NordicTrack Commercial 1750 vs. NordicTrack Commercial 1500

NordicTrack produces a broad range of products. Aside from NordicTrack Commercial 1750 that we’ve discussed before, there’s also its little brother NordicTrack 1500 which is made for customers who need fewer features and more budget-friendly treadmill.

What are the differences between the two machines? Which one is the best for your needs? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out.

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What Are The Similarities?

First, let’s look at the similarities between the two machines. Both produced by NordicTrack and are coming from the same mold. Both have iFit application complete with the goal-oriented workouts. NordicTrack 1500 can handle 12 mph speed as well as it’s big brother. They also have 1,200 square inch stride surface area and powered by the same motor. Also, last but not the least, both types are equipped with contact/grip sensor system and can be folded for easier storage.

What are The Differences?

Built and targetted for two different kinds of audience, these siblings have several differences. Price is being the most obvious one; features will be the logical others. Nordictrac Commercial 1500 is the tuned down version of the 1750 type, sold at lower price point, and has fewer features.

Workout Features

Let’s start with the workout features. As discussed before in the product review, NordicTrack 1750 is equipped with heart rate monitoring to help you collect, record, and understand your health data.

It also comes with easy access speed and incline keys. The keys will give you a quick control to speed up and slow down the stride, and to change the inclination. You can set it as if you are running uphill or downhill, and at the pace of a brisk walk or sprint. Other workout features that enrich 1750 type are the cooling fan and remote/handrail controls.

NordicTrack 1500 doesn’t have any of those features.

Mechanical Features

NordicTrack 1500 also lack the shock absorbing deck and cushion customization. It means that running on this treadmill will be more “bumpy” than in the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 type and that you can’t adjust the shock absorption level of the treadmill like in the 1750 model. On the other hand, this lack of shock-absorbing feature might be preferable for those who like to run on the hard pavement rather than the softer surface as grass or clay.


Entertainment Features

Who wouldn’t have a little bit of fun while doing the routine exercises? Maybe most of us. That’s why NordicTrack 1750 comes with a broad range of entertainment features such as speakers, built in browser/tablet, tablet holder, tablet syncing capabilities, and compatibility with mp3 and iPod. The combination of those features is more than enough to keep you occupied during the exercises and always looking forward to doing them. Add a reading rack to the mixture and all the bookworm runners will cheer with joy.

But if you are a serious runner who wants to focus only on the exercise without any distraction, the barebone NordicTrack 1500 is for you.


Heart Rate Monitor Type

While both models come with contact/grip sensor system to help you monitor your heart rate, NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Series provides you with the convenience of a wireless chest strap that can send your heart rate data to the machine without the nuisance of a cable. But if you can live without this add-on, the 1500 can assist you as well as the 1750.


Display & Data Read Out

While each type comes with digital display to show various data from your training, they have different kinds of display. NordicTrack 1750 is equipped with full-color touchscreen display while NordicTrack 1500 comes with LED/LCD Multi-Window Readout display.

The types of data readouts that the display will show are also different. NordicTrack 1750 will show you the speed, incline, elapsed time, distance, pulse/heart rate, calories burned, workout profile, and track; while the 1500 model can only show basic training profile.


Machine Specification

Both machines are powered by a drive motor, 3 HP (Horse Power) for NordicTrack 1500 and 4 HP for NordicTrack 1750. But the latter has an additional motor for the incline feature. Another element that is missing from the 1500 model is the 2-ply belt.

From the dimension side, NordicTrack 1500 is smaller and lighter than NordicTrack 1750 with 78 x 39 x 57 inches volume footprint and 350 pounds weight, compared to 81 x 36 x 69 inches footprint and 400 pounds weight of the 1750 model.


Which One is Right For You

There are things that you should consider before deciding which one of the two treadmills is the right choice for you.

If you want to focus on your workouts and minimize distractions, you only need a barebone treadmill without all the bells and whistles, you have smaller space, and a limited budget; then NordicTrack 1500 is for you. But if you want to add fun and enjoyment to your running, customize the speed and terrain, want more horsepower to the machine, and get all the exercise records handy, you should choose NordicTrack 1750. Read detailed review for 2016 HERE.

Either way, both treadmills are robust and will handle all the load that you throw at them easily.

Read NordicTrack Commercial 1750 review HERE.NordicTrack-Commercial-1750

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