Best Manual Treadmill Review 2018

Best Manual Treadmills Review

The struggle for fitness is real and people are always looking for better ways to bolster their exercise regimen. The modern market has so many options for fitness machines that you will be spoiled for the choice to make. Among them are treadmills, which have earned a favorite spot among fitness enthusiasts.

Treadmills come in two types, automatic and manual. While the choice of which one to pick is a personal preference, buyers have had a soft spot for the automatic types. But did you know that the manual machines have so many fitness advantages over their close cousins? Yes they do and they all come at a cheaper price. 

If you have never had the opportunity to understand manual treadmills, this post is all you need. It will explore on how to use a manual treadmill, their advantages over the electric types and 7 of the best reviews to pick your choice from. 

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How does manual treadmill work

The major difference between an automatic and manual treadmill is that the former uses electricity. The manual types use manpower for its operation since it has no motorized components. Nevertheless, both machines perform the same purpose but you will require more effort to use the manual kind. 

Just like the automatic type, a manual treadmill has components such handrails, frame, belt, deck, rollers and flywheel. Once a user gets on the deck the rest is to run or walk and increase your speed that your body strength can provide. 

While a manual treadmill does not have a console; it can have sensors to compute burned calories, time taken as well as speed. It is pretty simple to use one of these devices that have so many healthy advantages.

Why choose manual over automatic

Many buyers seem to be interested in automatic treadmills. While it may be a matter of preference, it is possible that they do not know the advantages that come with manual treadmills. If the latter is the case, here are the proven advantages of using a manual treadmill:

· Offers a higher safety margin. The manual machine stops once you stop working out. The electric type does not stop immediately you stop exercising and this presents as safety scare.

· This machine is way cheaper than the automatic cousin. Its maintenance cost is still low and would rarely require your constant attention. 

· This piece is smaller and easier to store. It takes only a fraction of space needed by the automatic devices. For those saving on space, this is the fitness tool you need.

· Perfect for lower body exercises. Since most of the strength to operate this machine comes from your feet, your lower body enjoys maximum workout. 

· All control is with the user. It is your strength that will determine how fast you can run or walk. You are fully in charge of everything once you are on the deck. 

What you may not like about manual treadmills

The benefits of manual treadmills make strong statements why you should opt for them over the automatic treadmill. But this should not be taken to mean that there are no drawbacks associated with them. Before you make your purchasing decision, here are things you may not like about these manual working out devices:

· You will not get the display functions in electric treadmills. This may hamper your ability to keep track of your data as you workout.

· For beginners, manual treadmill will not be easy to use. The user is the only source of power and this cause strain to the joints. 

· This manual machine is not very efficient when it comes to burning calories. Since your strength drives the machine, you can burn only as much calories as your strength allows. 

Factors to consider before buying a manual treadmill

Before you rush into buying one of these revolutionary exercising tools, here is what you need to know:

· Choose your make: not every manufacturer is good with the manual treadmills. Only choose trusted makers and brands to get value for your money. The reviews here are from renowned brands so you can start your shopping from here.

· Stay on budget: do not break your bank account just because a machine promises so much. Stay on budget and you will get a piece worth the while. As long you know what you are looking for, you will get exactly what you want at your budget. Be ready to compare different brands before you decide.

· Customer service: treadmills break down and you need the help of the manufacturer to have it repaired. Be choosy on what kind of customer service you will get before you make the purchase. If there are any complains about poor customer service and feedback, you are better skipping that make and keep looking.

· Shipping and payment options: ensure that the payment mode and shipping terms are agreeable before you decide to buy a certain brand. There are those that require payment mode that you cannot access while others do not offer shipping services to your location. Find some terms that work for you.

The Best 7 Manual Treadmills in 2017 

There are so many advantages to work out from home. But the problem is that not everyone knows how to choose the right machine for the job. While there are so many machines that could be useful to your fitness collection, a manual treadmill should not be such a hard decision to make.

With the advantages of these machines, which you already know, here are the top 7 manual treadmill that you can make your pick from: 

Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill

There is a lot to love about this Phoenix manual machine. It takes minimal space and is made from quality material. Its sturdy structure is good to support a range of weights. It is very easy to use even beginners will have no trouble with their first walk. It comes with a display so that you can keep track of your progress.



Key features

· Dimensions: 50 inches length, 46.5 inches height and 21 inches width. It will take less space as compared to most of the pieces in this list.

· Weighs 45 pounds making it light to carry around when you have to.

· Belt size: 41 inches long by 13 inches wide. The belt is featured with top quality flywheels.

· It can support users up to 250 pounds.

· Easy-to-access and to read screen to keep track on data such as calories, speed, time and distance.

· Comes with built-in water bottle holder to carry your fluids as you train. 


· A generous warranty of 12 months for the frame and 3 months for all other parts.

· Easily folded to a vertical position that takes less space. This is the perfect machine for anyone short on space. 

· It is very light thus easy to move around when necessary. You will not need help with it.

· Keeps a tab on your crucial data such as time, speed, calorie-burn and distance covered.

· Its self-powered design lets you take control of everything to achieve your maximum workout intensity.

· It is sturdily built from the best quality material assuring you of its durability.

· Comes with less maintenance needs.


· The in-built incline is fixed thus you cannot adjust it. You have to stick with one position for all your exercise routine. 

What we like in Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill

By all measures, this Phoenix device deserves all the praises it gets. It is light for one person to carry around. You can move it as necessary and often. It is also one of the best pieces to help you reach your fitness epitome on a fixed incline that improves your heart rate and your lower body muscles strength. 

What we don’t like in Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill

Most buyers do not like the idea of a fixed incline. It is boring to work out on a single position. We find this as a low point. However, if you are the kind that loves a really physical challenge, this is still one of the best fitness machines to have at home. 

Our verdict on Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill

For beginners, this is the perfect entry point to a deserving fitness life. The machine is easy to use, pocket-friendly price and one that will require the least of space in your home. We think that you are justified to make the purchase. 


Stamina In-Motion II Manual Treadmill

The last thing you would want is to feel crowded as you jog on your treadmill. That is why this Stamina in-Motion device should be your buying option. It is spacious even to those with long strides. It is built to professional safety and you can be sure with every run or walk you make at home. It is quiet and you will attest to the comfort you experience on the deck. stamina-inmotion-ii-treadmi


Features to look forward to

· Dimensions: 46.5 inches length, 43.5 inches height and 26 inches width. 

· It is built to take in users up to 250 pounds.

· It weighs 56 pounds.

· 42 inches long belt with double flywheels; keeping it quiet as you work out.

· The running deck has textured floor to increase your running grip.

· A display screen to help you track your data on speed, time, distance and calories.

· Manual adjustable incline at 8 and 10 degrees. 


· It is a very quiet treadmill that you can use any time of the day without disturbing anyone. You can also watch TV as you train.

· The easy-to-fold design makes it perfect for those looking forward to save on space.

· The warranty gives you one year assurance on the frame and 3 months on the other parts.

· Features a durable frame made from heavy-duty steel.

· It is relatively light and can be carried by one person

· It is spacious thus allowing adequate room for those with long strides.


· For anyone at 6 feet and above in height, the hand rails may be too low to help.

What we like about Stamina In-Motion II Manual Treadmill

Space is one thing that makes this machine lead from the front. It is built to comfortably accommodate people in a range of heights. It is also a quiet treadmill hence the best choice for those who like to listen to music or audio books as they exercise. Besides, you will not need help with it if you have to move it around. The fact that you can adjust the machine gives it a leading advantage of other manual treadmills that have a fixed incline.

What we don’t like about Stamina In-Motion II Manual Treadmill

For those extremely tall, this machine has a limitation. The handrails are quite low for those who are 6 feet and above. 

Our verdict on Stamina In-Motion II Manual Treadmill

As long as you are not extremely tall, this is a right purchase decision. There is a lot to gain from having this one at home. check-price-at-amazon

Exerpeutic 250 Manual Treadmill

This is not your ordinary manual machine since it has a heart rate monitor just like the automatic ones. It has a display screen to help you keep track of your fitness data. It provides adequate exercising space and accommodates more than any other device in its league. A total satisfaction for the money you are spending, which is not much for what you are getting, this is a must-buy for anyone in need of bolstering their home training regimen. 


Features you will like

· Can support weight of up to 260 pounds.

· Comes with 2X safety handles’ length to increase your safety on the deck.

· Dimensions: 50 inches height, 51 inches length and 26 inches width. 

· Belt size: 41 inches long by 13 inches wide.

· Adjustable incline at 9 and 12 percent.

· LCD display screen.

· Heart race sensors.exerpeutic-250-manual-tread


· Unlike most other manual treadmills, it measures user’s heart rate. This is added to other important data such a time, speed, distance and calories.

· The base is long and wider ensuring stability for anyone doing aggressive workouts.

· It takes more weight of up to 260 pounds (which is higher than most of its peers).

· Offers extra safety to the user with double length of its safety handles. This makes it perfect for the extra tall users.

· Its adjustable incline of 2 different positions breaks the monotony of having to work out on the same position all the time. 


· Apart from a one-year limited warranty there is not much said about its assurance. 

· It does not come fully assembled in the box. You have to assemble it, which needs some help to get it done. 

· It is the heaviest in this list reviews at 75 pounds.

What we like about Exerpeutic 250 Manual Treadmill

This is one of the safest manual workout systems to bring home. Its generous length and width makes sure of the user’s safety. The long safety handles also help with this and you can be sure there is no risk you will be exposing yourself to. Another thing that grabs our interest is the presence of a heart rate tracker. Not many manual workout machines have this feature. This makes it a revolutionary piece that would be a great addition to your home fitness collection. 

What we don’t like about Exerpeutic 250 Manual Treadmill

The customer service response from the manufacturer is not living up to its promise. Customers trying to get help once they purchase this piece will have trouble getting feedback. If the manufacturer would act on this there would be nothing to complain about. 

Our verdict on Exerpeutic 250 Manual Treadmill

Except for the customer help that you may not get, this is a great purchase to make. Suited for intensive workout, we would recommend it for your home gym. The heart rate monitor makes it a hot product that customers will be happy to take home. exerpeutic-manual-treadmillcheck-price-at-amazon

Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill

If you want a home training tool that will progressively improve on your fitness by the day, you have that in this piece. It is made with 8 resistance levels that will build on your progress as you get better. It is a light piece and will only take a small space in your home. On its quality, it is touted to be the best in the market and thus gives one more reason to consider making the purchase.confidence-fitness 


Desirable features

· It is built to accommodate those at 220 pounds and below.

· Has wheels making it easy to transport.

· An in-built odometer that records time, distance, calories as well as speed.

· It has small but fixed incline.

· Has the 8 levels of speed just like it is with automatic treadmills.

· It weighs 47 pounds.

Pros of Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill

· It will only take a small space of your home hence a good choice for anyone pressed for storage space.confidence-fitness-magnetic

· It is light and that is compounded with wheels; making it easy to move.

· There is no question about its quality: it is the best in the market today. 

· With varying levels of resistance, this treadmill gives room for improvement and an excellent way to measure performance.

· It operates quietly thus will not be a bother to those around you.

Cons of Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill

· Reported problems with the belt for first users, which the manufacturer will be glad to help you with.

What we like about Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill

This treadmill brags of having 8 progressive speed levels. You can improve your workout by increasing your speed. Another perk from this amazing piece is that it operates quietly. You will not bother anyone with noise and you can also keep listening to your music. 

Our verdict on Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill

For someone who is turning the first page into fitness, this is a perfect treadmill to choose. It is created to accommodate your progress right from baby steps to becoming a pro. Taking only a small space in your home, there is never a better choice for those with limited floor space. It is a good bargain for your money as you are getting more that you are paying for.confidence-fitness-1 check-price-at-amazon

Weslo CardioStride 3.0 Treadmill

This compact treadmill system is top of the game. Despite its superior quality it is one of the cheapest pieces you can ever get from the market. Its retail price ranges between $110 and $120, with a promise of getting more than you bargain for. It is the perfect game changer for you if you need to bolster the strength of your lower muscles.



Outstanding features

· Dimensions: It is 52.5 inches in length, 27 inches in width and 42 inches in height. 

· Deck space: 41 inches length by 17 inches in width

· Comes with a SpaceSaver design

· LCD screen for data preview

· A fixed incline at 15 percent

· Weighs 66 lbs

A SpaceSaver design

LCD screen for data preview

Pros of Weslo CardioStride 3.0

· It offers adequate room space even for those with long strides

· With a foldable space saving design, this machine will only take minimal floor space. It is an excellent choice for those with small space but still need to have a treadmill at home. 

· Supports weight of up to 250 pounds

· It is a cheaper piece but one that will give you more value than what you are paying

· With a visual preview screen it is easy to keep up with your data such as calorie burn, distance covered and speed. 

Cons of Weslo CardioStride 3.0

· A fixed incline at 15 percent is too steep for those with joint problems.

· The warranty only offers 9 months for both labor and parts leaving out the frame, which is one of the most important parts of a treadmill. 

What we like about Weslo CardioStride 3.0 

The price is always an attractive aspect when purchasing this machine. Other than that, the SpaceSaver design gives you every reason to bring it home even if you are low on floor space. 

What we don’t like about Weslo CardioStride 3.0 

The fixed incline turns out to be a total turn off for those with back and joint injuries. It is too steep for them and they rather go for a lower manual version. 

Our verdict on Weslo CardioStride 3.0 Treadmill

This one is for you if you have been into fitness training before. The steep incline means that this is not for those who are starting. Nevertheless, anyone can make good use of this piece and bolster their fitness front. weslo-cardiostride4check-price-at-amazon

Sunny Manual Treadmill

Here is a high-end piece of the manual kinds. It is the priciest piece in our top 7 list but will be worth every dime you are paying. It is foldable hence will not cause any storage headaches. It is also light and moving it around will be an easy task. sunny-treadmill


Outstanding features

· Dimensions: 49.2 inches in length, 46.9 inches in height, and 25.2 inches width.

· Can accommodate weight of up to 220 pounds.

· It is light at 55 pounds.

· Walking area is 42 long inches long by 13 inches wide.

· Has a computerized screen display for important data.

· The system comes with 2 AA batteries for the display screen.

· Fixed incline

· In-built transport wheels.


· A warranty of one year for the frame and 3 months for all other parts is a generous offer

· It takes a small storage space thus ideal for those running out of floor space

· The computerized screen gives a preview of burned calories, speed, and distance covered.

· Has a relatively adequate space for running or walking.



· The fixed incline is a feature that many customers do not like

· It is the priciest machine in this list 

What we like about Sunny Manual Treadmill

Saving on floor space is an attractive property of this machine: it only takes minimal space. In-built wheels make this machine easy to move around and that is a plus for anyone who will transport the machine from time to time. 

What we don’t like about Sunny Manual Treadmill

Just like most of the other manual machines in this list, fixed incline is the least liked feature in manual treadmills. Having to train in the same position for all your sessions not only becomes boring but also redundant. We also do not like the fact that it is one of highly priced treadmills in this collection. 

Our verdict on  Sunny Manual Treadmill

For beginners, this is a fine piece to buy. It is good for the workout but the only problem is that you have to do all that in a fixed incline. The high price may also be a turn off to many buyers. check-price-at-amazon

Best Choice Product™ Foldable Manual Treadmill

It does not mean that having a fancy treadmill will make your fitness any better. Sometimes it is advisable to take the back seat and choose an easy and simple machine. This Best Product™ manual device is the perfect starting point for a rewarding training. Simple in design and use, you will fall in love with what it will bring to your home. best-choice-manual-treadmi


Features to look forward to 

· LCD preview screen for calories, distance, speed and time

· Heavy metal frame 

· Will support weight for only those under 200 pounds

· Fixed inclinebest-choice-manual-treadmi

Pros of Best Choice Product™ Manual Treadmill

· It is designed to take the least floor space possible

· It is simple to use and you will not need help with it

· Its heavy metal body will give you a long lasting service

· It requires little or no maintenance at all. 

· Operates smoothly best-choice-treadmi

Cons of Best Choice Product™ Manual Treadmill

· It only supports small weight and that raises questions on its safety

What we like about Best Choice Product™ Manual Treadmill

The fact that it is simply designed and easy to use makes it a favorite for beginners. It is also a cheap piece that will not cause any financial inconveniences. 

What we don’t like about Best Choice Product™ Manual Treadmill

It is not as strong as one would wish. This is not your treadmill if you are above 200 pounds. 

Our verdict on about Best Choice Product™ Manual Treadmill

For a beginner, this is the best way to get started. However, we do not recommend this one for those above 200 pounds and those looking forward to an intensive training. check-price-at-amazon

Our Overall Verdict on the Best 7 Reviewed Treadmills

We did not review all these treadmills to leave you hanging for a choice. You have probably picked the best one to buy but if you are yet, here are our best 2 of the manual treadmills. They have also been positively reviewed by customers who bought them:

Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill

Phoenix has what it takes to make the best manual training machine to take home. It is cheaply priced and will give you 10X the value of your money. Light and easy to carry around, this is what every fitness enthusiast would want in training equipment. Its foldable design gives it an edge when it comes to saving on space. Taking this one home will be a win in terms of money, health and fitness. check-price-at-amazon

Confidence Fitness Magnetic Treadmill  

The reason why this one makes the cut to our top 2 best manual treadmills is the fact that it has 8 speed levels just like the electric kinds. It is both the best choice for beginners and seasoned treadmill runners. It progressively builds on your fitness and you can keep track of the change. It also saves on space and it is easy to transport around the house. The price is friendly and you will be assured of its long lasting service.check-price-at-amazon

Is it Worth Investing in a Manual Treadmill

Are you still asking this question? If you do, the answer is yes. There is nothing that does it like a manual training machine. It gives you the chance to control your intensity and speed. It is the tool that will let you be in charge of how fast you run and how many calories you can burn. 

Talking to those who have invested in one of these conventional fitness tools, they all had praise and appreciated the fact they had the stomach to make the purchase decision. There is nothing to lose in buying one of these. If anything, you are the one to gain from customized training and one that will give you impressive results. 


If you did not know the important role played by manual treadmills in every fitness endeavor, now you know better. Objectively, you have learned of how these machines work, the advantages to look forward to as well as the disadvantages. This post has also elaborated on the best manual treadmills you can buy in 2016 and beyond. Each review has detailed the features, pros and cons of each machine. We have also given our verdict on each of the reviews making it easy for you to decide.

At the end of it all, this post has briefly touched on the best 2 manual machines that you can buy. Since having one of these is a personal preference, we leave that final decision to you. It is our hope that you have gained a lot of knowledge from this post and it will bring positive change to your fitness and health life. 

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