Allen Sports XWay Aluminum 20-Speed Folding Bike Review 2018

Allen Sports XWay Folding Bike 

Recently I had the opportunity to test ride the Allen Sports Downtown, the manufacturer’s least expensive folding bike, and I really loved it. Here we will be reviewing the more expensive and high-end model, the Allen Sports XWay. So what are the differences and does the performance it provides deserve the higher price tag? Let’s check this bike out.


After I took the Allen Sports XWay from the box, I immediately was impressed with its design and build. It is on an entirely different level when compared with the Allen Sports Downtown. Instead of the Downtown’s cute and simple design, the XWay makes me think that this folding bike can really convince pro-cyclists. It was the same feeling that I had after trying the Dahon IOS S9 out, however for a portable bike I thought it was too bulky. The XWay is smaller, much lighter and looks really cool as well. Even when comparing it with the Downtown, it is 1.4 pounds lighter and still folded smaller as well.Allen-Sports-XWay

Its 451mm wheels is what really distinguishes the Xway from all of the other folding bikes. On folding bikes the wheel size that is the most popular is 20 inches (406mm), so it really isn’t a significant change, but it is still noticeable. Its wheels are slightly larger, however the tires are narrower and thinner as well. It is said that these new wheels deliver a smaller folded size and more comfortable ride. Theoretically speaking, obviously the design helps us maneuver more responsively and comfortable as well as ride faster. In order to prove this, I will need additional tests. It is difficult to say since I don’t have bikes with the two kinds of wheels that I can try out at the very same time. Right now, what I can say is my riding experience that I had on this bike was much better than the one I had on the Downtown. I am able to ride faster and it was very smooth shifting gears. This performance can probably be credited to its wheels, however, I would also guess it is the result of its lower-resistant and narrower tires in addition to its 20 speeds.

I also really like the performance of Shimano’s 2-speed front derailleur and the Sram X9’s 10-speed rear derailleur. I still haven’t tried it out on steep hills, however the XWay is able to tackle moderate hills easily. However, if you live in the city, the setup might be too redundant and complicated.

The XWay’s folding mechanism is nearly identical to the Downtown’s. It only takes me about 10-15 seconds to easily fold or unfold it. Another reason why I love the XWay so much is because it lets you adjust the handlebar height and handlebar.

When it comes to this bike, the only real problem I happen to have is in the folder position it is still unstable. It isn’t able to stand by itself and drops to the ground quite often. That is probably due to the fact that the heavy handle post folds out and ins’t secured in the package. This issue also affects the bike’s mobility since I am not able to grab the handle post so that I can carry my bike to my car to put it in the trunk. You should carefully examine the bike before you ride it. When you take it out of its box, the bike is ready to go. However, on my bike the brakes were quite loose, so I needed to adjust them before I hit the road.

Pros of Allen Sports XWay Folding Bike 

Great performance of 20-speed derailleurs and 451mm wheels
Small folded size and lightweight
Incredible design

Cons of Allen Sports XWay Folding Bike 

In the folded position it is unstable

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