Schwinn Loop 20-inch 7-Speed Folding Bike Review 2018

Schwinn Loop 20-inch 7-Speed Folding Bike

Are you running on a tight budget but looking for a well functional, greatest value, highest quality folding bike? Well, you do not have to break your wallet. The Schwinn Loop 20-inch 7-Speed Folding Bike is an ultimate choice for you. It is not only among the best folding bikes but also very affordable as it does not cost you an arm and a leg. It is definitely built to last. It is manufactured for not so heavy commuters but just quick, once in a while errands.

The fact that it’s steady and sturdy makes it a heavy duty bike that can last you for long. Unexceptionally, it is made of steel which makes it even more durable. Steel, however, makes it extremely heavy, a factor that does not go well with most users.






Overview of the Schwinn Loop 20-inch 7-Speed Folding Bike

It is easily foldable therefore easy to carry around and bears a curved look that makes it more appealing. The 20” wheels assist in agility and safety and the 7-speed system the flow from city to countryside hills and on ebb since they are easy to shift into. It contains, also, a nylon paper bag for ease of storage and transportation and is fitted with alloy linear pull brakes.

An ideal option for commuting, it is easily foldable and the process is quite easy. A perfect city ride as it easily maneuvers places that are densely populated with cars.This not only makes your ride enjoyable but also free of stress.

Outstanding features


Because of its strong built frame is made of steel- a Schwinn loop 20-inch 7-speed folding bike works just fine even on rough, bumpy terrain.

Also, the difference in the distance between the handlebars and the seat is big enough. This helps you to ride for a number of miles without developing back aches.

When it comes to going either up or down the hill, this is a perfect ride. It is fitted with 7 gears in an ascending order, so it has no problem performing these tasks. A helmet is however recommended for protection when you want to ride downhill as this bike can descend really fast.


From the box pack, this bike is completely folded and only a single pedal requires assembling of the bike. The other thing that you need to do is to blow air into the tires and your bike is ready to go. Evidently, not so much of assembling is required.

Assembling does not require any expertise although on most occasions an assembly manual will be provided.

For all your assembling purposes, a multi-function bike tool kit is the best bargain. All your bike needs is available inside the kit.

How does the Schwinn Loop 20-inch 7-Speed Folding Bike fold

One of the factors that make this 20’’ bike desirable by many apart from the affordability is the folding nature. It is important to learn how it is folded.

1. The first step is to open the seat lock and put the seat down

2. By opening the lock placed underneath the rack, fold the rack to the side

3. Fold the pedals

At this point, your bike is completely folded. You realize it is not a demanding task and can be done in less than 20 minutes. It can be done by anyone, even the ladies without seeking much help from anyone.

The usefulness of Schwinn Loop 20-inch 7-Speed Folding Bike

Apart from just enjoying a ride or running errands, there are other tasks your folding bike can do for you. 

1. You can attach a child’s seat safely on this bike. It can carry a child of up to forty pounds and 2+ years of age. You don’t need to worry about riding with your young child. This is adequately taken care of.

2. Availability of bike bags: you can purchase the Schwinn folding handle bag, which is okay for the front of your folding bike. A back basket is also ideal depending on your preference and can come in handy when it comes to shopping.

3. Can be used to train somebody else how to ride a bike. It is not recommended for children under 15years of age. However, for anyone above this age including adults, it is ideal for training them on bike riding. All you need to do is to install training handles as they make training much easier and comfortable.

It has a shipping weight of 41 pounds and weighs around 33 pounds out of the box. When folded, it is 30’’by 32’’by 11’’ therefore it is easy to carry around as it can fit in most places including the trunk of your car.

Outstanding features and characteristics of a Schwinn Loop 20-inch 7-Speed Folding bike



Weight 33 pounds
Folded size
30’’ by 32’’by 11’’
Green and black
Maximum rider weight
230 Ibs
Rider age range 12 years and over
No. of gears 7 No. of gears 7
Wheel diameter 20’’ alloy rims
Country of manufacture
Availability of bike rack
Shipment weight
41.1 Ibs
Dimension of box
28’’by 17’’ by 30’’
Crank set
3 piece alloys
Fenders included

This 20’’ folding bike carries both the desirable qualities and the non-desirable ones. These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this bike that will go a long way to help you make an informed decision.

Pros of Schwinn Loop 20-inch 7-Speed Folding Bike

· Easy to fold and use. It takes only about fifteen minutes to fold up the bike and store anywhere. With a folded size of 30″ X 32″ X 11’, which is small enough to carry around although it is a little bit heavy.

This makes it ideal for users such as boaters and campers. You can also carry it below subways or board a bus with it as well as taking it up the stairs or into a car trunk.

· Great value for money. With this bike in mind, you do not have to worry about the budget. It lays within an affordable price range and is a perfect bang for your money. It is very unlikely to find a bike that is better than this at the same range of price.

· Has an adjustable seat. This makes it quite comfortable for both taller and riders of medium height.

· The design of the loop makes it much easier for shorter people to mount and dismount. This is because the frame is loop-shaped giving the rider enough space to hop on and off and easily cycle the bike. It is also ideal for older riders.

· Has a welded bike ride. This keeps the bike agile as well as assisting in stability.

· It is very solid in design and built. One characteristic that stands out in this Schwinn loop 20-inch 7 speed folding bike is it’s the frame. It is made of steel. This makes it sturdier, strong and durable: it can last for a very long period of time.

· Beautiful in design. It characterized by a beautiful curved loop. This makes it appealing and eye-catching.

It is correct to state that the same way this folding bike has advantages; it has also some undesirable characteristics. The following are the disadvantages of this 20’’ loop folding bike.

Cons of Schwinn Loop 20-inch 7-Speed Folding Bike

· A non-adjustable handle bar height. These will be a little problem if you are a short rider because it only works well with taller riders or those of medium height.

· Low quality carry-case. Although it is really a wonderful gesture to have it accompany the bike when it is delivered, the case is very fragile. When the weight of the bike is put inside it almost feels like it is tearing apart. It might force you to purchase a new carry case in order to protect your bike from rusting and for safe keep.

· Very heavy and bulky even when being folded. The fact that Schwinn loop 20-inch 7-speed folding bike is made of steel makes it very heavy. It weighs 33 pounds which most users find a little bit too heavy. It becomes cumbersome to carry around.

· Uncomfortable seat- it is a narrow and hard seat. This makes it very uncomfortable, thus buying a different seat is inevitable.

· Easily scratched because of its thin layer. 

· Some areas are made of poor quality component: On daily use, the shifting system is prone to quick wear out especially the rear derailleur because it is of low quality. This is basically because the manufacturer decided to stick at a low cost for this model, therefore choosing low-end components.

· Lacks a locking system – a strap or magnet for tying together wheel when being folded. This forces you to improvise by getting straps that can be used to tie when folding.

What we like about Schwinn loop 20-inch 7-speed folding bike

There is so much to like about this bike. It is a cheaper option compared to other bikes of its caliber and an ideal choice for quick not-every-day commutes. The following are some of the characteristics of the bike that we really liked and could interest you as well.

Can run on a variety of steep paths and hills

Because of the availability of the seven gear shifting mechanism, it makes pedaling a little bit easier. The bike is powered to strongly function on a not-so-smooth terrain. 

It is also very easy to go up and down hill since the brakes can be controlled especially when riding downhill. Even when riding at a speed of 20 miles per hour.

Easy to fold and unfold

It only takes a few minutes to fold it. This makes it ideal for occasional use as you can fold it and store it in the trunk of your car or even carry it during vacations.

Strong build

The frame is steel made which makes it steady and durable. Under normal usage, it can be cycled for miles and miles and can last for a very long period of time.

20’’ wheel size

It is the recommended size of every bicycle being cycled in the city. It enhances the agility of the bike as well as stability thus making it safer to ride on. 

Easy to mount and dismount

The bike is designed in a way that you can easily step through and sit without having to swing your leg over the bike. It therefore works excellently for shorter and older users.

Adjustable seat

With probably a seat post that is longer than most other bikes and adjustable for that matter, the Schwinn loop 20-inch 7-speed folding bike will accommodate both short and tall riders.

Excellent brakes

The break system is awesome. Even if you are riding at twenty miles per hour, you can stop it within less than 3 seconds especially if riding downhill. The brakes also offer a great ride on hills especially when riding up or downhill.

What we didn’t like about Schwinn Loop 20-inch 7-Speed Folding Bike

Although it is seemingly the most recommended folding bike in the market currently, it is not entirely the perfect selection after all. Here’s what we didn’t like about it.

The seat is uncomfortable

Because of its hardness and narrow nature, it is considered not even slightly comfortable and has zero ‘give’. It is advisable to set aside a little money to acquire a better saddle. This is an extra cost that you would have been awesome had it been taken care of in the buying price.

The rear derailleur is a low-end: 

In their effort to keep the cost of this bike at the lowest, they have fitted the rear derailleur with a very poor quality component that you can’t help but notice. If the bike is used on a daily basis, it can easily wear out thus requiring repair or replacement. The cost still goes up.

The carry case 

Although it is a good accompaniment to the Schwinn loop 20-inch 7-speed folding bike, it is a low-end case that is fragile. It is poor quality and it makes you feel like it is breaking under the bike’s weight.

Not recommended for everyday use

It is best suited for occasional use and quick errands. When purchasing a bike, one that gives an all-round service at the best value for your money is the choice to make. In this case, this 20’’ folding bike does not.

Who is Schwinn loop 20-inch 7-speed folding bike made for?

A number of characteristics make this bike an ultimate ride for different people; it is an exciting choice for different uses, body weights not forgetting age and heights.

This bike is unisex. It is designed for safe use by both male and female riders. Female riders will prefer this bike because of its attractiveness and the fact that it has a low stand-over frame. It also makes it easy to mount and dismount.

Weight: because of its steel frame, this 20’’ tires, it is steady enough to support people with weights of up to 230 Ibs (104 kilograms). Reviews from other sites have however testified heavier people have comfortably cycled on this bike.

Terrain: this bike is ideal for those riding on bumpy terrain. This is made possible by its sturdy built and also because of the fact that handlebars of the bike and the seat are far from each other. This is an advantage for your back if you are riding for a couple miles. 

For sportsmen: it easily goes up and down hills with the use of the 7 gears that are fitted in an ascending order (low to high). It should not be a problem using it for sporty events because it is fast especially when going downhill.

Planning to ride with young children: a child seat can be safely attached to this folding bike. The maximum weight for the child is however set at 40 pounds and the range age 2 years and over. When choosing a child seat, a light and comfortable one is recommended.

Planning to train others on riding a bike: although it is not a good idea to train children on riding with this bike, children of 15 years of age and adults can be trained. A training handle is all you need to install on the bike to help your trainee learn a little bit faster.

Riding on wet ground: its brakes are good and so are the tires providing plenty of surface area and grip on wet ground.

Shorter, taller and slightly older people: you can easily step through so as to sit on the seat without necessarily having to swing your leg above the bike in order to. This is due to the design of the bike and favors shorter and older people.

The seat post is the long-set and the seat itself is adjustable making it perfect for taller riders. Shorter riders might find this not very desirable. It can also work for people of medium height.

For occasional users or short trips to the market: a Schwinn loop 20-inch 7-speed folding bike is quite heavy and has a very uncomfortable seat. This is why it is not a good idea for every day commutes but for someone considering using it for a few days a week or running quick errands it will come in handy.

It is perfect for urban use riding around the neighborhoods and in campuses. 

Those riding in the city: this bike easily finds its way through traffic and maneuvers places that have a lot of cars without much of a hassle. 

Age: it is recommended for children from 12 years of age to all adults as well as older people.

Where can you buy Schwinn Loop 20-inch 7-Speed Folding Bike?

By now you should be convinced that this is the best loop folding bike on the market that is worth every penny. If so, you should be considering owning one.

The best place to purchase it is the Amazon. Relevant information and reviews about the bike are offered on this site. Ranging from users to measuring right sizes and fits makes it easy for you to make up your mind. The folding bike is sold here at best price. You can also order within a few hours and choose two shipping days of your choice.

Verdict on Schwinn Loop 20-inch 7-Speed Folding Bike

As you finally make up your mind on if this is the best choice for you, the answer to this two questions will clear any doubts that could still be lingering in your mind.

Should you buy Schwinn Loop 20-inch 7-Speed Folding Bike? And why is it a worth buy?

The Schwinn loop 20-inch 7-speed folding bike is the best bargain and won’t break your wallet. Actually, its selling point is the price because it is very competitive. It is not only strong, steady and firm but also easily foldable making it easy to carry in the trunk of your car and carry along while on holidays. Its folding nature is also a feature that makes it perfect for limited storage space. It is a folding bike that is perfect for everyday use. When running errands, riding in the neighborhood or simply commuting to work or campus, the tiny dimension of this 20’’ folding bike makes it a stress free companion.

Although the steel frame makes it heavy and lacks quality component in some areas, it works just fine. It is most unlikely that you can get a better bike at a similar price as this. It therefore is definitely a must-buy and highly recommended.

By spending slightly less than $300, the Schwinn loop 20-inch 7-speed folding bike will give you all that you are looking for in a bike and more. 


It might not be the best ride for all normal uses, but it is for sure a perfect bargain and functional folding bike. It will give you the ultimate satisfaction and value for your money. Well, you can order one now.

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