Underwater Treadmill Review 2018

Underwater Treadmills Review

There are various forms of treadmills and they have been in use for many years. From primitive designs, the modern treadmill has evolved into a versatile and complex device used far and wide. Following extensive research into anaerobic exercises, underwater treadmills were invented to bring a new dynamic into physical training.

Underwater treadmill! Does such a thing exist? Yes, it does and it has found a popular spot among those who know them (both individuals and health/sport facilities). If it is your first time you are hearing of it, sit and relax as this article will cover virtually everything you need to know. 



What Really is an Underwater Treadmill?  

Just like the name suggests, this is a treadmill used under the water surface. Water is considered as one of the best medium for healthy and fulfilling exercise. Its (water) viscosity provides considerable resistance needed for strength exercising. Besides, water is a safe environment for working out as well reduction of strain on joints. After all, there is a better therapy than training in nature finest medium: water. 

These treadmills are just a mimic of the on-land types offering the same cardiovascular benefits but this time in a wider and better margin. To run through water it requires more work and thus you can achieve solid workouts running at a lower speed than you would with an on-land treadmill. 

Whose Brainchild is the Human Underwater Treadmill? 

For decades, underwater treadmills were popular therapy tools for injured animals such as dogs, horse and cats. It was rather weird that no one, for all these years, had thought of a design that could be used for humans. It was not until the last quarter of the 20th century that the idea of underwater treadmill for humans was conceived by one Dr. Paul Hetrick. He saw what would be a horse contraption and decided to come up with a version that would be used to rehabilitate his patients. With the help of a horse trainer, he developed an aquatic machine that would pave way for better and complex aquatic treadmills as we know them today. 

Once the machine was completed, it was installed at Dr. Hetrick’s rehabilitation facility. His first patient was Anson Flake, a renowned cyclist and runner, who had sustained a chronic injury on his knee. With the help of the doctor and the machine, the injury was cured for good. Realizing the benefit of such a machine and what it could do for the many injuries, Flake suggested a partnership with Dr. Hetrick. They pooled their resources; and their efforts bore fruits. They developed and produced a refined aquatic water machine and gave it the name underwater treadmill. It was soon up for commercial purpose with rehabilitation facilities and professional athlete organizations being the first customers. The idea spread all over with other inventors creating and patenting their own designs. The market today is filled with an array of these treadmills and it would be a matter of personal preference to choose one. 

How does Underwater Treadmill work? 

To help understand how this treadmill works, it would be better to approach that from a design point of view. There are 2 different designs of underwater treadmills, and each of them works differently.

1. One with a similar design to on-land treadmill: this one works well in a typical pool or a rehabilitation tub. It comes in 2 versions one of which is self-propelled and the other has a motor. Just like the on-land type, it works in a similar way but in water. 

2. Free-standing tube (with a motorized belt): It also features jets and easy-to-adjust water heights. With this you can reduce or increase resistance to your desired level. Water in the tubs can be heated to increase efficiency to deal with fatigue and help with flexibility. 

Why is Underwater Treadmill so special?

Running in water is the real deal when it comes to getting the best out of workouts. The fact that these treadmills can be used underwater makes them special. There is no denying that these are revolutionary training machines, which have found a favorite place in the world of therapy. Apart from being the best machines for physical training, they have helped countless patients shake off chronic injuries that would have put them down for years. Additionally, these treadmills have been extensively used in weight loss programs and the results are more than impressive. If all these do not make these treadmills special, then there is nothing that deserves the adjective. 

Why even consider buying one?

In the world of working out, nothing brings home the healthy and fitness benefits like the underwater treadmills. The device combines both on-land and aquatic exercise benefits and serves them at once. If you have been on the lookout for a new way to bring a change to your training and fitness program, you have every reason to bring home one of these devices. From testimonies all over the globe, they have been termed as the best therapeutic and training tools ever designed

Why let injuries and other unhealthy conditions stand in your way when you have the best answer for them? That is why buying one of these revolutionary treadmills should be a decision you made long time ago. 

How much is an Underwater Treadmill? 

Underwater treadmills come in different models and features. As such, they come in varying prices. For the ones without motorized properties, their asking price could be $1,500 on the high end. For the ones with motor and other high-end features you would part with a couple of thousand dollars to bring it home. 

Benefits of Aquatic Treadmills

You would not blindly buy a treadmill just because your friend challenged you into it. You first have to consider some of the gains that will come your way (that you do not enjoy at the moment). For your heads up, here are the benefits of using a below-water-surface treadmill: 

· Weight loss: this treadmill is the silver bullet when it comes to losing weight. It gives you a diversified approach to return your body mass index back to healthy levels. With holistic body training, you will lose weight proportionally and in a healthy way. Your search for an effective way to lose and maintain weight should find a companion in what this treadmill offers. 

· Muscle building: if yours is the desire is to build muscles, an underwater treadmill is the perfect answer. Running under water gives your body exertion, which is all you need to get your muscles fit and toned. 

· Controls blood pressure: generally, exercising is good for maintaining healthy blood pressure level. However, studies have found that underwater training is even better in controlling and maintaining blood pressure. For millions of people with hypertension and who are in fear of pain from training now have one of the best ways to bring things under control. 

· Minimized joint stiffness: training under water gives you great mobility to keep your joints flexible. Conditions like osteoarthritis, which are common in millions of old people, have been considerably reduced and part of the credit goes to underwater treadmill therapy. 

· Gait improvement after injury: hip and leg injuries could be a nightmare that you should wish never come your way. They can put you on your chair for a very long time. But getting the right rehabilitation can be the shortest way back to walking once again. Aquatic treadmill therapy has been touted as the best for those nursing injuries or those recuperating from surgery. 

· Boosts cardiovascular stamina: training under water could allow you to keep going for long. This coupled up with water resistance improves on cardiovascular stamina and endurance. For those recovering from injuries or surgeries, this is the best way to get back to fitness. 

· Low-impact environment: for the old and injured, it is a daunting task to partake in strenuous exercise. Joint and muscle pain always get better of them and they may forgo any kind of physical training. However, underwater training takes away that pain. Going chest-deep into water reduces the body weight to only a fifth. This also increases stability and flexibility for the old and the injured. 

The Downside of using an Underwater Treadmill

The only downside with using these treadmills is their availability. There are not many of them available to the general public. They are common with professional sporting and Olympic training but they are yet to become common place among the masses. It may be a hurdle to find one and if you do, their asking price is, to many, prohibitive. 

Who is an Underwater Treadmill meant for?

Just like on-land types, anyone can use aquatic treadmills. They are physical training tools perfect for a wide range of fitness programs. Anyone with the desire for strength training would find a perfect match in one of these machines. Athletes, both professionals and amateurs, are the leading groups when it comes to these devices. Special groups like the old and the injured would reap countless benefits from using aquatic treadmills. In a nutshell, these machines are highly recommended for everyone. You can put them to use for both professional and casual training

Aquabilt A-2000 Exercise Swimming Pool Treadmill Review

This is one of a kind aquatic treadmill that can be used for both on-ground and in-ground pool. Its versatility is no match to any other and that is why to many it has earned the tag of the best underwater treadmill. Aquabilt treadmill is made from the strongest material giving it a long life. It does not have a motor, it is really robust and you will not spend a single dime or minute maintaining it. If you want to get your leg muscles to another level of fitness, this is the machine you should buy. 


Features of Aquabilt A-2000 Exercise Swimming Pool Treadmill


What makes this Aquabilt treadmill to be top of the chart? It is the features. They are specifically designed to give the user unrivaled exercising experience and real value for their money. Here are the features you should look forward to if this is the piece you choose for your pool: 

1. Rubber wheels: they make it easy to transport your machine in and out of the pool. The choice of rubber makes it light and they will not rust for staying in water for long. 

2. No motor equipment: this makes it even lighter for you to move it anywhere you want. It is also self-propelled so you do not have to worry about getting into action. It can also stay in water a year with little or no maintenance at all. 

3. In water it can take as high as 400 pounds of weight while on land it takes 300 pounds. It is, therefore, suited for a wide range of people with varying weights. 

4. Quite spacious with dimensions of 47 by 29 by 48 all in inches.

5. It is made in the USA and weighs 47 pounds

6. Comes with a non-transferable warranty that covers all parts for a period of 3 years.

Pros of Aquabilt A-2000 Exercise Swimming Pool Treadmill

· Very easy to use since you only have to put it in water and it is running. It does not need professional or past experience to use it. 

· Easy to understand user manual even for a novice treadmill user. 

· A generous warranty that covers all components for 3 years. 

· It is a robust machine with no need for maintenance. You can keep in water for a whole year without any single day of maintenance. 

· It is uniquely designed to give the user comfort and ease of use. It is also constructed in very strong and quality materials ensuring its longevity.

· With the rubber wheels, it is easy to transport this treadmill in and out of the pool. 

· The best workout device for leg muscles.

Cons of Aquabilt A-2000 Exercise Swimming Pool Treadmill

· There are some complains about the price of this treadmill. Customers who have bought it consider it a simple machine yet it is highly priced. But this treadmill is designed to stay in water for an entire year and still perform flawlessly. That should cover any complains arising about its high asking price. 

Who is Aquabilt A-2000 Exercise Swimming Pool Treadmill for?

This machine is meant for anyone with general fitness needs (both commercial and personal). It is for you if you are looking for a way to get strong leg muscles. Better still, the injured, the old and those recovering from surgery would get the most out of this treadmill. 

Our verdict on Aquabilt A-2000 Exercise Swimming Pool Treadmill

With nothing much to complain about Aquabilt A-2000 Exercise Swimming Pool Treadmill, we believe this is one of the best aqua treadmills in the market today. It is designed with the user needs in mind in mind. No maintenance and you just get it running once in water. This is a piece you should not debate on whether to bring it home or not. 


Personal Aquatic Treadmill – Model 201 Review

Another aquatic treadmill from Aquabilt, this personal machine is the easiest to operate and use. It is solely powered by the user making it the best treadmill for personal training needs. Its speed is up to the user and depending on what you want you can maximize on all the benefits. It is simply designed to suit a wide range of lower body fitness and adding fun to home training. From a range of reviews of those who have bought it, the treadmill does all that it promises and even offers more. The features, as you will see below, are specifically aimed to give the best to the user. 



Features of Personal Aquatic Treadmill – Model 201 

1. It is self-propelled. No need for power, all you need is to be on it and keep it running

2. Designed in lightweight. It is easy to get it in and out of water. It is also easily portable if you have to carry it around. 

3. It offers progressive resistance. You can increase or reduce resistance to whatever level you deem fit.

4. It is 50 pounds in weight

5. Dimensions: Handrail height is 46 inches and a belt of 34 by 26 inches. 

6. Removable handrail that only takes 10 seconds to have it in or out

Pros of Personal Aquatic Treadmill – Model 201

· Takes only 10 seconds to assemble

· Of all the 3 reviewed treadmills, it is the most affordable

· Its simple design and operation makes it more favorable for novice users

· Does not have motor components and thus needs no maintenance. 

· Its lightweight design makes it easy to remove and immerse in water. It is also convenient and easy to carry it wherever you are going. 

· The most convenient underwater treadmill for home swimming pools and spas.

· It is made of strong and quality materials with an assurance of durability. 

Cons of  Personal Aquatic Treadmill – Model 201

· Not suitable for commercial use

· Though relatively cheap, it is still highly priced for such a simple fitness machine. 

Who is Personal Aquatic Treadmill – Model 201 for?

For those who are relatively new to aquatic treading, this is the machine you should lay your hands on. It is the best to learn the skills before you can advance into a more sophisticated model. It is also good for you if you are looking for a way to maintain your fitness level. The injured can also get quick-recovery benefits if they have this one for their use. This one is not for commercial use but the best for home and personal use. Its simple design and operation ensures that even the novice will find it easy to handle and use

Our verdict on Personal Aquatic Treadmill – Model 201

Aquabilt has not left out personal fitness needs. With this easily designed treadmill, they have given the old, the injured and fitness amateurs a good reason to get into water and exercise. The fun and physical benefits from this device are worth more than the hundreds of dollars you are paying for it. We highly recommend this one for any individual who wants to begin or change the course of fitness training. 


Hot Tub Products AS-100 Spa Ease Aquasizer Underwater Treadmill Review

If you want a transformation for your spa or swimming pool then aquasizer aquatic treadmill is the way to go. It is the perfect tool for fat burning, staying in shape and strengthening leg muscles. It is a versatile piece and you can use with or without handles. Even without the need to exercise people use this treadmill to have fun in water. It is light and with all the features you can ever desire to have in a treadmill. It has received a fair share of endorsements from medical professionals.


Features of  Hot Tub Products AS-100 Spa Ease Aquasizer Underwater Treadmill


1. Comes in color blue. Thus it blends so well with the color of water. People around may not even see what you are stepping on.

2. Dimensions: 12.75 by 27.25 by 48.25 inches. This is spacious enough to accommodate long running strides. 

3. Weight of 62 pounds hence easy to lift or push around. This makes it easy to transport whenever you need to.

4. It is non-motorized thus can stay in water for a full year with no need for maintenance. Once you have it in your swim spa or pool, there is nothing to worry about from January to January. 

5. Self-propulsion: you will not need electricity or batteries to get it running. It is self-sufficient in every way. Get in water and you are good to start your run. 

6. Thermoplastic exterior parts: with this you should not have to worry about rust and any other harm from water. The exterior is durable and will give you enough years of service. 

7. Steel handlebars that can be removed: you can use it with handles or prefer not to. These steel stainless handles are removable so you can have them on and off as you wish. 

8. Built-in wheels for easy transport both in and out of water. 

Pros of Hot Tub Products AS-100 Spa Ease Aquasizer Underwater Treadmill

· Maintenance free. With no motorized parts, it can stay in water for a year. It does not need any maintenance and it will keep running perfectly. Once you have it in water you only remember it is there when it is time to exercise. 

· It comes with wheels making it easy to move on your pool pavement and inside the pool.

· It is light so carrying it around may not be such a big problem. 

· Once you have this one, you will not be buying another one any time soon. The exterior is built to last by keeping away any adverse effects of water.

· There is no assembly needed. It is bought in a ready-to-run form. No special tools needed to put it together. 

· Very easy to use with no need for past experience or professional help.

Cons of Hot Tub Products AS-100 Spa Ease Aquasizer Underwater Treadmill

· For such a simple aquatic treadmill, many buyers feel that it is a bit overpriced. Other than that there is no other major concern. 

For Whom is Hot Tub Products AS-100 Spa Ease Aquasizer Underwater Treadmill ideal for?


For those who have hit a snag in their fat loss efforts, this is the underwater exercise machine to purchase. It has been proven to be perfect for fat loss. It is also ideal for those looking to solidify their leg muscles workouts. The injured and the old will also find this machine a worthy piece to have at home. It is also perfect for commercial use. 

Our verdict on Hot Tub Products AS-100 Spa Ease Aquasizer Underwater Treadmill

Endorsed by medical professionals, this treadmill has earned a favorite tag among medical facilities and individuals. We give it a thumps up for its simple and easy to use design. The features are superb and will be a great addition to anyone’s fitness regimen. check-price-at-amazon

Getting to know Aquabilt Company

Does the name Aquabilt ring a bell? It may if you already know about aquatic treadmills. This is an American company with its headquarters at Canton, CT 06019, United states. Its industrial niche is in the sporting goods, a role it has taken seriously and emerged as one of the leading companies in that health fitness. It is privately owned and employs a maximum of 10 employees, which tells you what a small company it is but one that has had a massive impact in medical therapy and fitness industries. 

Company experience

The company has been in business for over a decade now. It has penetrated not only the American market but the world over. Their dedication to offer the best water training devices has given them a lead over their competitors. Theirs is a company on quality with a belief of few for more. Their products are expertly designed to serve the purpose intended and leave buyers with utmost satisfaction. 

Products produced at Aquabilt Company

Aquabilt specializes in aquatic based training devices. While it is not the pioneer in this specialization, it has carved for itself a very prominent name with its steadfastness on quality devices. The main target for Aquabilt’s products is the physical and fitness rehabilitation group. That does not mean the products cannot not useful for those not in this group. In fact, anyone with fitness needs can use these products and enjoy the full benefits. The secret to the genius behind the products has been extensive knowledge on fitness needs among the injured and the old. With that background of knowledge, Aquabilt has designed and produced state of the art aquatic physical and fitness devices

Latest products of Aquabilt Company

The company has a keen intention to keep up with rehabilitation needs and demands. In keeping faith with its principle of quality and relentless innovation, Aquabilt has lined up to launch the first-ever incline aquatic treadmill. This new product will only be available for professional purposes and rehabilitation facilities. It will offer and explore a new frontier in water training by offering new features. As opposed to its traditional forerunners, this one promises to be affordable. Just like the other products from the same company, the underwater treadmill with an incline will carry on the good name of Aquabilt and make it a brand name all over the world. 

Conclusion about Underwater Treadmill

If you already knew of underwater treadmills, you have learned a few other things that you may not have known. If you knew zip in the subject of aquatic treadmills, you already know approximately 100 per cent now (and all thanks to scrolling this far). This article has vividly explained the subject right from its origin to where the world is now today. It extensively explained what these machines are, how they came about and who the brain behind this revolutionary idea was. 

For those who have never used one of these devices, the how to use’ section had that covered for you. There is no much difference with on-land treadmills except the fact that these ones are used in water. As it has been revealed here, you do not need any experience or professional skills to have any of these treadmills.

As to whether you need an underwater treadmill; that decision has been left to you now that you know almost everything, good and bad, about these wonderful fitness tools. Nevertheless, this post has underscored the importance of having or accessing these machines. Their benefits have been explored to the smallest details. With nothing to lose-but much to gain- there is absolutely nothing to stop you from having one of these.

The main section has reviewed 3 top aquatic treadmill models. Each of the review has gone into depth about features, pros and cons. You are left with no doubt about what to keep for your choice. While the 3 brands basically serve the same fitness and health needs, they still have their differences. There is an analysis on who each of them is ideal for and you can comfortably pick your choice by merely reading this post. 

Of importance is the section that covers on Aquabilt Company. It is one of front runners in the manufacture of aquatic treadmills. You have been educated on what kind of a company this is and the array of treadmills they produce. With such deep information not only on underwater treadmills but also a company that has specialized in their production, you can now brag that you know all there is to know about aquatic treadmills. 

This article has lived to its promise of extensively covering the subject of underwater treadmills, leaving nothing to chance. If you have read to this far, count yourself an expert in both knowledge and choosing the right kind of aquatic treadmill for your needs. With this bank of knowledge, you can comfortably make a purchase decision that you will never regret.

With that, you are left to make the crucial decision whether you really need one of these kinds of machines. With the advantages associated with them, you are left with the easiest decisions you can ever imagine. Get one and bring a revolution to your fitness and exercise collection. The fun of training in water is one that you can never turn down, so do not be left behind. 

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