LifeSpan TR3000i Folding Treadmill Review 2018

LifeSpan TR3000i Treadmill

Are you in search of a treadmill to meet your weight loss and fitness needs perfectly? Search no further because the LifeSpanTR3000i Folding Treadmill comes with all the features that you would ever want for a workout fulfillment. With this incredible treadmill you will get to enjoy a wide range of workout sessions that will make your fitness goals come true and in a magical way.

Moreover it comes with a creative engineering quality that makes it to be rated as one of the best treadmills in the market. Whether it is for home use or commercial purposes you won’t get disappointed by its pleasant features that every runner desires for a treadmill. Listed below are the features that you will get to enjoy when you make a purchase of this product.Lifespan-TR3000i-1


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What are the Features of LifeSpan TR3000i Treadmill?


Powerful Motor

Having a treadmill with a powerful motor is the pride of every runner that is passionate about their workout sessions. With an aim of meeting the user’s needs effectively, LifeSpan TR3000i Folding Treadmill comes with a strong 2.75HP motor that keeps going without hiccups even during long hour training sessions. It can support the exercise of a runner who wants to run at a maximum speed of 12mph.

One more thing that you will love about this motor is its ability to warm up during the beginning of the session and cool down when the session is over. This sturdy motor is also sturdily built for durability and comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

High Speed

Do you need a treadmill that can move at a high speed for the intensive workouts? This treadmill comes with 12 mph speed that works perfectly for a runner that is interested in serious workouts. With this speed you will achieve maximum productivity during your training sessions and also achieve your weight loss dreams faster.

Large Weight Capacity

Are you a large user looking for a treadmill that can be able to hold your weight? This LifeSpan treadmill is the most ideal for you. It is featured with a 350 pounds maximum weight capacity that is rarely found in most of the treadmills you will find in the stores. With this kind of weight capacity almost everyone interested in treading sessions will be accommodated.

Great Performance Belt

Though this 20×56 inches deck is not the longest than can be for a running surface, it is able to accommodate the maximum running speed of the average users. The belt is 2-ply which ensures sufficient cushioning for your feet and durability. It is also supported with 8 shock absorbers to keep your joints protected from stress and injury. Moreover, these absorbers also provide a soothing running deck for the user and thus there is an assurance of an excellent performance.  With this deck you will perform your walking, jogging or running workouts with the ultimate comfort that you deserve.

Sturdy Construction

This treadmill’s construction is a definite assurance about quality and long term service. It is constructed with a steel frame that remains steady and efficiently functional even when it is exposed to high intensity workouts.

Workout Programs

If you want a treadmill with workout programs that are subdivided into different functions, this LifeSpanTR3000i Folding Treadmill is what you need. It is featured with 19 workout programs that perform different functions which include; Healthy Living (5 programs), Weight Loss (5 programs), Sports Training (7 programs) and Heart Rate (2 programs).

This programs work all together to help the user attain their user goals effectively by improving their cardiovascular fitness, fat burn and health conditions. If you want to access more workout programs you can get them from the LifeSpan club where you get free membership once you buy this treadmill. You should however note that the offer lasts up to 4 months, you will be charged to get extra workout programs after the 4 months are over.

0.5mph Cooldown 

Do you want a treadmill by which you can gain full control at the beginning and the end of every workout? This treadmill makes that possible for you since it comes with 0.5mph feature which helps the equipment cool down speed at the start and the end of every training session.

6-Inch Multi-Color LCD Display

Viewing your workout progress will absolutely give you the morale you need to have a greater performance. This amazing treadmill is featured with a clear LCD display that provides the data on; calorie burn, speed, distance, incline level, time, steps and heart rate.

Convenient Handlebars

This treadmill is featured with efficient handlebars specially meant to give you all the convenience you need for your training session. The handles are designed with speed and incline controls which you can access easily as you run or jog on the treading belt.

Easy-to-Fold Design

Lifespan-TR3000i-4A treadmill that is easy to fold can be quite convenient since it won’t give the user much work to fold after long hours of training. This treadmill is featured with a space saver design that makes it quite easy to fold. Folding this equipment will consume a few seconds of your time since it comes with EZfold technology that assists in the folding of the treadmill using the hydraulic shock. For compressed and convenient storage of the treadmill you can easily lift the deck. When this treadmill is folded it reduces to 50×33×56 inches from its usual size, 71×33×56 inches.

Intensity Options

This feature comes in place to enhance a trainee’s performance. After you have set your intensity goal you can choose 3 intensity options from every single pre-set workout.

Incline Levels

Any experienced runner can attest that running with incline is the number one way to go when you want an improvement in calorie loss and also the training of your legs since it makes you run on a steep surface.

TR3000i treadmill comes with a built-in motor that facilitates the adjustment of the ramp through 15 levels. Good thing about this feature is that your workout intensity and speed will never contradict; the programs are set in a way that they are incorporated into the incline. When you use this feature you won’t go back to flat track workouts due to the incredible results you will get to experience.

3-Speed Cooling Fan

While running on the treadmill it is obvious that you will need lots of fresh air to cool you down. With this treadmill all your temperature needs will be well taken care of because it is featured with a powerful cooling fan that keeps you cool when your workout sessions intensify.

Quiet Operation

You don’t want to run on a treadmill that will be a deterrent to you getting entertained as you work out. This lifespan TR3000i works on a smooth operation without making noise that may dissolve the sound of the music from your MP3 device or iPod. Its powerful motor operates quietly even when you go on a long training session. The running deck also does not produce noise from the jogging or running strides due to its high shock absorbing efficiency.

Easy to Assemble

Once this treadmill is delivered at your doorstep it won’t take you long to put it together. It comes when it is nearly fully assembled to save you the cost of having to pay someone to put it together. Within a few minutes you can be able to assemble the screws and bolts that are laid on the base and arms of the treadmill into their rightful positions.

Bluetooth Receiver Synchronization

You want a treadmill with which you can easily transfer your performance into your smart ph
one? This LifeSpan TR 3000i will satisfy your need effectively. It comes with the Bluetooth receiver feature that moves the training data directly to your phone thus giving you a convenient and easy access to your performance progress.


Want a treadmill with a simplified console operation? You need to get yourself this incredible treadmill that comes with the Intelli-key technology. This feature makes the use of the console display easier by progressive button illumination that helps you in the selection of workout programs and also programs set up.

USB Port

These USB ports can be used for other purposes like charging your device but most importantly they are meant to enable you transfer your workout data into a USB drive and then link it into your LifeSpan club account. Once you submit your data into this account you will get the right guidelines to help you enhance your performance and train you on how to maintain your fitness goals once you achieve them. It is important to note that this USB port is not compatible with iPad 1, iPad 2, or iPad 3 devices.

MP3/iPod Compatibility

Do you know that listening to your favorite music as you work out is one factor that could remarkably enhance your performance? Well now you know. This treadmill is featured with MP3 and iPod ports that will enable you listen to your desired music from your MP3 device or iPod as you exercise. Getting entertained by your preferred music will keep you more motivated and it will also you give you perseverance to work out for longer.

Step Count Display

Your training sessions can never get better than when you are able to view the productivity of your workout. This treadmill is featured with the Intelli-step feature that gives you the accurate number of the steps you make as you stride along the deck. With this record you can be able to adjust your exercise to fit into your workout set goals.

Tablet Holder

You don’t want to have a treadmill that doesn’t put your entertainment needs into consideration. This TR 3000i LifeSpan treadmill is featured with a tablet holder to enable you watch your favorite videos and movies comfortably without blocking the display screen.

Maximum User Protection

LifeSpanTR3000i Folding Treadmill doesn’t leave behind your safety. It comes with the Intelli-Guard feature to ensure that every moment that your feet are off the deck for 20 seconds it automatically stops the running surface.

How is with LifeSpan TR3000i Warranty?

This warranty is one of a kind whereby you get a lifetime cover for the motor and frame, five years for the parts and a year for labor. Every buyer has an option to purchase an extra up to 5 – year protection for parts and labor. Warranty for every LifeSpan treadmill is transferable to now owner so purchasing a used LifeSpan treadmill could be a great deal.

Pros of LifeSpan TR3000i  Treadmill

· Capable for high speed running
· It saves on much of your floor space
· Has a great weight capacity
· Quite silent and it doesn’t disturb the neighbourhood while on use
· Great price for pleasant product features
· Speed and Incline controls are quite simple to use

Cons of LifeSpan TR3000i Treadmill

· Not adequate for users that are 6 inches tall and above
· Chest strap is not included
· The hand – holds are greatly separated


Where to Buy LifeSpan TR3000 Folding 

There are several fitness equipment sites that offer this product but I would recommend to you 2 reliable sites that will offer you satisfactory services. This will include the Amazon product site and the Manufacturer’s site, Lifespan. The Amazon site is well known of its incredibly fair pricing and on top of that free and fast shipping for any customer with the Amazon prime membership. Moreover, when you buy the product from Amazon you won’t experience difficulties when contacting their customer care to fix a problem. It is definite that you will get the best price from the manufacturer and free shipping. Additionally they are more than ready to replace any faulty machine. 

Verdict on LifeSpan TR3000i Treadmill

If you are looking for a sturdy treadmill you will absolutely love the LifeSpanTR3000i Folding Treadmill. After going through the detailed account to the LifeSpanTR3000i Folding Treadmill review that is given above your decision is easy to make. It is fit for users of most sizes and also quite competent when it comes to fulfilling your weight loss goals.

Commonly, most users don’t like having treadmills that cause noise disturbances during use, now this treadmill wins it all because it doesn’t produce even the slightest noise that can interfere with your audio entertainment. Moreover this machine would be termed to have one of the most amazing prices since it is quite fair compared to its astounding durability.


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