Five Awesome Workout Plans to Eliminate Treadmill Boredom

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Irrespective of whatever might have made you turn to the treadmill for fitness exercises, be it mother nature, tight schedule, travel (btw. you can read more travel tips at and lots more, using the treadmill can be really boring. There is no form of fitness exercise better than that done outside. Though running or walking on the treadmill is actually easier compared to running outside, frequent users of the treadmill will actually confess to the fact that running on a treadmill can be a total drag. According to research, exercising outdoors have the possibility of making one happier, more energetic and less anxious.

Ways to Beat that Boredom

In this, we shall be explaining wonderful ways by which the treadmill can be used to achieve more fun. Thereby allowing you stay in shape just as compared to those who hit the road on a regular basis. These five fantastic workout plans will make your treadmill usage a memorable one.

1. Go high-low

Treadmill experts opines that interval training is one of treadmill’s BFF. This is owing to the fact that this procedure gets the heart rate up and also burns maximum amount of calories within the high and low intervals. For more information and ideas on the various benefits of high and low interval workout with the treadmill, check out Derek’s ass-kicking interval workout along with these various Greatist-approved interval ideas.

For longer distance training run, we recommend the use of Runner’s World. We understand the fact that making use of intervals while running can be quite difficult, but also remember that there is a break just around the bend in the road. So endeavor to adjust your breaks to a pace suitable for you as there are differences in everyone’s sprint rate, jog rate, and so on.

2. Head for the Hills

The best way to pretend you are actually running on a hill while on a treadmill is by kicking up the incline a few notches. This can be quite challenging but that’s where the fun lies. Ignore strange looks from other gym-goers as you incline the treadmill up and down at intervals. This adds more flavor to your working out.

3. Be a multitasker

If you are not sure if the best exercising technique is to undergo cardio before training or after training, why not try inculcating it into your treadmill exercise. Add variety to your treadmill work-out by using a 2 or 5 lb dumbbells to practice bicep curls, shoulder presses and other upper body exercises while walking or running on the treadmill. You can as well hop off as you log the miles. Ensure you alternate between 5 to 10 minutes of running with strength training exercises like squats, push-ups, crunches, planks and lunges.

4. Play your cards right

Cards can also add more flavor to the use of a treadmill. While on a treadmill, pick a pack of playing cards, randomly pick out four cards and write the words “run”, “run fast”, “jog” or “walk” on each of them. Warm yourself up on the treadmill by shuffling these cards from approximately a mile. After proper reshuffling, draw a card and do whatever it says for 3 to 4 minutes until you have gone through all four cards. Repeat this procedure until you are sweating all over.

5. Use digital distractions

Do you rely on iPod playlist or fancy treadmill TV to fight boredom? Research has it that the use of music and television while on the treadmill aids in killing treadmill boredom. These devices are excellent distraction devices which are of optimum importance while exercising. Get an iPod or an Mp3 player, make an interval-style playlist with a mix of high-tempo and low-tempo songs and change speeds accordingly. Also the use of television during workout is of great benefit as it helps in killing workout boredom. If for instance an hour television show is on, run at a reasonable pace while the program is on and ensure you recover during commercials.

Are you still finding the treadmill quite boring even after going through these points? Just have this at the back of your mind that using the treadmill is to your own benefits especially during unfavorable seasons.

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