Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike Review

Dahon Mariner D7 Bike

For years, the best selling folding bike for adults in the United States has been the Dahon Mariner D7. It is not an accident that this bike has been so successful. It was originally made for people on boat trips to make land fall journeys easier and more entertaining. They fit even in very small boats. You can pull it out once you hit shore to pick up extra supplies or head out for an adventure.

It is rust resistant which works great when traveling on the water. If you wind up in a rural area, this folding bike is Dahon Mariner D7 perfect for a ride to a nearby restaurant for a nice lunch or for doing errands. In addition to being useful for boaters, small apartment dwellers love this because they can stash their ride for their commute right inside their apartment.

In order to handle hills, there are seven speeds on the Dahon Mariner. This bike is tough because it was built to handle well in salty ocean environments. The reason that the bike was set up to be so small when it is folded down is because there is not much storage area on small ships. Not only is it small, but it also folds down fast. It can be as small as a compact suitcase in just 15 seconds. Once you reach land, you can use the stand built onto the bike’s rear to store luggage.

The quality of the bike shows up when you really stop to evaluate it. This is one of the top products that Dahon puts out. The bike is not made with a heavy steel frame. Instead it weighs very little because the frame is made with 7005 lightweight aluminum.

The Pros of Dahon Mariner D7 Bike

* Secure ride and very comfortable

* Easily folds down into a small size with its quick folding system

* Resistant to rust

* Rear rack and fenders are included

When going up and down hills, the extra gears shift efficiently and are really helpful.

With its satisfying look and style, this folding bike is beautifully designed.

When folded, it can be used as a portable seat.

The height of the handlebar can be adjusted.

In case your bike is scratched, there is paint included for quick touch ups.

The Cons of Dahon Mariner D7 Bike

When the bike is folded, it is tough to roll.

It is not rust proof, although it is resistant to rust. This means that in order to decrease the risk of corrosion, you must do regular maintenance.

For getting around town, this bike is ideal for doing quick tasks and is convenient. I totally recommend this folding bike because it is one of the most comfortable ones that I have ridden.

One again, it is folding bike that is much loved by many people. New Dahon Mariner D7 becomes one of the excellent bikes that are chosen by some people. Even there is someone who uses this New Dahon Mariner D7 folding bike in his daily commute. He used New Dahon Mariner D7 from New Jersey to Connecticut. He thought that by using this New Dahon Mariner D7 bike, he can save much time compared to he traveled using a taxi or subway. In addition, he also can do sports while using it to his office. It is one of the many reasons why many people choose new Dahon Mariner D7.

The design of New Dahon Mariner D7 folding bike comes with a simple but interesting shapes. In addition, simple color designs will not make you look simple while driving. It is because the combination of form and color designs are provided by Dahon can make you proud of having a folding bike from Dahon.New Dahon Mariner D7 is only $469.95 – $549.00.  You can use New Dahon Mariner D7 for going to school, work, or sports. The price is very affordable for a folding bike that has been circulating on the market. You do not worry about the features that are offered by the new Dahon Mariner D7. It is because although the price is cheap, but the New Dahon Mariner D7′s feature is not cheap.

New Dahon Mariner D7 is a Bit Heavy but Too Easy to Use:

Although, it is cheaper than the previous folding bike on the market, but the feature that is owned by the new Dahon Mariner D7 can compete with them. You will feel comfortable when sitting on a standard desk. It is because the standard desk has been designed to be fit and be comfortable when you are sitting on it. Of course,New Dahon Mariner D7 will make you comfortable while you drive. In addition, the new Dahon Mariner D7 has the extra gears that really come in handy going up and down hills. Form design of this New Dahon Mariner D7 folding bike is very nice to be able to make another person looking through your folding bike.

Besides that, you do not need to find parking places to park your New Dahon Mariner D7 bike. It is because you only need to fold the new Dahon Mariner D7 with less than 20 seconds. After that, you can store New Dahon Mariner D7 into your lockers or office without spending a lot of space. All you need is a tote it only. Although for some people the weight of this New Dahon Mariner D7 folding bike when it is folded is a bit heavier than other brands, but it seems it will not be a problem if new Dahon Mariner D7 is comfortable to drive.

New Dahon Mariner D7 Best Price

Cheap price, good form design, attractive color design, and convenient to use are the advantages possessed by the new Dahon Mariner D7. However, you should keep this folding bike out of the reach of children. It is because children will not be able to ride the new Dahon Mariner D7 with the 20″ wheels, because this folding bike is designed specifically for adults and for people who love exercise bicycles. Therefore, if the kids want to ride, then they must be someone who is good to ride this New Dahon Mariner D7 bike.

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