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Sole Treadmill Review

The two most common phrases when it comes to SOLE Treadmills are “fastest growing company” and “leading manufacturer.” If you’ve looked around for a quality treadmill at an affordable price, you’ve likely come across the SOLE Treadmill. And if you have come across the SOLE Treadmill, you have heard these two phrases.

But do they add up? Do SOLE Fitness products, particularly their treadmills, deserve such accolades? In this examination of the SOLE Treadmill, we will delve into this company, take a look at what makes them so great, review a few of their products, and give you all the information you want to know before deciding on a SOLE Treadmill.

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Where Is SOLE Treadmill Manufacturedsole-2

Before we delved into the SOLE treadmill, a brief history of the company can give you some perspective as to why they are so popular.

SOLE Fitness has headquarters in the U.S. in Salt Lake City, Utah, and their treadmills are manufactured by Dayco, a Taiwanese company.

SOLE Fitness, as a company, actually began manufacturing and marketing treadmills specifically to the hospitality industry. Their treadmills soon began cropping up in the fitness centers of hotels and cruise ships around the world.

They even scored some nice contracts with Omni Hotels, Hotel Monaco, and Hilton Hotels. They then began moving towards making treadmills specifically to be used in high-end hotel rooms; the kind of luxury hotel rooms that would have an exclusive treadmill!

From there it was an easy step to manufacturing and marketing their treadmills and other equipment to the general public.

SOLE Fitness still works with hotel chains to supply many of their gyms but has made huge headways into the shares of treadmills sold to the public. As of 2016, SOLE Fitness is manufacturing some of the most popular treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, and rowers on the market.

So, the claims of “fasting growing” and “leading manufacturer” are completely justified. The great success of SOLE products has to do with how the SOLE treadmill is made. It all comes down to two factors: 1. High Quality, 2, Affordability. While they are not the cheapest products on the market, they are some of the least expensive for their excellent quality.

Another major attraction of the SOLE equipment is the company’s generous warranty terms; more on this below.

What Are the Features of the SOLE Treadmills

Watch this short but great video from YouTube explaining key characteristics of the Sole treadmills:

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The SOLE Treadmills are serious treadmills for the committed runner or trainer who needs a quality machine in their home. SOLE is able to find the perfect balance between home needs and price, so in order to make these affordable for the average consumer they are not necessarily intended for fitness centers where they receive far more use.

Prices for the SOLE treadmill will vary according to several factors. If you catch the right sale these treadmills can run anywhere from $900 to $3,000. This puts SOLE in the “mid-range” pricing for treadmills. And what you get for this mid-range price is high-end quality.

SOLE treadmills are some of the best equipment you can find for the money. They also include some excellent features that any serious fitness fanatic will love.

While many of the SOLE Treadmills all have similar great features, here are a few you can expect to find on most models, though you will want to check the specific model for each of these features.

To mention just a few, SOLE treadmills feature an extra-wide platform on which you run. The SOLE F63, for example, has a running area of 20″ x 60″. This is larger than many standard treadmills and will give you ample room to run comfortably. And other models have even larger running surfaces. This should satisfy runners who have longer strides.

Another great feature of the SOLE Treadmills, like that found on the SOLE F65, is an “easy assist folding deck.” The deck of these treadmills can be locked in an upright position so they can be stored out of the way or just made less intrusive in your home gym. Unfolding the deck is super easy and safe. SOLE includes a simple lever that releases the deck and then a hydraulic piston automatically lowers the deck slowly and safely. You do not have to worry about a large, heavy piece of equipment falling down on you!

Models like the SOLE F80, feature 15 different incline levels (up to 15%). Running on an incline gives you a much more vigorous workout because you have to work harder to raise your feet between strides. This is an excellent way to get more out of your run.

And with the cushion flex suspension system offered on models like the SOLE S77, you can reduce the impact of each and every stride against your joints by up to 40%. This is one of the great advantages to running on a treadmill. Joint pain is one of the chronic problems runners face and these SOLE treadmills are a great way to reduce stress on joints.

SOLE treadmills also feature very powerful motors. For instance, the F85 features a 4.0 horsepower motor which drives the whisper desk. This powerful motor allows you to run much harder and longer than other treadmills. And with the whisper desk, your run will be quiet and pleasant.

These impressive motors power a 2-ply belt around oversized rollers to give you smooth runs for years. The quality of the SOLE belts provides unparalleled traction for each step you take. You can be sure that as you run your feet will grip the belt and move evenly and fluently. There should be no hard stopping as you land firmly on the belt.

The displays for the SOLE treadmills are also beautifully designed. Most feature bright LCD displays that give you every possible detail you could possibly want on a treadmill. For example, the SOLE F85 features a 10,1″ bright TFT LCD display with control buttons right on the arm brackets. This makes it far more convenient to change settings like speed and incline while you run.

Some models, like the TT8, feature a heart rate control program that will monitor your heart rate while you work out and make adjustments to your speed and incline to compensate when your heart starts beating too fast. This helps you keep your workout right on target and within healthy parameters.

The consoles also feature an audio input and built-in speakers so that you can plug your MP3 device directly into the machine. This makes it easier than ever to listen to great music, a book, or your favorite podcast while you run.

As of 2016 all models feature Bluetooth connectivity. This means that you can wirelessly sync your phone or other devices with the machine to track your workouts. SOLE also offers a free App that will track your speed, pace, distance, time, incline, and even your heart rate and calories burned. It’s never been easier to analyze your data and plan your workouts.

What Are the Best SOLE Treadmills for Running

When it comes to great treadmills for the serious runner, SOLE makes several excellent options. Here are SOLE’s three best treadmills for home use and any runner wanting a quality machine.


F63-1SOLE’s entry level treadmill, the F63 features a 3 horsepower motor and 6.5″ LCD display screen. The running surface will give you around 60″ for your stride. With these features, this is a great treadmill for someone who does need the absolute most power out of their exercise equipment but still wants a quality machine. check-price-at-amazon


F65-1The F65 model was designed by SOLE to fall in between the F63 and F80 models. Its 3.25 horsepower motor will drive you up the 15 levels of incline and up to 12 miles per hour. The LCD display also falls between the two previous models with a 7.5″ display. This is a great machine for the person wanting all the features of the F63, but not quite need the power of the F80. check-price-at-amazon


F80-1The SOLE F63 features all the great quality and functions of the F63 but with a bit more power. The F80 features the same running surface, but a slightly more powerful motor at 3.5 horsepower. It also as a much large display screen at 9″. This would be particularly good for those wanting the brightness of the vividly clear LCD display. If you are going to give your treadmill a bit of a workout, then this upgrade from the F63 is a great option.


Sole-F85The F85 model was designed by SOLE to give 100% productivity during intensive workout sessions. Sole F85 was recently updated for 2016 and is the most advanced Sole folding treadmill. It has a 4.0 horsepower motor  that manages up to  15% incline level and a 12MPH speed. It also has a 10.1″ graphic display. This model is the highest quality folding treadmill from Sole manufacturer. With generous warranty and great price this Sole model certainly is a best buy under $2,000.check-price-at-amazon

What Is the SOLE Treadmill Warranty

Part of the reason the SOLE Treadmills are the most popular in the industry is because of their tremendous warranty package.

SOLE will warranty the frame of their treadmills for life. That’s right: a lifetime warranty on the frame welds.

For the drive motor and the deck, SOLE warranties these for an amazing 30 years! That’s far longer than most people could even dream of owning a treadmill!

For all other components, including the rollers, the belts, and electronics, SOLE offers a generous 5-year warranty against any manufacturer’s defects.

With warranties like this, it is easy to see why SOLE is leading the industry.

Is the SOLE Treadmill Warranty Transferable?

This is a common question when it comes to buying a treadmill, especially if you are considering buying one used, or thinking about possibly selling your treadmill in the future.

For SOLE Treadmills, SOLE will only honor the warranty for the original purchaser. If you buy a SOLE Treadmill used, the warranty will not transfer to you. This a great reason to buy them new. SOLE’s warranties are some of the best in the business, but buying them new is the only way to get these great warranties.

Where to Buy SOLE Treadmills

When it comes to buying a SOLE treadmill, you have several options. Some people will want to try them out in stores so they can get a feel for the functionality of the treadmill. If your local sporting goods store has shipping, this can be good, but if you will have to get it home on your own, this could be problematic.

These treadmills are quite heavy and can be cumbersome to move in their packing boxes. And when it comes to purchasing a treadmill in store, you’ll pay a little bit more. That’s because these stores have to make up for the high overhead of their employees and locations.

An alternative that many people are turning to is to purchase treadmills online. And with SOLE treadmills, SOLE makes this quite easy.

If you order directly from SOLE, they will ship the treadmill for free within the contiguous United States. Another great option for purchasing these treadmills online is through Many of the SOLE treadmills will be offered at sale prices and qualify for Prime shipping, so if you are a Prime member, this means free shipping on many of the models. And with Amazon you have another great company backing up the treadmill should anything happen during shipping.


SOLE treadmills certainly deserve the titles “fasting growing” and “leading manufacturer.” Their industry-leading warranties back up some of the highest quality products available. And for the price, you will not find better equipment.

If you are serious about running and fitness, and are interested in a quality machine for your home, the SOLE treadmill line is one that you should seriously consider.

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