Powerboard by Hoverboard – Self Balancing Scooter Reviews 2018

Powerboard by Hoverboard – UL 2272 Certified 2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter

Key Features of Powerboard 2-whell Self Balancing Scooter

· UL 2272 certification: this self balancing scooter has comfortably passed the UL’s rigorous testing. As opposed to the scenario of hoverboard catching fire, this one will not be taking you there. It comes across as one of the safest hoverboards you can lay your hands on. 

· Non-slipping foot pads: the enhanced anti-slipping foot pads ensure that you have firm grip as you ride. This makes it easy to balance and control your direction. 

· Choice of four colors: you have red, blue, white and black to choose from. Your preference should serve you right as you make your choice. 

· Dual electrical motors: The super quality motors are fitted within the hubs of the wheels. They give the hoverboard an awesome speed and smooth ride. Although you may find it quite a task to have a smooth glide you will, with time, come to appreciate what these motors are doing. 

· Samsung lithium battery: this is a quality battery that will outlive its peers. It is designed to charge fast and keep power for long (6 hours to be precise). It is simply constructed with your safety in mind. 

· Maximum weight capacity: 220 pounds is what this powerboard self balancing scooter can carry. To experience its full power and top performance you need to carry weight less than the maximum. 

Summary of Specifications of Powerboard by Hoverboard

Style: 4 different colors (blue, red, white, black)
Certification: UL 2272 certified, safety is a guarantee
Battery duration:  6 hours
Maximum weight limit: 220 pounds
Charger: included

Pros of Powerboard Hoverboard

· It is strong and beautifully designed. This is one of the aspects that set this powerboard apart from the rest. Its body strength will amaze you. It has an attracting look from a distance. It is no wonder that some buyers will be tempted to make the purchase merely because of its good looks. 

· It comes with a quality battery. Samsung battery is one of the best qualities you can find in the market today. It is safe, charges fast, and keeps power longer than its competitors. These are the three most important factors to consider when choosing the kind of battery for your electric board. 

· Eco-friendliness. With a lithium-based battery, this gliding scooter does not emit any carbon impurities to the environment. 

Cons of Powerboard Hoverboard

· Compared to other hoverboards in the same range, it borrows a lot from them. It has not clearly defined itself as a serious competitor.

· There are complains about the battery life. However, if fully charged before use the battery lives up to its expectations. 

· It is a quite heavy so you will need some practice to keep it balanced as you get on and off. 

· The pedaling is more sensitive hence it will take effort to learn how to move and change direction. 

· With no beginner’s mode, this electric scooter is not the best choice for a beginner. It will cruise at top speed, which may not be suitable for someone just starting on hoverboards. 

What we like about Powerboard Hoverboard

· UL-2272 certification: there have been quite a number of fire accidents with hoverboards. That is why UL testing and certification was introduced. This Powerboard’s self-balancing scooter has been rigorously tested and passed the fire test. You are assured of your safety every time you get on it for a ride. 

· Top speed: the 8MPH speed is quite a generous offer. At the same time it is not suicidal hence considered within the safety range for the rider. However, this is not the kind of speed you would suggest for a beginner.

· US brand: there is some air of trust when it comes to US brands. Their products are genuine and the best for the customers. Many customer reviews have proven this to be true hence the surge in loyalty towards brands made in the USA. 

· Warranty: it comes with 1 year limited warranty. If anything goes wrong within that period, you get a free replacement. 

· Battery life: once fully charged, the battery will give you 6 hours of power. Plus it only takes 1 hour to charge the battery in full. 

· Range of colors: it comes in 4 different colors. Red, Black, white and blue. Blue is the most appealing color and many customers have bought it. 

What we don’t like about this Powerboard Hoverboard

· Easy tear and wear: the chassis will not give a long duration of service. It shows signs of tear and wear after a short period. This is not different with most other hoverboards and it takes care to keep your device safe from scratches on the underside. 

· Within US the shipping can take as long as 5 days. It is quite a long time to wait if you are eager to start gliding. 

· It does not offer something different from its competitors. It is so much like it peers in terms of performance and does not come with extra features. 

Where to buy Powerboard’s UL certified Self Balancing Scooter

Amazon is the best place to make your purchase. Their pricing is competitive and you will receive outstanding customer service and free shipping for those in the US. However, the board is currently out of stock and you may have to wait for some time. 

Our overall Verdict on Powerboard (UL 2272 Certified) Hoverboard

The price for this electric scooter is great so you will not be breaking your bank account to buy it. The manufacturer is very swift in dealing with complaints raised by customers. However, this hoverboard has not done much to differentiate itself from its peers. Its performance is not exceptional but even if there are other 2-wheel self-balancing scooters that will scoop it in this front, not many will beat its competitive price. 

If you are pressed for money, this is a great pick. It is even better for pros who do not have much to spend on high-end products. If you feel you need something more powerful with better performance; we have done many hoverboard reviews thus feel free to check them out in this site. 

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