NordicTrack Treadmill Reviews 2018

NordicTrack Treadmill Review

NordicTrack is one of the brand names that are synonymous with its industry. If the average person hears the name “NordicTrack” they know we are talking about quality home fitness equipment.

For more than 30 years the NordicTrack has been one of the staples of fitness equipment. But their brand goes well beyond the cross-country trainers that made the name famous. Today, NordicTrack has expanded its brand into rowers, exercise bikes, ellipticals, and treadmills (just to name a few).

In this article, we’ll examine the NordicTrack treadmill line and take a look at a few of their most popular models. With these overviews, you will have everything you need to know to figure out if a NordicTrack Treadmill is right for you.

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Where Are NordicTrack Treadmills Made?

The NordicTrack Company was founded by Edward Pauls in Victoria, MN in 1975. Edward was an engineer who enjoyed cross-country skiing but came home from work so late it was always too dark to practice. So, he invented a machine that would allow him to train in his home. With a business partner, Pauls began making and marketing his new “NordicTrack” in his home in Minnesota.

Eventually, he moved operations to a local warehouse and up until 1986 all the machines were built in Chaska, MN. At this time, Pauls sold his company to CML Metals Corporation who in turn sold the company to Icon Health & Fitness who makes and sells the NordicTrack line of fitness equipment to this day.

Icon is an international company headquartered in Logan, UT and also owns several other popular fitness brands like Gold’s Gym and Reebok. The NordicTrack line is all manufactured at their Logan plant. So, NordicTracks are made in the U.S.A., but Icon also has manufacturing plants in places like Australia and Brazil as well.

What Are the Features of the NordicTrack Treadmills?

The NordicTrack name means one thing to most people: at home fitness. The NordicTrack series of treadmills feature some of the most advanced systems and technologies at affordable prices currently on the market. They offer a wide range of products to fit a variety of different needs and budgets. They are particularly well-made for those seeking a high-quality running treadmill but are also suitable for those just wanting to get in a good walking routine.

Depending on the various sales you are able to find, you can expect to pay at least $500 for the entry-level treadmills. These have all the basic features you would expect for a standard treadmill and gives you a “no frills” option without sacrificing quality. For their premium line, you can expect to upwards of $2,500 for their best machines. For the quality and features included, this makes the NordicTrack a highly affordable line of treadmills.

You can find a variety of great features on the NordicTrack treadmills. For example, many models, like the C1650, are fully compatible with Icon’s iFit software. With a separate subscription, the iFit will track every aspect of your workout. It syncs with Google Maps™ to make your runs feel more like the real thing. You can set goals, track your results, and share with your friends. And with the integrated tablet holder, you can simulate runs through all sorts of terrain, or watch your favorite movies.

Models like the T6.5S come with special shocks or cushion which reduce the strain on your joints while you run. One of the great benefits of using treadmills like these is the reduced stress in an already high-impact activity. With these cushioning shocks, you can be sure your joints will be well-supported.

Models like the Commercial 1750 come with a built-in 7″ touch screen that works with iFit and allows you to control your machine with a simple touch. From this small computer, you’ll be able to track your workouts and customize your routines. This touchscreen is also surrounded by the Triple Autobreeze™ fans equipped on the console. These fans will work to cool your entire body giving you a more comfortable workout.

This model also features a 3.8 horsepower motor which reduces vibrations and is designed with high-quality insulation to keep the motor protected for the life of the treadmill.

These models also feature varying levels of incline for your run. The c990 comes with a 12% incline that can be customized and programmed within your routine. You can program it with your iFit to move automatically. This helps you work more muscle groups and gives you a much more intense workout. With their powerful motors, these treadmills will also give you a run up to 12 mph.

Or, if you really want to integrate an incline into your routine, NordicTrack’s Incline series, like the X9i, can incline the running deck up to 40%. This almost like having your own Stairmaster in addition to a treadmill. If you really want an intense workout through some tough terrain, these models can really put you through some tough conditions.

All these models also feature NordicTrack’s SpaceSaver technology. This includes special shocks which make it easy for anyone to raise and lower the folding deck. With the deck folded up, the treadmill takes up much less space and can be conveniently stored away.

What Are the Best NordicTrack Treadmills for Running?

NordicTrack Commercial 1750

NordicTrack-Commercial-1750For the serious runner, NordicTrack makes the Commercial Series. The 1750 models feature the WhisperQuiet™ deck which reduces the noise of the belt and supplies superior cushioning. It also features the DurX™ Commercial Plus motor which delivers reliable power to the belt at speeds up the 12 mph. It 22″ X 60″ belt should give plenty of room even for runners with a long stride. If you are looking for one of the best, most reliable NordicTrack treadmills, the Commercial 1750 should definably be on the top of your list.


NordicTrack C1650

c1650The “C” series from NordicTrack are their mid-level treadmills which deliver great performance even for the serious runner. Equipped with an integrated entertainment system and 12% incline, you should be able to put this treadmill through its paces with great workouts. Its belt size is a little smaller than the Commercial series at only 22″ X 60″ but this should not affect even larger runners or walkers. It also comes with a heart rate monitor to track your exertion during your workout and NordicTrack’s FlexSelect cushioning for added comfort.



NordicTrack C990

C990-1Another excellent model in the “C” series, the C990 comes with many of the features of the C1650, but with a slightly larger rear roller (2.5″). It comes preprogrammed with 32 different functions from built-in workout by professional trainers to fitness goals and calorie counting. It also has the tablet shelf for great entertainment or tracking during your workout. And like other models features the EasyLight™ shock assist to store easily and to keep out of the way.



NordicTrack T6.5S

T6.5-2NordicTrack’s entry level treadmill, this model will give you all the great basic functionality as their other models, but without some of the premium design features. It comes with a 2.6 horsepower motor to turn the 20″ X 55″ deck and up to 10% incline. This means it’s slightly smaller and not quite as powerful as the other models, but still capable of giving you a workout. While it is not WiFi enabled, it still comes with 20 different pre programmed workouts. style=”text-decoration: underline;”>If you want a quality machine that will give you a workout, but at a more affordable price, this model is a great option.



NordicTrack X9i Incline Trainernordictrack-x11i

Are you are looking forward to start on serious incline training sessions? NordicTrack X9i Incline Trainer Treadmill has a 3.0 CHP continuous motor, 22″ X 60″ tread belt,  a 12 MPH speed and 40% incline level and  -6 % decline. It works perfectly for such workouts due its incredible features specifically meant for serious incline trainers. This NordicTrack fitness equipment will enable you that exercising on a 40% incline you will burn up to 5 times the calories by just walking. It is featured with a  7″ Web-Enabled Touchscreen. Thanks to the multiple pre-set training programs you will be able to exercise on a new program each day so as to achieve your workout goals soon. 


NordicTrack X11i Incline Trainernordictrack-X11i

This NordicTrack machine is most ideal for someone looking forward to loose calories remarkably within a short span of time. The treadmill features an adjustable incline level of up to 40% and -6 % decline which burns 380 calories when it is at the maximum level. NordicTrack X11i Incline Trainer Treadmill is featured with a 4.25 CHP continuous motor, 22″ X 60″ tread belt,  and a 12 MPH speed. With the 10 inch Web-Enabled Touchscreen that is featured along the runner can view their workout data as you stay fully entertained. The one touch controls that are featured along make it possible for the user to change speed and incline comfortably. 


What Is the NordicTrack Treadmill Warranty?

All NordicTrack treadmills come with a great warranty. The company provides a lifetime guarantee on the motor and frame, along with 5 years on all electric parts. And if that’s not enough, NordicTrack also provides a 2-year warranty on all labor to repair your treadmill. With guarantees like that, you know why NordicTrack is one of the most trusted brand names in fitness.

Are NordicTrack Warranties Transferable?

All NordicTrack warranties are good for the original purchaser only. If you buy a treadmill used, the warranty will be voided. This is a great reason to consider buying only new products. You might save a little money buying used, but you run the risk of being left in the dark should something happen to the machine.

Where to Buy NordicTrack Treadmills?

The NordicTrack brand can be purchased at most major sporting goods stores and fitness equipment centers. These can be a bit cumbersome to move on your own as most models are quite heavy. Unless you have the strength and capability to transport a heavy treadmill, you should consider purchasing the unit online.

We will recommend several reliable stores from where you can buy each of them; Amazon, NordicTrack, Sears and Sear Outlet. All these sites mentioned above are quite dependable and you will be sure to take home a machine that is exactly what you need. Each of them has varied benefits as listed below;

Advantage to purchasing online, like through Amazon, is that the same unit is often cheaper and often times come with free shipping on certain models. This way you can have the treadmill delivered directly to your door.

And certain models also come with Amazon’s Home Services option. If you’re willing to pay a little extra, a qualified technician will be scheduled to set up your treadmill for you and ensure it is all put together properly. If you are insecure about putting together these machines, that can be a great load off your mind!

Purchasing at NordicTrack (manufacturer)

Buying NordicTrack treadmill from the manufacturer will give you the below listed advantages;

· They offer their customers with free shipping. Once you have placed your order and made the needed payments NordicTrack will deliver your machine at your door step efficiently and safely.

· 30-Day Money Back guarantee. You will have the opportunity to test this treadmill for a period of 30 days and see whether it will give you the ideal satisfaction for your workout needs.

· If you find that the product is faulty you can return it before the 30th day from the date you bought it and get a refund or a replacement soonest time possible. They provide 1-866-896-9777 as the number to contact them for a return. Moreover note that any return that is made when everything is not in place calls for a 10% additional charge.

· Registering the equipment before the 30th day after buying the product will earn you some extra 90 days on your customer warranty period. 

The manufacturer offers the product at a customer budget-friendly price compared to other exploitive stores out there. 

· The manufacturer gives weekend offers for the product and so you can place your order when they are offering the best price for your treadmill. 

The customer is sure to enjoy a convenient payment mode through PayPal credit. If the equipment costs over $1000 you will enjoy an interest-free purchase when the product price is cleared in 18 months. 

· With the NordicTrack’s offer update account you will stay aware of the best deals they are giving for this machine. 

· Once you purchase a product from NordicTrack be sure that they don’t relay your personal information to the public. They have excellent security measures to ensure no one is able to access the personal information of their clients stored in their database.


With Sears you will enjoy the benefits listed below;

· Sears provides its customers with simple procedures to place their orders. When you search for this machine on their site and you are certain that it is in stock all you need to do is click the “add to cart” option to place your order and present your required details. 

·Placing your payment will be quite convenient through the Sears card or the gift card. If you are a Sears Card Holder you won’t miss out on enjoy some outstanding offers that include 5% off the product price. 

· If you possess a Sears Card and the treadmill you’re buying costs above $299 you will be able to make an interest-free payment if you are able to pay the whole amount in a year. However this offer only works for customers who have a reliable account standing and it changes at times without notice. 

· If you are a “Shop Your Way” member it is definite that you will save on cash while buying the product from Sears. You will get 1% shopping points when you spent a dollar. Additionally this site makes available special offers to the buyers with “Shop Your Way membership”. 

· The moment you buy your treadmill and upon using it you don’t like how it works you can always return it to Sears for a replacement. This guarantee lasts for 30 days from the day you buy it. 

· Sears store pages provide sales schedules, locations and contact numbers so that you can have an easy time when you want to purchase the product. 

Sears customers interact with a friendly customer service which never fails in sorting out the problems they may encounter while purchasing the machine and putting it together once it is delivered home. 

· If Sears is delivering your product home they get to contact you a night before to ensure that you will be home to receive the product.

· You will take home the product interest-free if you are able to pay for it in 12 months. 

· With buying it from Sears you can take advantage of their mobile app that will update you when its time you grab the best deal for this specific product and also get a more detailed description of its features. 

Note that at the moment NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill is temporarily unavailable at Sears while NordicTrack C1650, NordicTrack C990, NordicTrack T6.5S, x9i Incline Trainer and x11i NordicTrack Incline Trainer treadmills are  all available on this site. You can always find the treadmills missing on Sears at other stores of your preference. 

Sears Outlet 

When you purchase this product from this site you are assured of taking home the following advantages.

The customer is offered a favorable return policy where you will be given 90 days from the date of purchase to return the product if it is faulty. They require you to ship back this machine its original box that was used for delivery together with the original receipt of purchase. 

· Sears Outlet offers their customers with a newsletter to keep them aware of the great product deals available. It is free to sign up for this so you don’t have to worry about incurring any charges. 

· With Sears Outlet you won’t buy a machine that is not exactly what you wanted. When selecting the product you want to buy it is possible to view thumbnails of the product’s picture. 

It offers a customer-friendly price for these NordicTrack treadmills. 

· This site has a great customer service where the customer care personnel are more than ready to solve your issues. 


The NordicTrack name is identical to at-home fitness. These quality treadmills add to reliability and trustworthiness of already leading brand name. If you are a serious or casual runner, NordicTrack’s aren’t for cross-country skiers anymore. With these treadmills, you’ll be able to keep training in the convenience of your home or just get in a good workout when you can’t get outside. These treadmills should be on the top of anyone’s list looking for the best machines at affordable prices.

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