Workout it the Pool: The Fitness Revolution

Interestingly, workout in the water is becoming such a popular trend. Is it for the fun or the benefits associated with it? It is painfully hard to separate the two as water aerobics are both fun and bring countless benefits to those taking part. Forget the fun; let’s focus on the benefits of working out in water. 


The benefits of working out in water

Well, such a popular trend must have a story behind it. To try to understand this, here are the pros of working out in water:

· Weight loss: with obesity and overweight almost becoming a global disaster, finding a way to shed unwanted pounds is always welcome. Exercising in water has been lauded as one of the best ways to increase calorie burn. A few of minutes running or walking in pool burns 3 times of calories more than you would on land. This gives you an effective way to lose without sweating much for it. 

· Strengthening muscles: the lower body muscles rarely get attention when it comes to exercises. But with water training, your lower muscles get full attention. Since water flows in different directions, it offers the best medium for strength training. Arguably, water offers 42 times resistance than air. Studies have shown that a 12-week water workout significantly increases muscles strength, agility and flexibility. 

· A remedy for high blood pressure: training in water is not only for the buoyancy it offers. It is a perfect environment that increases blood flow, a prerequisite for low blood pressure. It is also known to boost resting heart rate. Medics around the world have endorsed underwater treadmill workout for their blood pressure patients and it has been a revolutionary breakthrough. 

· Builds stamina: while you have to push and lift against regular weight, water allows resistance through it. This offers natural resistance to the body and the long term end result is building on endurance. 

· No pressure on joints: do you know why many people loathe exercises? The pressure on joints is painful. With water workout, that is never the case. Water does away with any pressure on joints thus taking away pain as well as tear-and-wear. Those with joint conditions have found water therapy to be the best for quick and full recovery.

· Reduces anxiety and takes away stress: just being in or around water is such a stress buster. That is why beaches and water sports are popular for those seeking a getaway. A 2007 Polish study confirmed beyond doubt that aquatic training relieves stress by fighting bad moods. 

· Low-impact environment: there is never a better place to exercise than in water. While it is considerably taxing to train on land, water buoyancy makes it ridiculously easy to train. With no gravity pulling down your weight, there is very minimal impact on you. This is particularly beneficial for those with arthritis and other joint conditions. 

Underwater treadmill is the key to working out in water

With all the benefits that come with working out in water, you must be asking how you can get that. Yours is a perfect question at the right time. What you need is an underwater treadmill. Popularly dubbed as the aquatic training revolution, underwater treadmills are making headlines around the world. Patients as well as those who are training for various other reasons such as fun and weight loss, there is no denying that the machines have redefined the way people exercise.

If you are wondering how to get one of these ‘magic’ devices for your water exercising, they are there but not in such a big abundance. Sporting and rehabilitation facilities are leading in purchase of these machines. The good news is that you can have one for your home pool. They range from affordable and high-end prices depending on the features. 

You should not be the only one left behind in this. Your weight loss or injury therapy should not be such a hard milestone to achieve when all you have to do is get an aquatic treadmill. Just like training in water, these treadmills will bring on so many advantages to your workout regimen. 

Other workouts you can go for

· Workout with Resistance Gloves and Barbells

While water provides a low-impact exercising medium, you can add on its advantages by having the right training products. Underwater treadmill is the front runner when it comes to aquatic training. However, it is not the only candidate in the list. Resistance gloves, barbells and floating belts have earned their place too. Aqua Leisure fitness set is one of such a versatile collection that will make your water working efficient and perfect. It comes with a comfortable floating belt; a pair webbed resistance gloves and double set of dumbbells. The set is easy to use and will spike your fitness by a bigger margin than anything you have tried before. 

Shoulder abduction and flexion

Get into the pool such that water is at your shoulder level. For abduction, raise your arms away from the body as the centre. Keep them in a straight arc for half a minute. Return them to a resting position and repeat the same 10 times. For flexion, lift your arms and point them to the sky. Stretch them the highest possible. Stay there for 20 seconds then slowly lower them to rest. Repeat this 10 times. You can hold dumbbells in your palms to increase the strain on your shoulders. 


For your back and shoulder muscles, this is the water exercise you need. Get into water deep to the chest. If you wish, have your flotation belt on. With your both hands holding to one side of the pool, slowly lift your feet off the bottom. Stretch your hands so that they form a straight line from one end to the other. Your legs should also apart and you will be just like superman. Hold in that position for 10-20 seconds. Go back to your original position, rest and do it once more. 

Leg raises

With one of your legs stable on your pool’s bottom, lift the other to form a right angle arc. Hold it up there for 20 seconds before you change to the other leg. Repeat this for ten sets each leg. This one is good for your hip, legs and lower back.


Objectively, the benefits of working out in water cannot be matched by any other. From healing unhealthy conditions to losing weight; water training is the real ball that you should be playing. Get yourself an underwater treadmill and be part of growing numbers that have found a better way to stay fit and healthy. With the exercises discussed here, you are left with no question. Hit the water when you want because it is not only beneficial but fun being in nature’s finest medium. 

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