secret that will keep you looking forward to your next treading session? Get a treadmill that comes with the convenience to keep you entertained all through your workout session. This Sole F80 treadmill is featured with MP3 device compatibility and inbuilt speaker that enables you to get fully entertained by listening to your desired music as you work out. You will notice that with the entertainment you will have all the needed motivation to get engaged into an intensive workout session without getting exhausted.

Convenient Control Bars  

Do you become unstable on the treading deck when you try to reach out for the controls on the display console? You need to get yourself this treadmill that comes with handle bar controls to give you an easy time while adjusting your speed or incline. With the speed and incline controls on the handle bars you won’t face the hassle of reaching out for the console every time you want to change the incline and speed levels thus making your workout sessions more comfortable and productive.

How to assemble Sole F80 treadmill
Watch this short but detailed video about assembling the Sole F80 treadmill:

You don’t have to get worried when it comes to putting together this treadmill. While following the guidelines on the provided user manual carefully you will take a shorter time than you expected to put it together.

All you will be required to do is to get the parts out of the box and get to fix them together using the assembling tools provided. You should also note that reading through the assembling instructions thoroughly is the only way that you will have a clear idea on the exact procedure you should follow while putting together the treadmill.

Customer Warranty for the Sole F80 Treadmill

The warranty offer that comes with this treadmill is super incredible. You will get to enjoy a lifetime cover for the motor and the frame, 2 years of labour and 5 years on the parts and the electronics.

What we like about the Sole F80 Treadmill

· Smooth operation powerful motor
· Easy to fold frame
· It has a large running surface to fit most runners
· High running speed and incline level
· It is a sturdy equipment fit for intensive workouts
· Great product for a great price


What we don’t like  about Sole F80 Treadmill

· It is quite heavy
· They provide images on the user manual which are not clearly visiblecheck-price-at-amazon


Where to buy Sole F80 Treadmill 

When you decide to go out to shop for this Sole F80 treadmill the two best options you will be having is to either buy it from the manufacture directly or the Amazon product site. Purchasing the treadmill directly from the manufacturer will benefit you with a customer friendly price and free shipping services. When you buy it from Amazon the number one thing that you will benefit from is a remarkable customer service and secondly the fast free shipping services if you are a prime  member. 

Verdict on Sole F80 Treadmill

Are you a serious runner looking for nothing else but quality in a treadmill? You need to look no further because you already found the most ideal high quality treadmill to meet your workout needs effectively. With the above given Sole F80 Treadmill Review you are well convinced that this equipment comes with all the quality features that you would desire for an efficient treadmill. Just to state a few of these quality features you will get to experience a powerful motor, comfortable cushioning and efficient data tracking capabilities. Don’t miss out on this great treadmill that comes with a generous customer price!check-price-at-amazon

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