EPIKGO Hoverboard Reviews 2018

EPIKGO Hoverboard – UL2272 Certified 

Key Features of EPIKGO Hoverboard 

· Powerful dual motors: 400 watts motor is fitted on each side. It is so powerful hence the explanation why it scales relatively steep grounds (18 degrees) without losing balance. The manufacturer claims that the motors 80 per cent more powerful than what other 2-wheel balancing scooters are using. 

· Smart Battery: It is LG smart battery on this hoverboard. It is a fast charging and longer life battery. It will be fully charged in 2 hours and give you a run of 10-12 miles. It is therefore paramount to make replacement with the same battery to ensure continued top performance. 

· Alloy Wheels: how wheels work on this EPIKGO electric scooter is totally different and interesting too. First, the motors are not placed inside the wheels. Instead, very powerful brush motors are inside the board’s body. The end result is extraordinarily powerful motors. Solid rubber, in this case IP56 rated, has been integrated into the tires giving them resistance and strength.

It is this combination of solid tires and alloy wheels that give this self balancing scooter the capability to dare rough surfaces such as gravel and hilly terrain. 

· Set of front rear lights: the pair of front lights is so bright making it possible to ride at night. The rear ones are not so bright hence serve as signals to other motorists. 

· UL 2272 and UL 2271 certified: the hoverboard has passed UL-2272 test, which ensures your overall safety when you ride. The UL-2271 is specifically for the battery, which means it has passed a preset fire test. It simply means there will be no fire and electrical dangers. 

EPIKGO has been in forefront to ensure their electric scooter series meet all quality and safety standards. Therefore, this hoverboard has all those standards incorporated in its features. 

· Top speed range: it can cruise for as high 12MPH. This is pretty fast; in fact among the fastest speeds in an electric self balancing powerboard. You can get to your destinations fast without any compromise on your safety. 

· Robust size: EPIKGO has ensured that their board is 30 per cent larger than any of their competition. This can only mean a few things: more feet space, easy control and balance.

Specifications Summary for EPIKGO Hoverboard 

Certifications:  UL 2272 and UL 2271 certified
Enhanced stability: Yes
Top speed: 10MPH
Battery charging time: 2 hours
Hoverboard weight:  22 pounds
Battery indicator: No
Fast charging in-built technology:  Yes
Style: 7 colors
Warranty:  1 year limited guarantee

Pros of EPIKGO Hoverboard 

· An all terrain hoverboard! That is definitely a catch with hoverboard enthusiasts. Since many electric scooter brands are limited to smooth terrain, this gives EPIKGO a competitive edge. 

· The speed is fast enough. It gives you the pleasure of overtaking fellow riders who have slower models.

· The motors are super strong; supporting your speed and stability. This is one feature that sets this two-wheel electric scooter way above its peers. 

· It is a strong and quality board. It is sturdily build thus giving it an advantage.

· Though it has some of the best features, it is still pocket-friendly priced. 

· Safety has been underscored with every feature.

Cons of EPIKGO Hoverboard 

· The large wheels may be an advantage but they increase the height of gravity, which will result into stability problems.

· This classic self balance scooter is not light. It will not be fun to carry it for long distances. 

· With no battery indicator, you cannot tell how much power you have left. It would have been thoughtful to include such a crucial specification. 

What we like about EPIKGO Hoverboard

· Competitive price: what this board offers is way above the price you are paying. Competitors within its price range do not match up to its sophistication and performance. 

· All terrain hoverboard: the great alloy wheels and solid rubber tires as well as the sturdy board are features that have made this EPIKGO’s invention a ‘beast’ of some sorts. It can scale any terrain giving you value for your money. 

· Smart battery: this one charges fast (two hours tops) and keeps that power for 6 hours. With that much power you can make a longer errand than you would on any other self balancing scooter. 

· Generous top speed: 10-12 miles per hour is a thrilling speed but still within a safe range. As you cruise to the fullest, you can rest assured that you are not compromising your safety. 

· Super strong motors: the dual motors are what make this device one of the safest electric scooters you should be gliding on. The motor brushes within the board also work to ensure you are not only getting the most powerful self balancing hoverboard but one of safest in the market. 

What we don’t like about EPIKGO Hoverboard

· For those who wish to carry this EPIKGO board it will not a fun experience. The board is relatively heavy thus ruling it out as your travel companion if you have to carry it on yourself. 

· The alloy wheels are great but their size works to destabilize you. Due to the height they add to the board, they raise the center of gravity. This results into minimized stability. 

· With no learning mode, this may not be the best choice for beginners. 

Where to buy EPIKGO’s  Hoverboard

Amazon is the place to buy this EPIKGO revolutionary hoverboard. Their prices are competitive with an assurance of impeccable customer service. You will also get the manufacturer’s warranty. And of course free replacement within one year of your purchase. 

Our Verdict on EPIKGO Hoverboard

EPIKGO electric scooter has gone all the way top to be one of the best hoverboards in the market. Its performance, speed, balance and competitive price are some of the things that make it an irresistible choice. 

For someone looking to glide on an all-terrain surface be it grass or gravel; this is a top contender in that list. It is an all climatic situation mobility tool and the right place where you should put your money in. Apart from being a bit heavy, we do not have many complains leveled against this top speed self-balance board. 

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