LifeSpan Treadmill Reviews 2018

LifeSpan Treadmill Review

If you’ve read about LifeSpan treadmills or other LifeSpan fitness equipment in places like Consumer Reports or Health Magazine, you’re probably wondering if they really live up to all the praise. LifeSpan makes an impressive variety of training equipment like a compact treadmill, a walking treadmill desk, as well as online fitness apps.

With our LifeSpan treadmills reviews, we’ll look at the desk treadmill which includes a simple under desk treadmill and a complete treadmill workstation, as well as their line of standard, high-quality treadmills for home use. With this overview you will get an idea of just how good these treadmills are, what kind of options they offer, and whether a LifeSpan treadmill is right for you.Lifespan-TR3000i-1

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Who Makes LifeSpan Treadmills?

LifeSpan is an international company founded in 2001 which focuses on products and services which contribute to healthy lives wherever people might exercise: whether it be at home, at gyms, or even at work. So, LifeSpan does not just make a walking treadmill for your home, they also make a standing desk treadmill that is designed as a walking workstation you can use on the job as well.

The LifeSpan lines of products run from apps to recumbent bikes, from elliptical trainers to heart rate monitors. They have been featured in magazines like Business Insider, PC Magazine, and Runner’s World. Lifespan products have also won numerous awards from publications like the Fitness Professor and the Treadmill Doctor for several of their products.

Are LifeSpan Treadmills Any Good?

LifeSpan offers a wide variety of treadmills for different budgets and to meet different needs. Most of LifeSpan’s treadmills would fall in the mid to high-end price range. On the lower end, depending on the sale price, you can expect to pay anywhere from $900-$1,000. For their premium, high commercial grade treadmills, you can pay up to $4,000 or more. These prices match well with the excellent quality of the components that LifeSpan uses, which often includes commercial grade materials (most notably their motors).

Their treadmills also feature a more compact folding design than other models. The TR2000e Folding Treadmill offers a compact design and a folding deck that will allow you to store the units in out of the way places.

Other models, like the TR5000i Light-Commercial Treadmill, feature exceptional shock absorption. The frame of this model is made from steel and welded through a robotic system. This allows them to include 8 shock absorbers which cushion the running deck every time you step. This eases the stress caused to your back and joints which can be

Many of the LifeSpan treadmill consoles, like on the TR4000i, are backlit so that they can easily be read even in low light situations. This console will give you readings on all your metrics like speed, distance, time, etc. It also comes with a dual-purpose USB port to keep your devices charged and transfer data from your workout any of several workout apps.

A unique feature of the LifeSpan treadmill is their patented IntelliGuard™ system which will automatically turn the belt off if it is not in use for more than 20 seconds. This is a nice safety feature in case you happen to fall off the treadmill.

The LifeSpan Treadmill Motor

When it comes to a treadmill, one of the most important features is the power and quality of the motor. The motor is what drive the belt, so if the motor isn’t powerful enough, it won’t keep up with your workout.

LifeSpan treadmills come with varying degrees Continuous Duty Rating (CHP) motors to fit your needs. These motors are considered light-commercial to commercial grade motors so that you can be confident they are the same quality you might expect from higher-end treadmills from expensive gyms.

For example, the TR1200i Folding Treadmill comes with a 2.5 CHP motor that will allow you up to 11 mph. This would be good for beginners or those who were looking for a light-duty treadmill. For those serious about running, LifeSpan’s TR4000i Treadmill comes with a 3.25 CHP motor which can handle more speed and incline for a more intense workout.

Which Is the Best LifeSpan Treadmill?

The “best” treadmill will vary depending on your particular needs and budgets. LifeSpan makes a good selection of products that should be able to satisfy anyone.

TR1200i Folding TreadmillLifespan-TR1200i

This model is LifeSpan’s entry-level model, but it still comes with their high-grade materials. The motor is a 2.5 CHP that with take you up to 11 mph on its 20″ x 56″ deck. This isn’t the largest running deck for treadmills but it should suffice for most runners and walkers. The TR1200i features 6 compression shocks to absorb your steps and provide for a smooth experience. If you do not need premium features and just want a reliable treadmill, the TR1200i is a good option.



TR2000e Electric Folding TreadmillLifespan-TR2000e-4

The TR2000e is a great option for those wanting a compact treadmill that will fold up out of the way, but not wanting to have to lift a heavy deck. This model features LifeSpan’s eFold™ technology which electrically folds the treadmill with just the touch of a button. After it is folded up you can easily maneuver it to an out of the way place with its transport wheels. Lowering the deck is just as easy; one touch of a button and the deck will slowly lower so that you can exercise. It comes with the same 2.5 CHP motor as the TR1200i, but with more extra shock compressors to absorb more stress from your steps. This is a great model for those needing some more advanced features to make it easier to workout.


TR3000i Folding TreadmillLifespan-TR3000i-1

The TR3000i is a step up from the previous models. It features a 2.75 CHP motor that will allow you to run up to 12 mph. It also has 15 different levels of incline so that you can increase the intensity of your workout naturally. It also features Bluetooth connectivity so that you can upload and sync your workout with either the Google Fit app or the Apple Health app for whichever technology you prefer. The console also comes pre-programmed with 17 different programs to fit your exercise goals, whether it be weight loss, training, or just healthy living. If you are looking for a quality machine with great technology, the TR3000i is a good option.


TR4000i Folding TreadmillLifespan-TR4000i-1

This model has many of the same features as the TR3000i, but with a slightly larger capacity. The TR4000i includes a deck size of 20″ x 60″ which should satisfy taller people who have a longer natural stride. It also has a larger weight capacity at 350 lbs. So this model would be good for those who are overweight and want a good treadmill for working out. The 8 absorbent shocks will also go easy on the knees and joints while working out. And for those wanting a serious workout, the 3.25 CHP motor will deliver a lot of power and the console will track every part of your exercise routine via the Active Trac™ and other apps. The TR4000i is a great treadmill for those needing the larger capacity and still wanting all the great technological features.


 Treadmill Solutions for Your Office

TR1200-DT5 Treadmill DeskLifespan-TR1200-dt5-2

If you are looking for a treadmill that will allow you to work at the same time, LifeSpan’s TR1200-DT5 is a great option. It has 2.25 CHP motor which is whisper quiet so that it will not bother anyone in the office and allow you to conduct business on the phone. The desk itself is adjustable to fit almost any height (41″ – 55″) and has a large surface area (either 38″ or 48″). The controls for the treadmill are located conveniently on the desk and you can walk from 0.4 – 4.0 mph. It does not come with any incline functions but does have 6 shock absorbers to make your walk comfortable and ergonomic. If you want a great treadmill on which to exercise at work, the TR1200-DT5 will get the job done.


TR1200-DT3 Under Desk TreadmillLifespan-TR1200-dt3-1

If you already have a standing desk and would like to add a treadmill option, the TR1200-DT3 can be situation underneath most desks. It does not come with any upper supporting structures, but the treadmill deck only. The deck is 28.5 inches wide so that it should fit under most standing desks. It comes with a 2.25 CHP whisper motor so it will be convenient in the workplace. The console is only 12.5″ wide so it should not take up much space on your desk and will allow you to fully control the treadmill.


LifeSpan Treadmill Maintenance

The LifeSpan treadmill does not require any special treatment beyond normal treadmill maintenance. You should ensure that the belt remains centered on the treadmill at all times. If you find that the belt is off center, an adjustment can be made via a tensioner on the rear of the deck.

You should also keep the belt well lubricated. In general, you should lubricate the treadmill belt every 150 – 200 miles of use. If you use the treadmill less frequently a few times a year (2-4 time) should be sufficient to ensure longevity in your machine.

What Is the LifeSpan Treadmill Warranty?

LifeSpan offers different warranties on their different models. For most they offer a lifetime warranty on the frame. For other components they may offer anywhere from 1 – 5 years and sometimes also offer lifetime warranties on their motors. So, you should check your particular model to find the warranty terms. LifeSpan also offers extended warranty options for an additional charge that you may want to consider to protect your product for even longer.

A nice bonus for LifeSpan warranties is that they are fully transferable. This means that if you ever want to sell your LifeSpan treadmill you can list this as a perk. This will make them much more desirable for consumers looking for a used treadmill.

Where to Buy LifeSpan Treadmills?

Two good options for purchasing a LifeSpan treadmill are directly from the manufacturer and from Both these internet sites offer free shipping and money back guarantees on the treadmills so you can have peace of mind should anything go wrong with your treadmill. These will also usually offer the best pricing options. And with some models, Amazon also offers an in-home assembly option for an additional cost. This can be a great bonus for those worried about putting their treadmill together.


With steel frames and commercial grade motors, the LifeSpan treadmills are reliable and durable machines for either home or work. The ability to connect with mobile apps means you can track your workouts, set goals, and see your progress. This is a great way to ensure that you will keep up your workout routines.

There is a reason LifeSpan has won so many awards and recognitions. With their line of quality treadmills, you can be sure that you will have a great workout experience which will contribute to your overall health and well-being.


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