LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill Review 2018

LifeSpan TR1200i Treadmill

Are you in need of an affordable treadmill that will give you complete satisfaction on your training sessions? The LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill is what you need. It is designed with amazing features that will make you keep looking forward to your exercise sessions.

With this treadmill you will get to enjoy several workout options to enhance your fitness and also a very customer friendly warranty that gives the customer a lifetime cover for the motor and frame, 1 year cover for labor and 3 years on parts. Moreover, it is easy to use and you will also get to access real time data on loss of calories, heartbeat rate, distance covered and also your speed. Given below are the amazing features of this LifeSpan treadmill that you will absolutely love.


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What are LifeSpanTR1200i Features?

Powerful Motor

Purchasing a treadmill that has a weak motor that cannot endure an intensive workout can do a lot of injustice to your workout productivity. This treadmill is featured with a powerful 2.5 HP motor that operates consistently even in long hour treading. It is also capable of supporting a runner treading at 11 MPH speed which is one of the top speeds of treadmill runners. Moreover even during speed changes the motor doesn’t cause the trail to become unstable.

With this motor you can be assured of long-term service and high quality performance since the motors from LifeSpan are designed with a creative high technology. Though the motor is powerful you will be surprised on how it operates quietly without causing any disturbances. Don’t miss on enjoying the lifetime warranty that is given by the manufacturer for this treadmill’s motor.

High Speed

If you want a treadmill for running sessions you obviously need the one that has a high speed calibration. The TR1200i treadmill is featured with 11 mph top speed which is higher than the speed of most of the regular treadmills that are in the market. With this speed, this treadmill can accommodate most users comfortably and there is also the option where you can change the angle of the treadmill form 0 to 15 using the buttons placed on the display pad.

Space Saver Design

A treadmill that will consume most of your space may bring you unnecessary inconveniences in your home. The LifeSpan TRI200i Folding Treadmill puts that into consideration by having this treadmill featured with a space saver design that makes it quite easy to fold. When this equipment is folded it only consumes 39”×33” of your floor space. Moreover, the folding process is quite easy with the use of a hydraulic shock that is featured in the treadmill. You will just need to lift the deck effortlessly and put it away into its rightful place.

High and Weight Limit

This treadmill is specially designed with a deck suspension system to uphold runners whose weight ranges from 300 pounds and below. This weight limit will be convenient for most runners thus even when you are buying the treadmill for commercial purposes you can be sure that most of your clients will be well taken care of by this treadmill.

Sturdy Construction

The LifeSpan treadmills never disappoint when it comes to quality and durability. This treadmill is constructed with a steel frame that stays strong even when used for exhaustive training. The steel framework feature also adds on to the durability of this TR1200i treadmill. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of this frame since LifeSpan offers a lifetime warranty for it.

Pre-set Workout Programs

Any runner desires to have a treadmill that has some workout programs that will see them attain their healthy goals the soonest time possible. The 21 pre-set workout programs that are featured in this treadmill play a major role in enhancing your training output.

These workout programs are usually put in place by a certified trainer to help the user in attaining their goals of losing weight and staying healthy. If you are a user that is subscribed to the LifeSpan fitness club you will get to access more un-endless personalized workout programs. With these in-built programs you will also be able to create a heart training where you will set the heart rate beat intended to attain the targeted incline and speed.

Great Belt Length and Quality

If you are a tall user you definitely want a treadmill designed with a long belt to suit you. This TR1200i LifeSpan treadmill is featured with a 20×56 inch belt that is convenient for making long comfortable strides while running. The belt is also high quality and it is held by shock absorbers which makes it the best treadmill belt of all the other LifeSpan treadmill belts. Moreover it constructed with a double layer and it also has the capability to move along expansive rollers. With this features on this treadmill belt the runner will be able to work out for long without getting injuries on the joints and the feet. 

Modern Console

This feature comes into place to enhance an easy user experience. When we call it modern it doesn’t mean it is complicated to use; it is quite easy to handle and it won’t require you any special skills. The console has Multi-color LCD display to help you see the data clearly even when you are training in a room with limited lighting. Moreover, the console keys will give you a wide range of data which includes; calorie burn, distance covered, time consumed, heart rate, speed and steps.

Heart Rate Monitor

You don’t want to have your workout sessions without keeping track of your heartbeat rate. With this treadmill you won’t miss out on that because its handlebar controls are designed with the heart rate monitor feature. This feature will help you to evaluate whether you are doing enough exercise to achieve your workout goals and help you adjust your workout strength.

USB Data Storage

Do you want to store your workout data to enable you get customized programs for you online? This TR1200i LifeSpan Treadmill will make that possible for you. It comes with data storage feature where you will be able to save workout information on your heart rate, calorie burn, speed, distance and the time consumed to a USB drive after every twenty seconds. This feature can be very helpful for a trainee to keep track of their progress and get better workout plans to enhance their productivity.

Optimal Entertainment

No matter how dedicated you are on your training sessions you will also need some entertainment to keep the sessions enjoyable. With this tread \mill you will be able to enjoy your favorite music as you work out. It is featured with a headphone jack port and an iPod port by which you can connect your iPod or MP3 device and enjoy your desired music without limits. Moreover the treadmill also comes with high quality speakers that will project the music louder for maximum entertainment. When getting entertained you can be sure you will be surprised how you will endure the training for longer hours.

Easy to Assemble

You don’t want a treadmill that will give you a hassle while assembling. This LifeSpan treadmill will require you a short time to assemble because it comes with most of the screws and bolts in place. With the use of the instructions on the user manual and the tools provided putting it together won’t take you long.

Built-in Safety Feature

Being conscious that your safety needs have been addressed by the treadmill you are using will give you more confidence and motivation as you engage in your workout sessions. This treadmill is designed with the Intelli-Guard feature to stop the running belt movement when you take off your feet from the deck for 20 seconds. With his feature you will also be assured of the safety of children at home who would want to play around the treadmill.

Intelli-Step Technology

Do you want to keep an accurate record of the steps you make in your treading sessions? You need to get yourself this TR2000i treadmill that comes with the Intelli-Step feature to keep track on the steps you make as you tread. The Intelli -Step counts your steps more accurately than a pedometer since it can never miss a single stride that you make on the deck. With this data you will be able to manage your daily workout goals with much ease.

Intensity Selections

Normally, this treadmill is featured with 15 incline levels for the user to choose the intensity they want for their workouts. A runner who is new in the game can select 3 intensity levels for the fixed programs.

Quiet Operation

A treadmill that operates noisily can be quite a disturbance to the surrounding environment and also to you. It will also be a hindrance to you when you want to get entertained through music or movies. This amazing treadmill comes with a smooth operation whereby it doesn’t produce noise even when you are running at a high speed.

Speed Controls on the Handlebars

Sometimes you may feel that adjusting your speed or incline on the console may make you go off balance. This treadmill is featured with speed control buttons on the arm bars with which you can easily adjust to your desired speed and incline without having to reach out for the console.

Water Bottle Holder

It is definite that you will need a bottle of water next to you when you are doing your treading exercises because you easily get dehydrated. This treadmill is designed to keep your water bottle close to you as you do your treading sessions. It is featured with a water bottle holder to take care of your dehydration needs.

Competitive Price

This TR2000i comes with quite a reasonable price compared to its superb features. Every customer that has experienced the features of this treadmill count themselves lucky because finding such quality and efficiency in a treadmill would have cost them more cash if they purchased it from another brand.

What is LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill Warranty Policy?

The LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill comes with a very attractive warrant for the customer. First of all, you are given a lifetime cover for the motor and frame and also 3 years on the parts and a year on the  labor.

When purchasing treadmill from LifeSpan you have an option to also purchase Extended Warranty Coverage. This means up to 5 year coverage for all the parts and labor.

LifeSpan also offers transferable warranty. At LifeSpan all the warranties are transferable to new owner, in case you purchase a used LifeSpan treadmill.

Pros of LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill

· Easy to fold
· Great price compared to its amazing features
· Great customer service and warranty
· Saves on space when folded
· Provides the user with a strong comfortable running surface
· It is made with a pleasant attractive design
· The equipment operates quietly.

Cons of LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill

· It doesn’t have a cooling fan
· The LifeSpan data tracking services will require you to pay for subscriptions after initial 4 months.


Where to buy Lifespan TR1200i Folding Treadmill

When you decide to buy this treadmill you may be spoilt for choices because it is available in various online stores. Among all these stores you will manage to get the best deal once you buy it directly from the manufacturer or the Amazon site. If you want surety for the product you would better buy it directly from the manufacturer since you will get a 30 day money back guarantee for ensuring that the machine meets your workout needs. Moreover you will enjoy the best price in the market for the machine from Lifespan. Purchasing it from the Amazon site will earn you the advantage of enjoying the Amazon prime free and fast shipping and on top a budget friendly price. 

Verdict on LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill

With above given LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill Review you now know what treadmill to go for next time you are going to shop for treadmill equipment. This TR1200i treadmill has been giving satisfactory service to its customers for a number of years which has earned it several awards from many specialized treadmill reviewers. Treadmill Doctors granted this treadmill the “Best Buy Award” for the best new treadmill and it also received the “Best treadmill below $1000 Award” from the fitness professor.

Moreover once you buy this treadmill you get a membership to the LifeSpan fitness club. This fitness club will help you in tracking your fitness progress and it will also give you the necessary tips needed to achieve your goals. When you visit different product sites and get to view the customer reviews from past and current buyers that have purchased this product you will see nothing but satisfaction.


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