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Horizon Treadmills

If you’ve read about Horizon Treadmills in the Good Housekeeping Institute or the Treadmill Doctor, you are probably wondering whether these treadmills live up to all the praise. Horizon is not exactly a brand name that many people outside of the fitness world are familiar with.

So, in this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Horizon Treadmill and explore what makes these treadmills different from other brands on the market. Finding the right treadmill for your situation can be difficult. With our overview, we’ll cover all the ins and outs of these machines so that you can better decide if a Horizon Treadmill is right for you.

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Who Makes Horizon Treadmills?

Horizon Treadmills are made by Horizon Fitness, Inc. which was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Cottage Grove, WI. They manufacture a wide variety of fitness equipment (like treadmills, stationary bikes, and rowers) and component parts that are used in fitness machines (like motors, belts, rollers, etc.).

They are a subsidiary of Johnson Health Tech Co., Ltd. which is a Taiwanese company that manufactures and distributes fitness equipment all over the world. Johnson Health Tech also owns the Advanced Fitness Groups which is also located in Cottage Grove, WI which manufactures an exclusive line for Sears. In addition to this, Johnson Health Tech produces commercial grade equipment through Matrix Fitness and Vision Fitness.

What Are the Horizon Treadmill Motors?

Horizon treadmills come with strong, reliable motors both for the belt drives and for the incline on the decks. The main motors for the belts on Horizon treadmills are light-commercial, CHP (Continuous Duty Rating) motors designed by Johnson Health Tech which are rated for high-performance. These kinds are motors are often supplied in high-end equipment that is used in gyms and training centers.

These motors are very reliable and deliver consistent performance throughout the course of your workout. The last thing you want is variability in your run speeds while you are training on the machine. For example, the Elite T9 Treadmill features a 2.75 CHP motor that will drive the belt up to 12 miles an hour. For those looking to get in a decent workout, this should be more than enough power to satisfy most runners.

What Are the Features of Horizon Treadmills?

Horizon Treadmills come will all the features that you would expect from a quality line of fitness equipment, along with some good, integrated software.


Many Horizon Treadmills, like the Adventure 5, feature a Featherlight Folding system which aids you in raising the deck into a secure position so that you can reduce the space that it takes up. This also allows you to move the treadmill if necessary but tilting it onto the frame rollers. While this is not exactly easy, it does make it easier to maneuver should the need arise. The Featherlight Folding system will also help lower the deck slowly so it does not slam down on the ground when you are ready to use it again.

Integrated Technology

One area where other brands have not quite caught up is with WiFi capability. However, many Horizon brand treadmills, like the Adventure 3, are fully integrated with WiFi and come with Horizon’s ViaFit™ software. With this technology, you will be able to track all your workouts, set your training goals, find out when and where you are meeting your goals, and share your data with other apps and friends. This is a great way to keep all your information in one convenient database so that you can fully analyze the quality of your training.


As with most treadmills these days, Horizon treadmills can be inclined to give you a more challenging workout. This is done automatically by means of an internal motor. For example, the Elite T7 treadmill can incline up to 15%. This adds the element of running uphill as well. This incline can be controlled by a simple touch of the button on the console.


Walking and running can be difficult on the knees, back, and joints. For this reason, people often turn to treadmills because they lighten the impact on these high-stress areas. On models like the TF20 Treadmill, Horizon equips them with an Infinity Deck™ with commercial-grade cushioning built-in. This system provides superior support for your sensitive areas and reduces overall stress for long-term training. Both serious runners and those just looking for a quality workout will find the Horizon cushioning system a welcomed relief.

Which Is the Best Horizon Treadmill?

There are several treadmills that might fit what you are looking for. Depending on your various needs, whether you are looking for a treadmill for walking or one to train on for serious running, Horizon has a model that can suit your fitness goals.

Horizon Fitness T101-04 TreadmillT101

This model is a great entry-level treadmill that is perfect for the beginner or trainer who does not need any high-end features in their treadmill. It’s 2.25 CHP motor will take you up to 10 miles per hour, so it is not as fast other models, but it is a good speed for the average walker or runner. The incline is also not as high as other models, but will tilt up to 10%. The running deck is 20″ X 55″ which should accommodate most people, but might be a bit short for those with longer strides. If you are looking to get started with a decent treadmill, or just want a quality machine for at-home use, the T101-04 is a good option.check-price-at-amazon

Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 TreadmillHorizon-Adventure-5

If you are looking for a more serious workout machine, the Adventure 5 is a mid to high-level machine with some quality features. The motor on this model will take you up to 12 miles per hour and has an incline of 12%. The console is 7.5″ LCD screen that is fully integrated with the ViaFit™ technology to track your workouts. The Deck is equipped with a 3 point responsive cushioning system that allows up to 325 lbs. of user weight. The deck is also longer than the T101-04, with a running area of 20″ X 60″ so it will accommodate those with a longer stride. If you are looking for something with a little more stability and a few more features, the Adventure 5 is a great option.check-price-at-amazon

Horizon Fitness Elite T9 TreadmillElite-T9 treadmill

Designed for the more serious trainer in mind, the T9 Treadmill comes with a 2.75 CHP motor that will drive the belt up to 12 miles per hour. The incline will tilt the 20″ X 60″ deck up to 15% for plenty of running room and a challenging workout. The console with the T9 is fully integrated with the ViaFit™ workout program on a 10″ backlight touchscreen. The console with also provides you with a virtual screen which corresponds to your unique workout to make your training more fun and enjoyable. If you are looking for a high-end treadmill for serious training, the Elite T9 can deliver the performance you need.check-price-at-amazon

What Kind of Maintenance Is Required for Horizon Treadmills?

One of the advantages of some the Horizon treadmills are the use of an integrated waxing system that keeps the belt fully lubricated throughout the life of the machine. This hard wax removes the necessity of having to add lubricating oiling every 40 hours of use or every 3 months like you have to do with other treadmill brands. So, for other some lines of Horizon treadmills, you will need to do this lubricating regularly.

You will need to regularly wipe down the machine from dust and other debris to make sure this does not make its way down into the motors. You might also need to tighten bolts or center the belt from time to time as necessary. But otherwise, there are no special maintenance needs for Horizon treadmills.

What Is the Warranty on Horizon Treadmills?

Horizon offers different levels of warranty for the different components of their treadmills. For the frame, drive motor, and elevation motor, Horizon warranties the treadmill for life against all manufacturer errors and parts defects. For all other components, the warranty term is 2 years. This also covers anywhere from 1-2 years of labor depending on the model for any repairs that are necessary after the purchase date.

Horizon warranties are also only valid for the original purchaser, so they are non-transferable should you sell the treadmill or give it to someone. This is a good reason to purchase the treadmill new so that you can be sure you are protected against any problems.

Where to Buy Horizon Treadmills?

Horizon treadmills are sold at many retail outlets, but this will require you to transport a very heavy box (upwards of 200 lbs.). For this reason, many people choose to purchase treadmills through online retailers like Amazon.com. Many of the Horizon treadmills qualify for free shipping or Amazon Prime shipping. This varies depending on the time and model. But having it shipped directly to your home is convenient so you can have it placed wherever you plan on setting it up.

Another nice bonus of ordering through Amazon is that you can often add 4 or 5-year protection plans through Warrantech easily. This will extend the life of your warranty and include in-home service calls. If you are at all worried about the warranty no lasting long enough to fully cover your new treadmill, this is a great way to offer you some piece of mind.


With several strong lines of treadmills on the market, Horizon is sure to have a model to fit your particular needs. Their components are likely to be in treadmills from other brands, so why not buy directly from the original manufacturer? Though ultimately a global company, Horizon equipment is manufactured and distributed in America.

Whether you need an entry-level treadmill or a professional treadmill for serious training, a Horizon treadmill can be a quality investment for your home gym.

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