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There are an increasing number of table tennis players across the world, all looking to make their first purchase of a table.  The sport is enjoying much success with millions of amateur players playing the game.  There are also a number of professional tournaments across the world as well as a very established Olympic event.  Whether it’s a professional or keen amateur, there are a number of choices on the market when shopping for a table.  Reading table tennis table reviews can help with the decision, however, there are a number of factors that must be considered before doing so.

Table tennis table reviews will often look at the performance and cost issues to do with products.  However, it is important that the consumer knows the different types of table available and what tables satisfy International Table Tennis Federation regulations. The size of table will vary depending on the variant of the game, brand or country. However, the ITTF state that the professional game must be played on a standard table that must conform to certain regulations that deal with dimensions  Whatever the table, it is particularly important to professionals that a table has the ITTF endorsement that means it is a standard tournament table.

When reading table tennis table reviews, it is important to look for the ITTF stamp of approval but also be aware of the standard dimensions required by the professional table.  Firstly, the length of the table must be 2.74m although there is a margin error of 5mm.  The width of an ITTF endorsed table should be 1.525m from edge to edge.  The height, measured from the floor to the playing surface, should always be 74cm with the same 3mm margin of error.  It is important to note, however, that many tables will have adjustable legs and feet. The height should be checked before play commences.

The net of a standard ITTF table may not always be mentioned in table tennis table reviews, however, it is also covered by ITTF regulations. The height should be 15.25cm from the playing surface to the top of the net and there should also be an overhang of the net at both sides of the table.  This overhang should be 15.25cm.  There are also many more factors to consider when reading table tennis table reviews.  However, the most important is usually the bounce.  This is measured by the release of a ball at a height of 30cm.  The subsequent bounce should reach at least 23cm.

A Different Ping Pong Table For Different Enthusiasts

Ping pong or table tennis is an indoor sport which has a large following. Ping-pong originated in England during the 19th century and is a sport which is demanding on the players’ speed, strength, agility and coordination. It can be played both singles and doubles. As it is an indoor game, many enthusiasts have abandoned going to sports centers for  a chance to play ping-pong and choose to recreate the game in their very own homes by purchasing a ping-pong table.

A ping-pong table is typically 2.7 meters in terms of length, 1.53 meters in terms of width and .76 meters in terms of height. It has a smooth surface and has a net, which divides horizontally the areas between the players. The table also has a vertical line in the case of doubles.

Different ping pong tables have different features and people should decide on these features according to their usage. Although united by the same enthusiasm for ping pong, ping pong fans have different reasons in wanting to purchase a ping pong table. Some might purchase it for
indoor competitions with family and friends, serious athletes might purchase one for them to practice on, while hotel and spa entrepreneurs might find this table the perfect addition to liven up their businesses. These reasons should guide the enthusiasts when it comes to choosing and
purchasing the right ping pong table, especially when it comes to price range. Non-professional enthusiasts, for example, should not invest heavily on a quality tables. This also goes for people who are purchasing the ping pong table for the family’s entertainment. Note that the really expensive ping pong tables are designed for athletes.

Things to Consider While Buying a Ping Pong Table

It’s not such a task to pick the right ping pong table. Your choice should ideally depend on the kind of space that’s available with you plus your needs and budget. You will be needing a fairly large space to fit in a 9 ft by 5 ft. ping pong table, unless of course you go in for a folding model. Ping pong tables come in a variety of surfaces, price ranges and styles. If you have your heart set on a ping pong table, then here’s a list of things to keep in mind before shelling out that money:

The Key is in the Quality

A competition standard tabletop is one inch in thickness. A lesser expensive table will automatically have a thinner top. If you’re looking out for amusement, then a three-quarter inch tabletop should be a suitable. Although, we do suggest that splurging on an expensive competition standard table is a smarter move. If you’re buying a ping pong table for small children, then a plywood table is perfect as it is inexpensive.

Look out for sturdy and stable legs. In the future you can at all times upgrade to a higher quality, nicer table.

Folding ping pong tables are highly popular. Opt for a table that can easily be folded and maneuvered by a single person. Wheels that roll smoothly and brakes that are effective are critical for a ping pong table that folds.

A ping pong table offers excellent scope for fun, exercise and an amazing gaming experience. Remember to look out for superior quality, stability and a smooth, nice, unblemished surface.

Ping Pong Table Proportions

A ping pong table is ideally 9 feet long or 2.74 m in length, 5 feet or 1.525 m in width, and about 30 inches or 76 cm in height. It is layered with a low friction, smooth coating and the playing surface is separated into two different halves by a 6 inch or15.25 cm high net.

An Ideal Room Size

You will probably need a room that’s approximately 12 feet by 18 feet in size. That will give both the players enough freedom and room to move comfortably and freely.

Playback Attribute

Do you ever wish to play ping pong when you’re all by yourself? Well, here’s the good news for you- some tables come with a playback feature! This will allow you the freedom to practice and play while you’re all alone.

Budget for Ping Pong Table
If you want a ping pong table for recreational purpose only, go for a cheap table that will cost you anything in the range of $200-$400. At the high end, the table can cost you $1500 tops.

Majority tables fall in the range of $500-$1000. You can find folding and playback feature for close to $600.

If you wish to invest a high quality tournament standard ping pong table, be prepared to shell out $650-$1000.

Ping Pong Tables by the Best Table Tennis Manufacturers in the World

The kind of ping pong table should also be considered. As with price, the kind of table you purchase and its features should be in synch with why you want to buy it in the first place. The beginner ping pong table is ideal for family gatherings and playtime with the children. The beginner ping pong table is not focused on durability, as the intermediate table should. The intermediate one can be invested on if you are a family full of ping-pong enthusiasts. Beginner ping pong tables generally do not hold out for long-term use. Mobility is also a feature present in intermediate ones, not focused on in the beginner ones. Intermediate ping pong tables typically have wheels or are foldable. Advanced ping-pong tables, on the other hand, are built to take more punishment than intermediate table. While ping pong is generally an indoor sport, it can also be played outside and advanced tables are built for this.

Another consideration is whether the table to be purchased should be foldable or not. If there is not much space is the house and the table needs to continuously be kept, then a foldable ping pong table is more advisable for your uses, more than the stationary types. Stationary ping
pong tables, on the other hand, tend to be sturdier compared to foldable ones.

Ping-pong tables can also be either stationary or roll-away. Like the foldable ones, the roll-away tables are also more ideal for mobile lifestyles. On the downside, the roll-away tables are less durable than the stationary tables.

A feature that enthusiasts might want their tables to have is a convertible top. These convertible tops can be set up by folding one side of the table. This is ideal for practice sessions, especially for beginners.

In terms of details, thickness is also a consideration. However, thinner tables do not necessarily give an inferior performance compared to thick tables. Beginners and those purchasing tables for family usage are not advised to buy the thicker tables especially if the prices are very different. Thick tables are more suited to serious athletes who want to simulate the playing conditions of the competition to the letter. Apart from the thickness, ping-pong tables should also have a smooth finish. Purchasers should make sure that the edges and surface are smooth to ensure a good gameplay. A good way to find out if the table is smooth enough is to bounce a ping pong ball from a 30-centimetre height. If the ball bounces back about 23-centimetres high, the surface is adequate.

Purchasers should also examine if the legs of the ping-pong table are sturdy enough, especially if the table is for long-term usage. Leg-levelers are also a nice feature to have, especially if the enthusiasts foresee playing on rough ground.


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