Montague Crosstown Folding Bicycle Review

The Montague Crosstown 7 Speed folding bike is a wonderful bike to use for commuting in town or traveling short distances back and forth to work. The Crosstown is unique in that its a full sized folding bicycle that comes with seven speeds, which allow you to adjust riding speed to the conditions of the road. You can fold the bike down, carry it to your cubical, or carry it down to your car with little or no effort at all.

The folding time on the Crosstown is about 20 seconds and weighs about 27 pounds, which allows most riders the ability to lift it in and out of the car with just one hand. One of my favorite things about the Montague Crosstown Speed 7 is the fact you do not need any tools. One of the new features on the Crosstown is the Octagon stem, it allows you to raise and lower the height of the seat with the push of a button. No need to carry a small tool bag, this seat adjusts with a simple click. The bike comes with a 17″, 19″ and a 21″ frame, and with the seat adjustability, this folding bike will fit just about any size person comfortably.

With a meddium price tag, the Montague Crosstown 7 Speed folding bike has some amazing features that make this a great value. The bike has the all new CLIXô Wheel Release System, which allows the user to flip the quick release lever and the bike folds to 36″x28″x12″ in seconds. The bike claims to be the strongest folding bike on earth, and that claim is backed by the fact that the unique design eliminates the breaking of the frame when folding down. This is called the Folding Integrated Technology (F.I.T.) and was based on the designs used for downhill bikes with full suspension.  The US Military has contracts with Montague to purchase their folding bikes which is a strong sign of approval that these bikes are tough.

One thing I noticed immediately was the smooth ride of the Crosstown 7 Speed, the 700c wheels give a much better ride than bikes with 16″ – 24″ wheels. The 700c wheels offer you a more comfortable ride whether your drive is full of potholes or a bumpy trail through the woods. You can adjust the height of the handlebar too, to enhance the overall comfort of your ride depending on the conditions. Steering will remain engaged as you make the adjustments.

The Montague Crosstown 7 speed folding bike is a great bike for its price. Many women may find the 27 pounds a little much to lift in and out of the car. If the bike seems a little heavy for you, then walking along side the bike for long distances will become a bother too because it may feel a little uncomfortable to control it when walking next to it. If you can handle the weight of the bike, this bike is one of the better folding bikes, design wise, you will find. The seat adjustment and leveling effect from the handlebarís make this bike a pleasurable ride no matter how tall you are or what conditions you are driving on. The best feature in my opinion has to be the way the frame clicks closed and doesnít weaken the strength of the frame. You won’t go wrong purchasing this 7speed folding bike.


  • Speeds: 7
  • Wheel Size: 700c
  • Folding Time: 20 sec.
  • Folded Size: 36″x28″x12″
  • Approx Weight: 27lbs
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