LifeSpan TR2000e Electric Folding Treadmill Review 2018

LifeSpan TR2000e Electric Folding Treadmill

If you are looking for a treadmill that does its work without inconveniences and breakdowns, the LifeSpan TR2000e Electric Folding Treadmill will be perfect for you. It is specially designed with incredible features to give the user maximum comfort and contentment during the treading exercises.

With this treadmill you will enjoy a free entry to the LifeSpan fitness club that will help you achieve your fitness goals without much of a hassle. More to that, this treadmill brings along comfort cushioning on the deck to ensure that your feet and joints are well protected from shock and stress while making strides. With this treadmill you also don’t have to worry about your safety since it comes with the Intelli-Guard system. Below are the amazing features that come with this treadmill.


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What are the Features of LifeSpan TR2000eLifespan-TR2000e-4

Sturdy Motor

The quality of the motor is a great determinant of the performance of any treadmill. The LifeSpanTR2000e treadmill gives a satisfactory consumer service with its 2.5HP powerful continuous motor which operates efficiently and quietly at 0,5-11 MPH speed. With this motor you can have your endurance training sessions for as long you want without sudden breakdowns of the motor. The motor also comes with a lifetime warranty to give the user all the confidence you need as you purchase this treadmill.

Reasonable Weight Capacity

This treadmill is featured with a flexible maximum user weight that can hold users of up to 300 pounds and below. This weight capacity is quite convenient since it can hold most treadmill users comfortably.

Large and Quality Running Deck

Are you a runner that is fed up with treadmills that cannot accommodate your strides? This incredible treadmill comes with a 20×56 inches running surface that is wide enough to accommodate most treadmill users who are 6 inches tall.

The deck is also designed with 8 impact absorption shocks which ensure that your feet and joints don’t get strained when you make strides on the deck. With these amazing features you will be able to make long comfortable strides during your running exercises. Additionally, the deck remains stable even when you set a high incline up to 15 levels.

Heart Rate Monitor

You definitely have your set goals that you want to achieve every time you engage in a workout session. Your heart rate can help you evaluate the intensity and speed of your training session and help you make the necessary steps to achieve your fitness goals. This treadmill is featured with a MyZone control program which keeps monitoring your heart rate to ensure that your speed and incline is in synchronization with your set goals. The chest strap receivers and the heart rate sensor placed on the console facilitate the recording and storage of your heart rate into the USB.

Great Console

Lifespan-TR2000e-1You definitely want to view your progress as you continue with the workout session. The console of this treadmill is designed with a 6″ blue blacklit LCD display that shows you all your data in terms of speed, distance covered, time consumed and calorie burn. With the console you can also access buttons to change your speed and incline. The console also carries the inbuilt workout programs that are meant to enhance your workout productivity.

Moreover the entertainment ports are also a part of the console. Other than helping you access your workout data and other controls, this console is prettily designed to help you see your data clearly without straining.

Easy Speed Control

You don’t want to use a treadmill that will take much of your effort when you want to control the speed and incline of the treadmill. This treadmill is featured with 5 quick buttons and grip controls that allow you to change your speed and incline fast and conveniently.

Easy to Fold Design

You don’t want a treadmill that will consume much of your floor space or much of your energy when you want to store it. This amazing TR2000e treadmill doesn’t require lifting that may consume much of energy when you want to fold it. It is featured with a frame that folds with just a simple touch of a button. It won’t give you the hassle of having to lift the equipment because it is lifted electronically. When you want to fold or unfold the treadmill you just have to press a single button which makes the treadmill quite easy and convenient to use. With this feature you will be able to have sufficient space to store your equipment on a smaller space.


Easy Transportation

Lifespan-TR2000e-3Any runner would want to have a treadmill that they can move easily to their preferred zone of workout. The eFold (electronic folding) helps in saving space as well as easy transportation of the treadmill. Lifting this treadmill on your own can be quite tedious or even impossible but it becomes easy to move when it is already folded because you can easily pull or push it to your desired training position using its efficient transport wheels without much difficulty.



Starter’s Features

If you are just beginning your journey to your fitness goals through treadmill workouts this TR2000e treadmill provides special features for a learner. A starter’s treadmill comes with handlebars that are designed with easy access buttons to easily adjust speed and incline and a larger size with a firm grip. 

In-Built Workout Programs

Want a treadmill that will come with wonderful programs to help you achieve your healthy goals sooner than you imagined? You need to get yourself this LifeSpan treadmill that comes with in-built programs that are put in place by a certified trainer.

These workout programs consists of sports training, cardio exercise and weight loss. More to the inbuilt programs you can be able to access more workout programs through the LifeSpan club. From these extra programs you will be able to access HD video trainings, weight loss programs, nutritional tips for runners and also personalized training.

Free Workout Apps

With this treadmill you will get to enjoy downloading the free Active Trac™, Train and Train™ Apps that will help you store your workout data into your Android or Apple device. Through the wireless connection you can make your device to be part of the console where you will be able to get the records directly into your device with these amazing free Apps. If you want your treadmill to have the Bluetooth capability for automatic transfer you will need to purchase the LifeSpan Bluetooth adapter separately.


Having a treadmill by which you are able to record every single step that you take can be super exciting. This LifeSpan TR2000e comes with an amazing feature that is rare among many other treadmill brands. This feature works like a pedometer and the information it collects is transferred into your LifeSpan club account using the USB port or the free downloaded Apps like Trac™, Train and Train™. Once the data gets to your USB drive you can transfer it to your LifeSpan Club account to be able to keep a record on your workout performance.

Easy to Access Power Button

Most people don’t love the hassle of having to stretch your hands behind the treadmill to reach out for the on and off buttons. This treadmill will save you that hassle because the on and off buttons are placed on the console where you can easily access them.

Efficient Safety Features

You don’t want to have a treadmill that doesn’t put your safety needs into consideration. The LifeSpan TR2000e takes care of your safety needs efficiently. It comes with a wonderful technology that automatically switches off the running machine when your foot isn’t touching the running surface.

Dual Purpose USB Port

Do you want a treadmill that comes with all the convenience you need? This treadmill is not only featured with a USB port to store your workout data for the LifeSpan club account but also to help you charge your devices as your exercise. With this treadmill you can be sure that your entertainment device won’t go off due to low power. It is also important to note that this treadmill doesn’t come with the actual USB drive.

Built-In Speakers and Head Phone Port

Do you want to enjoy listening to your favorite music as you go through your training sessions? You need to get yourself this LifeSpan treadmill that comes with built-in speakers and a headphone port that will enable you to listen to your favorite music as you do your treading sessions. While enjoying your desired music you will be more motivated and endure for longer sessions than usual. Moreover, it comes with the media holder to ensure that you will be able to position your smart phone device at a comfortable viewership.

Smooth Operation

A treadmill that operates smoothly and quietly will absolutely enhance the user’s performance. This LifeSpan TR2000e comes with exceptional features to make it operate quietly even under intense workouts. The motor maintains a quiet operation even when the user runs for many miles. The 8 impact absorbing compression shock on the running belt also ensures that there are no clatters that come with making long and fast strides on the deck. 

Media Holder

During your workout sessions you may want to view your favorite movies or music videos from your tablet or smartphone device. You will definitely want to keep it at as safe and suitable position to avoid drops or blocking the console display. With this treadmill you will keep your phone placed at a convenient position as you get entertained since it is featured with a device holder to hold your entertainment device.

What is LifeSpan TR2000e Electric Folding Treadmill Warranty Policy?

Do you want to buy a treadmill that not only comes with high quality but a great warranty? This treadmill will be ideal for you. The customer warranty is quite friendly and a feature that draws more runners to love the product. It gives a lifetime warranty for the frame and the motor, 1 year of labor and 5 years on parts.


Great Price 

When you are out to shop for a treadmill you will discover that the other treadmills that come with the high quality and durability of this LifeSpan TR2000e Electric Folding Treadmill comes with a price higher than the one offered for this treadmill. LifeSpan TR2000e gives you a customer friendly price at $1299; a price that should never pass you by as you watch.

Pros of  LifeSpan TR2000e Treadmill

Easy to fold and storeIt is quite easy to assemble
The display is clear and easy to useIt has the
Power on/off button on the console
Can easily be transportedIt doesn’t produce noise while in operation
Customer-friendly warranty and service

Cons of  LifeSpan TR2000e Treadmill

It doesn’t come with a cooling fan
The price could be lower compared to the size of the motor


Where to Buy LifeSpan TR2000e

Once you are persuaded that this LifeSpan TR2000e Electric folding will suit your workout needs effectively there are two sites from which you can obtain it; Amazon site and the manufacturer’s site. Buying it from the manufacture will earn you the benefit of enjoying a fair price, free and efficient shipping services as well as great customer service. From the Amazon site you will enjoy great price as well free shipping if you are a prime line member. With Amazon you will also get to enjoy the best of return policy that will give you an easy time to get a replacement in case they deliver to you a faulty machine. 

Verdict on LifeSpan TR2000e

If you are a learner that always desires to have an efficient experience on your treading sessions it is definite that this treadmill will be most ideal for you. From the above given LifeSpan TR2000e Electric Folding Treadmill Review you have no doubts that this treadmill is meant with features not only to impress the eye but to give the user an excellent user experience. Moreover, this treadmill becomes the bomb when it comes to the ease to fold mechanism which is done electronically by only a touch of a button. Purchase it today and give yourself the most incredible treading experience ever.


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