Should I use a treadmill mat?

Treadmill Mat Review

If you are using an exercise machine without a treadmill mat underneath the machine then you have surely experienced the vibration of the machine and the noise produced due to this vibration. This constant friction of the machine with the flooring not only reduces the life of the machine but also damages the flooring of your room. Thus, it is an accessory, which every gym owner should use whether he owns a personal or a commercial gym.

A treadmill mat is not only a safety device meant to protect the floor but also a safety device to keep the treadmill from sliding around. This type of mat provides stability, as treadmills tend to vibrate from the belt mechanism and slide around a bit. It will prevent the treadmill from moving around and keep the user from being jolted off.

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Why do I need a treadmill mat?

Treadmill mat protects your treadmill from getting away on its own, and also protects your floor from the motion of the treadmill, which often times leads to severe scratches and in some cases, warping and marring from the heat that the treadmill generates. It also absorbs a lot of the vibration that the treadmill makes, meaning you will run quieter.

Purchasing a treadmill mat can be done at any store that sells exercise equipment. Typically any sporting goods store will also have them for sale, and online is an excellent place to find a them. Using an online search engine to find a some for sale is a great way to comparison shop and find the best deals.

Before purchasing your treadmill mat, consult your treadmill’s manual or manufacturer’s website as the manufacturer usually suggests a specific company or type of mat for the treadmill. It will let you know the material it needs to be made out of as well as the thickness so that it absorbs the noise and vibration.

Most manufacturers recommend that the treadmill mat should be at least two inches thick and composed of a poly foam core and a rubberized outer cover. Most manufacturers also recommend that the mat is at least six inches wider all the way around than the treadmill. Six inches is the minimal requirement for the best results twelve inches all the way around the treadmill would be best.

If you have a carpet on the flooring of your gym and think that, you do not require this accessory, as the carpet will perform the same task. Then you should think twice before installing the exercise machine on the carpet. Practically speaking the carpet cannot perform the task of this accessory, as it does not have the absorption capacity of the mat. On the contrary, the loose fibers of the carpet will adversely affect the mechanism of the machine.

Therefore, using treadmill mats will not only save your expensive carpet but also save your flooring from any kind of damage. This accessory, besides protecting your machine will also protect you from your irritated and furious neighbors whose sleep and rest you will disturb if you do not use this accessory under your exercise machine.

However, if you are worried about the extra expenses that you have to bear for purchasing the necessary accessories and appliances for your gym. Then you can easily buy all these items without burning a hole in your pocket from the dealers who sell discount fitness equipment. Here you will not only save money but also get high quality material that will fulfill all your needs for a long period.

Moreover, buying discount fitness equipment from reputed dealer can help you to get the latest model of the items manufactured by reputed companies. If you do not want to buy used items you can easily choose the refurbished, factory serviced, or remanufactured items that premium companies sell through their authorized dealers.

However, you should always bear in mind that you should take the final decision only after gathering all the relevant information about discount fitness equipment. The acquired information along with your planning will help you to get the best deal within affordable range. Moreover, you do not have to worry about reselling as these high quality appliances and accessories will have long life span.

A treadmill mat goes underneath the treadmill to cushion the floor from the shock generated when the treadmill is in use. That’s only the primary purpose, but in itself has a lot of benefits. The absorption of vibrations helps reduce noise, protects the ground from taking a beating, as well as protects your treadmill from the reverberation off the ground. It also keeps particles on the ground from getting into the mechanics as well as the grime from within your machine from getting onto your floor.

You need a mat of adequate size to properly absorb the shock otherwise the vibrations from your treadmill can reflect off the ground and back into the treadmill. This can cause damage to your machine that wears down it’s productive life over time. To be adequate, the mat should be a little longer and wider than the base of your treadmill. While treadmill mats do come in a variety of sizes the standard is 6.5 ft x 3 ft. Standard thickness is a quarter inch but also come in 3/8 inch to for extra padding.

The noise of your feet beating at the treadmill can be minimized when the mat absorbs the vibrations. This is helpful if you live in an apartment or have family in the next room. Because of its immediate benefit, noise reduction is usually reason enough to get a mat.

Carpeting is not a substitute for a mat. In fact, it’s another reason you need a mat. The carpet fibers as well as other dusts in the ground usually gets stirred up when the machine is in use and can get into the motor and electrical parts possibly causing damage to your treadmill.

Also, as with most motorized machines, there will be some grime from the treadmill that will inevitably end up in your carpet or on your floor and a treadmill mat is so much cheaper to collect grime than the carpet. 

Types of treadmill mats

When utilizing and storing treadmills, it is very important protect the environment and treadmills from damage and enhance the workout sessions in as many ways as possible.

Good treadmill pads dampen vibrations and noises and protect floor from the treadmill’s weight, leaking lubricant, vibrations and similar.

On the other hands, good mat protect home treadmill from carpet and similar fibers entering into treadmills and damaging the motor, belt and other treadmill’s components.

Treadmill mats materials

Treadmill mats are made from various materials. the mats must be strong and durable, tear resistant, it must be cleaned easily, must absorb impacts, eliminate or at least dampen vibration, must be non-toxic, and preferable, with no smell of any kind.

Most common materials used for treadmill and health club floor mats on the whole are EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate – EVA) foam, rubber and PVC (poly-vinyl chloride – PVC).

These materials have their pros and cons.

PVC mats are incredibly tough and durable, absolutely waterproof and protection from carpet fibers is great. Nevertheless, they are sometimes difficult to manage when thick plus they must be thick to provide vibration elimination like EVA foam mats.

Rubberized mats are often made from recycled tires and provide very good safety for both floors and treadmills.

Of course, there are other materials used for treadmill and health club mats.

Combined mats – these mats use more materials to achieve desired amount of protection. For example, PVC can be used to create tough and durable mat surface, while inner core is manufactured using EVA froth or rubber.

Types of treadmill mats

Interlocking pads come by means of tiles with interlocking edges (hence the name). They are generally made from EVA foam or similar materials with individual floor tiles ranging from 8″/20 cm (or even less) to 4’/120cm (rarely larger). Interlocking mats can be modified to cover certain area by combining required amount of tiles.

Interlocking mats

The larger the tiles, it is faster to cover larger area, but storing such large floor tiles can be problem. Furthermore, if the tiles don’t match the size of the room/area, some bare, uncovered area can happen on the edges – if that happen, order few more extra pads and using sharp and strong knife, trim excessive material (with great proper care – if unsure, contact the sales representative or read the manual).

Folding mats are mostly used only during exercise. A single unfolds the mat, position it or other exercise machine on the cushion and after workout, stores both treadmill and the mat. Folding mats are usually made from PVC.

Rubber mats are usually stored rolled since they are too rigid and too thick to be folded like PVC mats .

Another reason some people like to get mats is simply for the look. Some people like to center their treadmill in a room and show it off. If that’s the case, then having a mat under your treadmill helps to center the machine as the focal point of the room just as you intended and creates a solidifying effect for the object. Since most mats are simple solid colors, usually black. I’ve seen a couple with logos in the corner, and personally I like the minimalist look with nothing but a solid color.

Which kind of treadmill mat should I buy?

Mat size: The standard mat size is around 6. 5 foot x 3 feet (78″ x 36″). This would be big enough to look after the majority of the smaller home treadmill models in the market. However, if you’ve a large treadmill, you may need to buy a much bigger mat for the machine. Put simply, you need to know the dimensions (length and width) of your treadmill before deciding which is the best home treadmill mat size for you.

Mat thickness: Thickness usually ranges from 1/4″ (about 6. 5mam) to 3/8″ (about 9. 5mm). Associated with course, the thicker the mat, the more expensive it will cost you. The thicker mat will be better if you have a huge and heavy treadmill. For a little machine (such as a manual treadmill or a motorized treadmill costing below $500), 1/4″ mat thickness should do the job pretty well.

Mat Materials: Usually made of closed cell froth material and very dense PVC. You can also find treadmill mats made of thermoplastic vinyl  which are a bit more expensive than polyurethane foam and PVC.

Recommended home treadmill mats

Stamina Fold-to-Fit Flip-Style Equipment Mat (84 ins x 36 inches)

This specific mat is suitable for fitness treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical instructors, steppers, rowing machines, Yoga reformers, Gyrotonic Transformer, skiing machines, BandFlex Home Gym, weight benches, and small trampolines – Place under equipment to protect carpet and floors – Tough yet soft enough to take in impact, eliminate vibration, and stop carpet fibers from getting into the moving parts of your equipment -Textured, non-slip pebble surface is easily cleaned -Divided into seven 12″ folds – 1/4″ thick closed cell foam material.

Stamina Fold-to-Fit Folding Equipment Mat (84-Inch by 36-Inch)

Treadmat is simply perfect for treadmills, ski exercisers or as a basic aerobics mat. Super-tough, durable PVC material helps protect your floors and carpets and rugs from the damaging outcomes of heavy fitness equipment and debris from mechanical components. Prolongs the life of your equipment by helping prevent floor and carpet dust from entering belts and mechanical parts. Dampens vibrations that cause deterioration to equipment and muffles noises so family and neighbors are not disturbed.

Body Solid Super Mat RF36T Treadmill Mat

This extra thick 7mm Exercise Equipment Floor Mat helps to protect your carpeted, hardwood, and tile floor surfaces from damage while using stationary bikes, treadmills, stair outdoorsmen, etc. This floor cushion also provides superior grip that will keep your equipment from sliding while in use. It is longer than other mats to allow versatility during use. It will not damage the surface below and can be reused for a long time! You will not find an improved and more durable floor mat.

Gympak PVC Treadmill Equipment Mat (36 by 78 Inches)

This Gympak high quality equipment pads will protect your floor surface from scratches marks and normal wear and tear caused by machines. Material: Non-bleeding, high density, black PVC mat made by Gympak.

Rubber Cal Treadmill Mat

Rubber-Cal’s Treadmill Mat is a 1/4 inch thicker recycled rolled rubber cushion that is available in 2 sizes: a 4ft x 6. 5ft and a 4ft x 7. 5ft and is ideal for a variety of programs. Being that this materials is made of 100% recycled rubber, this pad is a ecologically responsible product. This product is excellent for either inside or outdoor applications due the high contents of EPDM (i. e. a UV/Ozone resistant elastomer) seen in the recycled tire plastic.

ProImpact Treadmill Mat

ProImpact treadmill mats are the same high impact professional grade material used in health clubs and by professional sporting activities teams. Made in the USA from rescued auto tires, these mats are “Super Green” and will not compress, indent or snuggle like foam mats. This specific size mat is made for today’s treadmills and other exercise equipment. This is a very heavy mat. Size: 36x78x6mm.

Final word about treadmill mats

Nevertheless, planning is essential before you start shopping for the appliances and accessories required for the gym so that you can save money and buy only those items that you require for your daily exercises and workouts. This planning will also help you to decide whether you want to purchase the items from the open market or from online shops. Of course ordering at online shops you will get the benefit of receiving the goods at your doorstep.

Therefore, if you want to save yourself from the onslaught of your neighbors, increase the life span of your exercise machine, and want to save the high cost of repairing your flooring or carpet. Then you should immediately take the decision of buying the protective shield that is a treadmill mat, which will help you to continue with your regular exercises and workouts.


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