Are Green Powders for Green Drinks the new trend?

green drinkThe tide is turning and now instead of the smoothie you know it is green powder for green drink. Now that sounds scary because it may mean just any green powder out there will qualify as a drink. Far from it, green powder for green drink is a healthy and new approach to how our smoothies are packaged. You may have tried to make one on your own but you know how it went down: either you succeeded or failed.

Let’s cut the goose chase. This post will give all that you need to know on green powders: their ingredients, benefits, if they are better than the conventional smoothies, and a review of the 3 most popular green powders. Sounds interesting? Please read on…


What are these green powders? 

top-view-1248952_640You guess right; they are green. But that is not what would be the right definition. Not if these green powders are as good as those in the food industry are convincing us. Green powders are generally the components that make an environmentally safe smoothie or a drink. Do not be irrational and conclude that all the other smoothies and drinks not from these powders are destroying our environment. 

These powders use green leaves as their base content but added on to other ingredients. Their ‘greenness’ is born out of the use of leafy greens (that is not rocket science for anyone to notice). The other ingredients are from a myriad source of foods as well as liquids. 

Green powder ingredients

· Leafy greens: the most popular of these greens are collards, spinach, parsley, wheatgrass and kales. For better resultsgreen-juice and rich flavor you can have a combination of two or more of these greens.

· Seeds: for nutrients sake seeds such as chia and flaxseeds are added. They are rich in natural healthy protein.

· Fruits: they form the real taste of the green smoothies. A range of them can be included such as bananas, apples, grapes, berries, to name but a few.

· Liquids: to make them ape the true smoothies you will have to add liquid. Water is touted as the best fluid for this job but you can as well go for coconut or almond milk. 

· Spices: adding flavor to your green smoothie is an excellent way of making them tasty. Cinnamon would be the best playing the role of spice. 

Benefits of green powders: are they better than smoothies?

The green powder for drink would not be so popular if there were no benefits coming from them. Even some argue compared to traditional smoothies, these green ones are scooping the top spot both from the health and general benefits fronts. So what are their benefits?

· They are cheap: you only need the ingredients to make yourself a glass of green smoothie from the comfort of your home. If you add up the cost it will only be a few cents. From a juice bar a glass of smoothie goes for not less than $6. You are sure saving some dimes here.

· They offer way for everyone to take vegetables: eating vegetables is not everyone’s favorite cup of tea. In fact some of us do not eat them at all. These green smoothies are bridging that gap and people are taking vegetables in a form they like. 

· Perfect way to lose weight: as you can surmise from the ingredients, these alternative smoothies come from low-carb sources. They are fiber-filled and would be held in the gut for long killing down food cravings.

· They are good for metabolism: being in fluid form, green smoothies are easy to digest and absorb. This is good for the optimal function of metabolism.

· They keep you more hydrated: addition of water or the other lots of fluids mentioned earlier keeps your body hydrated. Coupled up with drinking plain water your body will be adequately hydrated and you know that is good for your health and skin. 

The most popular green powders

Are you now ready to dive into the green powder drinks? If yes, here are 3 of the best powders for your consideration;

Patriot Power GreensPatriot-Power-Greens

Good things come in a small package and the Patriotic Power is an evidence of that. It is a blend of vegetables both from land and sea, berries and a number of other fruits. In addition it has digestive enzymes and probiotics. It is 100% organic and a serve of 5 grams is all you need. It is a great taste: kind of sweet and fruity. 


· It is the silver bullet you have for liver and blood cleansing
· Good for your digestion
· Full of antioxidants hence a good choice for weight loss
· Will keep you full for long since it contains lots of soluble fibers


· Only 5 grams would not be enoughcheck-price-at-amazon

Green VibranceGreen-Vibrance

This is one of the most honest green powders when it comes to its contents. It has over 30 raw super foods and a total of 60 ingredients. It is a holistic blend with antioxidants, herbs, vegetables, grasses and fruits. This is what makes it a quality product and way above the rest. It is greener than a number of other greens thus leaving a legacy of its nutrients value. Another good thing about this powder is that it keeps evolving adding on more and beneficial ingredients. 


· The transparency on its ingredients is a winner. The contents are broken down for you leaving no room for gimmicks
· On the side of nutritional value, Green Vibrance is the healthy champion. 


· The taste is not so great probably because of the blend of so many foodscheck-price-at-amazon

Living Green Supreme FoodLiving-Green-Supreme-Food

If you are lazy like me, the ingredients of this supreme food are broken down for you. It is a blend of vegetables, digestive enzymes, fruits, organic botanicals and probiotics. It is an all-organic product laden with essential nutrients. The green is attributed to grasses and algae and you will love every sip going down your throat thanks to its great taste. 


· It is a pack of healthy nutrients and bacteria
· It is all organic increasing the healthy benefits coming your way
· The price is reasonably affordable 


· A 8 gram serve is not enough, but it is quality against quantity
· The digestive enzymes are limited at 100 gramscheck-price-at-amazon

Organifi Green Drink organifi

The master of all green powder and green drink is Organifi. Not just because it has an all-organic ingredient (others do too) but also the countless health benefits that come with it. The ingredients range from wheat grass, moringa (horseradish), matcha green tea, red beet, coconut water, turmeric, spirulina among other benefit-packed organic contents. Its uniqueness is not because it is the most potent green powder you will come across but because it uses ingredients you hardly you will find in other powders. Ashagandha, turmeric and moringa are just examples of the unique pack that comes from Organifi. Thanks to the rare ingredients Organifi has a medicinal benefit. It has a minty taste for those who may not prefer it sugary. To be honest it is a bit overpriced but worthy every dime you are paying for. But if you buy it in multiple jars then the price gets fairer. 


· It is entirely organic giving it a heap of healthy benefits
· The choice of ingredients make it a valuable medicinal drink
· It has an excellent taste to keep you drinking more


· Purchasing one jar at a time is way too expensive. You will have to purchase more to enjoy fair pricing
· It does not contain probiotics and digestive enzymes. This makes it a one-dimension product as opposed to score of other green powders.check-price-at-amazon

Differences among these green powders

While all the four are top green powders for green drink, there are differences that stand out. Here are the most obvious differences among the 4 reviewed green powders;

· Patriotic Power Greens come in a serve of 5 grams, while Green Vibrance is served at 2.5 grams. Finally, Living Green Supreme is served in 8 grams and Organifi Green drink has two options – 9 grams bags or a jar.

· Both Patriotic Power Greens and Living Green are of great sweet taste. Green Vibrance is dull in taste and may not appeal to those looking for a sweet taste. Organifi has a delicious minty taste and contains on sweeteners, not even Stevia.

· Green Vibrance, Living Green Supreme and Organifi contain wheat grass but Patriotic Power Greens does not. 

· Green Vibrance has the highest number of foods and ingredients at 32 and 60 respectively. 

The green powder for green drink is the new way to package smoothies. They offer loads of healthy benefits and you should give them a try. For your start, the reviewed four powders could be somewhere to begin. 


If you had any doubt son the green powders for green drinks, I hope now they are cleared. Nothing compares to the benefits that come with this new way of taking smoothies. They are all organic giving you even a more conviction to go for them. There is a wide variety you can choose from. If it all about taste you can have it sweet, dull, minty or bitter; the choice is all yours. But one promise is for sure; whatever choice you make the benefits are countless. 

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