NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill Review 2018

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill

Have you ever thought of taking your treading to the next level? Sure you have and 2016 is the year thanks to NordicTrack Commercial 2450. This treadmill has been upgraded to new heights with an addition of great and futuristic features. To give you a clearer picture of what you should expect, think of it as the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 but with more power and a larger touch screen.

What do you think of captivating Google map workouts, internet browser, tablet holder and 10” touch screen? And it does not stop there; excellent adjustable cushioning, powerful motor and spacious running track are also coming with the package. 

Watch this video and in 2 minutes learn all about astonishing features of NordicTrack Commercial 2450 treadmill:


Desirable features

Super strong 4-HP motorcommercial-2450-4

This machine offers you continuous duty horse power of 4,0 HP. This is strong enough to keep up with your intense workouts. It will not strain to keep up with your pace. The motor is one thing that guarantees you of an interrupted workout session. This one gives you consistency, reliability and adaptability to whatever challenges you put it through.

Wireless heart rate monitor 

Everyone like wireless heart rate monitors for their accuracy and ease of use. The NordicTrack 2450 gives you that and it is all for free. You can keep track of your heart rate and know when to slow or speed up.

Full color browser

This treadmill comes with a 10-inch console. This makes it easy to read news, watch YouTube videos and whatever that you want on in the internet with no straining. The full color gives you world trails that you are running as close as possible to reality. 


Built-in iFit live 

With iFit already in, your treadmill is ready-to-go in the internet. It will give workout updates from Jillian Michaels; you will keep track of your workouts, and run all over the world courtesy of Google maps. 

Incline and decline

This treadmill gives you an incline of 15% and decline of 3% mimicking a natural running trail. Both are compatible with the built-in workout programs as well as the ones you download over iFit. You will change your terrain as you wish and it only requires a one-touch of a button.commercial-2450

Tablet holder you can adjust

For endless entertainment, this is the treadmill you should be buying. It comes with an adjustable tablet holder. You can adjust it to your eye level as you watch your movies or music videos without straining your neck. 

Spacious workout room

This treadmill features the widest and largest workout space at 22” by 60”. This will give you adequate space to stretch out and run. It is also a good choice for the tall runners.

Summary of the key specifications

Feature Specification
Max. speed 12 mph
Running space 22” x 60”
Machine external dimensions L 76”, W 38.5”, H 73”
Motor  4,0 HP
Built-in workout programs 40
Incline/Decline -3% to 15%
Foldability yes
Weight capacity  300 lbs

What we like about NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill

There is a lot to like about this machine. Apart from being the most advanced treadmill in the market today, here are things we liked about it (you will probably like them too);

· Generous warranty: this Nordic Tack Commercial 2450 treadmill review could not miss on the generosity of the machine’s warranty. It gives you lifetime guarantee on frame and motor; 5 years on electronics and parts; and 2 years on service. 

· More and diversified workout programs: the upgraded commercial 2450 is preloaded with 40 workout programs. They are tested and approved by professional trainers. They are ideal for speed training, burning more calories as well as meeting your heart rate goals. If you need more exercise programs you can download them from iFit if you are already subscribed.

· High speed training: 12 mph is an ideal speed even for the fastest runner. This and the stability of the machine makes it the best choice for interval training i.e. changing speed from high to low will not be a problem.

· Space saving Technology: as you noticed earlier, this machine is foldable. It is folded upwards hence taking lesser space once you are done with training. 

· Noise absorbing technology: this treadmill has Whisperquiet tech in its deck. This absorbs any sound from your steps making the best option for a home gym.

· On/off cushioning trail: the flex cushioning on the deck is meant for competitive runners. When it is “ON” the physical shock from exercise is reduced by a margin of 30%. When it is off, running on the deck feels just like running on asphalt in real race time. 

· Touchscreen 10” monitor with a browser: It is easy to choose and read from the full color screen. That added to android browser makes this a must-have treadmill. You will not miss on news and whatever is happening on social media. 

· High weight capacity: most of the treadmills in the market today are made to suit average weight persons. But this one is an exception. It allows up to 300lbs, which covers even those in the overweight zone. You have no reason why this should not be your choice of a treadmill thanks to its high weight capacity. 

· Extensive treading belt: the workout area is 22” by 60”: spacious enough to accommodate the longest running strides. The tread belt runs over 2.5” rollers, which not only give it strength but also support its longevity. 

· 3 AutoBreeze fans: the fans can be manually controlled or they can automatically adjust themselves to your workout pace. Two of them are strategically placed on the console to cool off your face. The third fan is on the accessory rack and cools your body. 

· Adjustable tablet holder: bring on your tablet computer to your treading to keep your good company. The holder is adjustable hence you will not have any trouble viewing from any angle. 

· Entertainment edge: nothing beats this treadmill when it comes to keeping you entertained as sweat it out on the running space. You can browse, watch videos, catch up with your friends on social media or just listen to your favorite music. 

· Incline and decline: the incline is at 15% while the decline is at 3%. This is the perfect combination to give you an outdoor terrain. You can mimic natural landscape by adjusting your incline and decline. A slope helps you increase your metabolic rate and toning up your muscles. 

What we don’t like NordicTrack Commercial 2450  Treadmill

While this is the most futuristic treadmill in the market, there is no way that NordicTrack commercial 2450 is invincible. These are the things we did not like;

· While the treadmill comes with an in-built iFit, you will have to subscribe to download extra programs. The yearly subscription fee is $99. Customers should have a free access to those programs for the mere fact that they purchased the machine.

· Before the update, NordicTrack commercial 2450 used to have a TV. After the upgrade the TV is gone but they have compensated that with new features. 

· Finally, all NordicTrack treadmills are not easy to assemble. For this one you will need a friend to help you with the assembling and moving.  

Where to buy NordicTrack Commercial 2450 

Are you now convinced that NordicTrack Commercial 2450 is the treadmill for you? If yes, you would want to know where to make your purchase. The first place to look for this magnificent machine would be at the manufacturer’s site. They have it stocked and you would definitely like their offer. The price is pocket-friendly and you get a valid warranty for your purchase. Another advantage of making your purchase directly from the manufacturer is that you will enjoy excellent customer service.

If you opt for another buying point, Sears is the place to go. There customer service is quite a deal as well as their affordable price. You are assured to get valid warranty for the treadmill just in case you have problems once you complete the purchase. 

For used NordicTrack Commercial 2450 eBay is your best bet. Their price is relatively low but you will not be getting the warranty. 

Who is NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill ideal for?

This machine is quite an exciting choice for a home gym. However, it is more than what many people look for in a gym. It is ideal for those whose body and exercising ordeal require extra power. If you are someone who is out to do basic treading then you may find this machine not exactly what you want. The good news is that there are countless options of treadmills out to make sure you get specifically what suits your needs. 

Our Verdict on NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill

This NordicTrack Commercial 2450 is a treadmill worth every penny you are paying for it. It will not only give you long workout hours but also keep you entertained all the time. It offers a stretchable space for runners and easy to adjust cushioning. What more could anyone want in a treadmill than what this machine is offering? In 2016 and beyond it is going to be many people’s favorite. Its top performance, unrivaled quality and entertainment edge rank it top there with the best in the treadmill niche. 

All the same we feel that the warranty should be longer on service and parts than it is for a customer who pays the full price. Nevertheless, any customer will be fully satisfied with the purchase just as it is. 

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