Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill Review 2018

Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill

Of all the Horizon treadmills this Horizon Elite T9 treadmill possesses the best quality and it is also the most expensive. Being the top Horizon treadmill it is definite that it will be fit for any serious runner who wants an efficient machine for their workout session. Talk of the features and this machine stands out remarkably from its corresponding Horizon treading machines.

It is featured with a large display screen, multiple workout programs, ViaFit compatibility and super comfort.
Listed below are features that you will experience with this Elite T9 treadmill. 



What are the Features of Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill?Elite-T9 treadmillMotor

A powerful motor is an essential factor for an effective treadmill. This treadmill is designed with a 2.75 CHP motor that is able to accommodate average workout intensity. It operates smoothly and can support a speed of up 12 MPH. However, runners that want to engage in intensive workouts will need to consider a more powerful motor that can withstand long training sessions. Additionally, with this motor you will enjoy a lifetime cover for repairs and maintenance. 

User weight Capacity 

The user weight capacity of this machine is convenient for most treadmill users. It is featured with 350-pound user limit, which occurs in most of the regular treadmills you will find in the treadmill stores. However if you weigh above 350 pounds you don’t have to worry because there are still other high weight capacity machines for users who weigh beyond 350 pounds. 

Comfortable Cushioning 

The kind of comfort your experience as you work out is always a determinant of the productivity of your sessions. This treading machine is designed with a response cushioning system that keeps your feet, hips and joints comfortable as your train. This cushioning provides a 3 level stability on the running track to give you maximum safety and comfort as you run. With this feature you will not need to spend your cash on running shoes since it helps in absorbing shock quite effectively. 


Want a treadmill that won’t give you limits when it comes to endurance running? This treadmill will be ideal for you. Though it is not featured with the highest running speed for a runner, it comes with a 12 MPH speed. And it is one of the highest speeds for treadmill runners. With this speed you will be able to set for yourself tough running goals to strengthen your body for intensive fitness programs. The lowest speed is 0.5 mph.


If you are out there looking for fitness tips that will help you to replenish your muscles and lose calories here comes your solution. You need to take home this running machine that is featured with a 15% incline. This will fulfill your needs effectively.

Tread Belt Size 

Though the tread belt size of this machine is not the longest it can still accommodate most runners apart from the extra tall users. If you are an average user you will get to run comfortably on this 20×60 running belt that comes with this machine. While making comfortable strides without straining you can be assured that you will produce excellent results in your training sessions. The taller users may want to consider getting a machine with a 60×22 inch tread belt for comfort as they run. 

Feather Light Folding

Want a treadmill that won’t give you a lot of hassle when you want to store it after use? This treadmill will be ideal for you. It is designed with an easy to fold feature that enables the user to fold it easily the moment you are done with your workout activities. This feature also helps to save on space because when this machine is folded it takes a smaller space. 

Workout Programs

Having plenty of inbuilt workout programs will help the runner to have several workout options for each training session. This treadmill comes with 44 workout programs specially set by a certified instructor to help you achieve your workout goals. The programs are categorized into different roles; 9 for calories, 13 for distance, 4 for intervals, 3 for performance, 10 for step goals, 2 for custom and 2 for Virtual Active

Heart rate Monitoring 

Your heart rate is an important portion of your workout data that can help you keep track of your fitness goals effectively. With this treadmill that is designed with contact grips to monitor your heart rate you keep an accurate record of your heart rate data. Moreover it is also featured with polar chest straps for heart rate data purposes. Note that the polar chest strap is given freely by this generous manufacturer. Once you keep this heart rate data in your workout tracking calendar you will be able to achieve your healthy goals easily. 

Display Console Elite-T9-treadmill

Viewing your workout data as you run will make it possible for you to stay motivated to endure longer workout sessions. This Elite T9 treadmill is featured with a 10 inch full color touchscreen that provides you with all the information you need to track your progress. With it you will be able to view your work out details on calorie burn, time consumed, distance covered, speed, incline, pace and heart rate. The console is also user-friendly so that the user doesn’t have difficult time when they want to adjust to their preferred workout program.

ViaFit Technology 

ViaFit technology is one of the recent technologies being featured in the Horizon fitness equipment for collection of workout data. With this feature you will get to keep track of your workout data to attain your fitness goals. You will also get to access health apps like FitBit, Nike+ from ViaFit technology that will give you tips to reaching your fitness goals. My FitnessPal app is also another important nutrition app you will access that will see you achieve your workout goals pretty fast. 


If you are a runner that has a dream of travelling all over the world you need to get yourself this treadmill. It comes with the passport feature that is meant to enable you run on your favorite routes all over the world in the most realistic way possible. With an internet connection at home this feature will help you connect your treading machine with your home TV screen. With this Virtual Active feature you will get to enjoy a high quality video harmonized to your speed and incline. The passport radio is bought separately and once you buy it you earn the Northern Italy and the American West destination courses.

MP3 Compatibility

Every runner needs some form of motivation to keep them going during their tough workout sessions. One factor that has proved to work perfectly to keep the runners energized is listening to their favorite music. Since this Horizon treadmill knows this secret; it comes with a MP3 port where you can connect your MP3 device and enjoy your desired music as you train. It also features powerful speakers to give you great sound for maximum enjoyment. You can rest assured that when you work out while keeping entertained you won’t even notice when your training session ends. 

Reading Rack 

Are you totally immersed in reading books that you can’t take a book out of your hands even during your training sessions? You need not to worry because this treadmill comes with all the convenience that you need to read as you exercise. It is featured with a reading rack where you can place your book and keep reading even as you run or jog on the belt. Engaging in your hobby as you work out will definitely cause you to give your best during the sessions.

Energy Reservation

Bringing home a treading machine does not necessarily mean that your electricity bill has to shoot up remarkably. When you find a good treadmill with the capability to save energy you will be on the right track. This Horizon machine is featured with an energy saving feature that switches off the machine when it is not in use. This ensures that in case you forget to turn it off after the workout session you won’t incur unnecessary energy consumption. 

Cooling Fan

While exercising, it is certain that the runner will perspire and they will in turn need a cooling factor. With this machine the cooling needs of the runner will be well taken care of. It comes with a cooling fan to keep the runner refreshed when they are working on high intensity. Good thing about this fan is because it keeps adjusting to your workout intensity to keep you cool at all times

Track Maintenance

Normally the running track of a treadmill needs lubrication to increase its effectiveness and longevity. However this maintenance thing may be boring to some runners who are only focused on working out and not on the maintenance needs. If you are this kind of a runner then you need to get yourself this running machine. It comes with a track that is already pervaded with hard synthetic wax that is able to sustain its entire life without the need for more lubrication

Bottle Holders

Imagine keeping your favorite drink close to you as you work out? That’s made possible by this treading equipment that is featured with 2 bottle holders. With these bottle holders you will be able to tag along your desired drinks or water to keep refreshed as you exercise. It is definite that when your dehydration needs are well taken care of, your performance will be better and fulfilling. 

Product Dimensions

This machine is foldable and so it has varied sizes when it is in use and when it is folded. It measures 44″ x 36″ x 69″ when folded and 77″ x 36″ x 60″when it is in an assembled position

How to Assemble this Machine

This machine is quite easy to assemble with the use of the instructions manual. Most customers that buy it are able to put it together in not more than half an hour. All you need to do first is get adequate space where you will be able to see all the parts clearly and then proceed to fixing them together. Make sure that you don’t miss out on any instructions that may make the process difficult for you.

Customer Warranty for Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill

The warranty for this machine is favorable on the frame and motor but a little bit unfair on the parts and labor compared to its pricing. It offers a lifetime warranty for both the motor and frame, 5 years on parts and 2 years on labor. Most treading machines that come with this pricing offer a longer warranty period for parts and service. 

What we like about Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill 

· Easy to Fold – with the hydraulic shocks it won’t cost the runner much effort to fold it together after use.
· Great Entertainment- The runner can enjoy their favorite music or read their favorite book as they train.
· Comfortable Cushioning –the three level cushioning keeps the runner safe from sore feet or painful joints after workout sessions.
· ViaFit Feature- the runner can access a big number of workout apps to help them achieve their workout goals soonest time possible.
· Motor and Frame Warranty – the user will be free from repair costs of the motor and the frame in case of malfunctioning. 

What we don’t like about Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill

· Despite its great quality this machine has a drawback because of its 2.75 CHP motor which is relatively small compared to other treadmills of its caliber.
It is large – When not folded it occupies large space so you need somewhere spacious for your training sessions.
· Extra Payment for the Virtual Active Workouts – the user doesn’t enjoy the virtual workouts not unless they have access to Wi-Fi.
· Unfriendly Warranty for Parts and labor – visit the treadmill stores and you will see that the treadmills that cost above $1800 come with a more generous warranty for parts and labor.check-price-at-amazon

Where to Purchase Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill

The Amazon site will be the perfect place for you to purchase this Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill. With Amazon you will definitely enjoy the Amazon Prime free shipping, great price and friendly customer services. 

Verdict on Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill

The treadmill that a runner buys depends on their workout needs. With the above given Horizon Elite T9 Treadmill Review you now know that this treadmill is for a runner that wants to work out on a high tech machine. With the 10 inch touch screen and the Virtual Active feature the user will be able to enjoy their workout sessions in a modern way. If this machine suits your budget and fitness needs purchase it today to achieve your fitness goals conveniently. check-price-at-amazon

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