NordicTrack X9i vs. NordicTrack X11i

If you are looking for an incline training machine these two treadmills are both ideal for your needs. In performance they deliver almost the same way with some few differences on the features. When you are in the store and you are wondering which of them to take home you need to find out which one will suit your workout needs the best. Their differences and similarities listed below will help you determine which one will be perfect for your workout needs.



With both treadmills the user will enjoy exercising on a 40% incline level for enhanced calorie loss. They also provide the runner with a 6% outstanding decline level

iFit Compatibility

These two treading machines make it possible for the runner to stay interactive and entertained through the iFit compatibility

Tread Belt 

Both machines offer tall runners a long running belt to comfortably suit their long strides. They will accommodate anyone above average size


These two incline trainer machines from Nordic are featured with a maximum running speed of 12 MPH which is suitable for runners who get involved in challenging workouts.

Auto-breeze Fans

Both machines take care of your cooling needs since they are featured with dual auto-breeze fans that adjust according to the workout intensity to keep the runner cool and refreshed. 

Tablet Holder 

NordicTrack X9i and X11i are both designed to deliver to you maximum entertainment by making provision for a tablet holder keeping the tablet in an appropriate positioning during workouts. 

One Touch Controls

With these two machines you will get to adjust your incline or speed comfortably by the use of once touch controls. 

iPod Compatibility

Both treadmills ensure that you can listen in to your favorite music. They are featured with iPod compatibility to let you enjoy your favorite music as you work. They also come with built-in speakers for great sound. 

Workout Programs

Each of these two treadmills is featured with 44 workout programs that are put in place by a training professional who sets them to enable the user achieve their fitness goals quickly.

Web Enabled Screen 

With both machines the runner will be able to stay interactive and entertained online due to their outstanding web enabled feature. 

Weight Capacity

Both training machines are featured with an above average 350 pounds weight capacity which is appropriate for most treadmill users.


These NordicTrack machines come with a 2.5 inch roller for decreasing friction which in turn reduces noise production during the training session. 



In regards to motor power NordicTrack X11i emerges to possess a more powerful motor compared to NordicTrack X9i. It is featured with a 4.25 CHP while the latter features a 3.0 CHP motor. This X11i fitness equipment is most favorable for trainers that exercise on super challenging workouts. 

LCD Screen 

NordicTrack X11i provides the user with a large 10 inch display screen so as to view their workout data easily while X9i is featured with a 7 inch screen which may not favor the users that love viewing their work out details on large display screens. 

Cost and Warranty

· Price

In terms of price this X9i pricing is a little bit lower than X11i treading machine. It costs below $2000 unlike that of X11i treadmill goes for below 2,500

· Warranty

On warranty NordicTrack X11i incline trainer shows more generosity to their customers in terms of the product warranty than the NordicTrack X9i. It comes with a 3 year warranty labor while X9i is offers a 2 year product warranty to their customers. 

Specifications of NordicTrack X9i and NordicTrack X11i


NordicTrack X9i

NordicTrack X11i
Motor 3.0 CHP 4.25 CHP
Incline 40% 40%
Decline 6% 6%
Belt length 22×60 inches 22×60 inches
Display screen 7 inches 10 inches
Speed 12MPH 12MPH
Weight Capacity 350 pounds 350 pounds
Workout Programs 44 44
Measurements 70.2″ L x 39.6″ W x 69.7″ H 70.2″ L x 39.6″ W x 69.7″ H


With the above given comparison between this two incredible incline trainers it is definite that you are now aware of the one that will be ideal for your workout needs. If you are looking forward to engage in intensive workout sessions the X11i incline trainer will be perfect for you. If you are on tight budget but still want to stay fit the X9i treadmill will work best for you. Grab the one that will satisfy your workout needs to the fullest and begin to experience super productive training sessions. 

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