Regardless of How You’re Feeling, Here is a Treadmill Workout For You

fitness-957115_640Of course, nothing beats taking a walk outside, but sometimes mother nature doesn’t agree, and the weather may be too aggressive to saunter around outside. Whether it’s too hot or too cold or it’s raining cats and dogs outside, you can always just use your treadmill.
You may have just started on your treadmill journey, or you may be a seasoned pro; regardless, we have a few different workouts that are bound to suit your experience level. You can use your treadmill to work yourself as hard as if you were climbing hill after hill, or as easily as if you were jogging down an incline, and replicate the feeling of the outdoors while you’re inside.


Workout nr.1 –  Absolute Beginners: If you haven’t been running regularly, and this is your first effort, you should try the beginner’s workout. It is only 40 minutes long and it uses both periods of running and of walking to get you used to vigorous movement. If you find that it is too hard for you—or perhaps too easy—you can simply adjust the speed accordingly. Remember not to bite off more than you can chew, however, and ease into the workout slowly or you could injure yourself. When you feel that you are ready to move forward, you can get into our 300-calorie jogging workout; if you feel that this takes too long, you might try something a bit shorter, such as our 30-minute workout.

Workout nr.2 –  Walking / Jogging Combo: When you’re a bit more used to the demands of the treadmill, you will want to try a mixture of jogging and walking. This is an hour long workout that will change things up, switching from speed-walking, to light jogging, to slow running. This will help you to use up about 300 calories of energy. You might also want to try the more frantic, 42-minute work out that follows very similar principles.

Workout nr.3 –  Sprint Instead: When you think you’ve got the hang of the walking and jogging workout, you can graduate to all-out sprints. To help work on the speed end of things, you can do this short, 30-minute workout. If you want to add some endurance work to it, try a workout that combines walking and sprinting. Once you have increased both speed and endurance, you can increase the challenge by doing an hour-long sprinting workout.

Workout nr.4 –  Get Sweaty: This workout is favored among some of the most famous celebrities for keeping their bodies in top condition. It uses interval training, involves running up inclines, and uses frantic sprinting to challenge your body to the max. It will help increase your speed as well as your stamina. There is a 30-minute and a 25-minute variation of these routine, and both will keep you on your toes.

Workout nr.5 –  Interval Training: Maybe you’re bored with your current routine. Give this pyramid workout a try. The idea is that you will vary your speed every single minute of the workout, which will keep things interesting and help you lose weight at the same time. If you don’t mind going for longer, you can do the 45-minute version of this 30-minute routine. Alternatively, you can shorten it to just 25 minutes. Regardless of which version you choose, these workouts will help you gain speed.

Workout nr.6 –  Just get it done: Do you want to get plenty of exercise but don’t have a lot of time on your hands? Check out this 20-minute treadmill routine and you can get a decent challenge in very little time. The speed varies, and so does the level of incline, and this will help you burn a whole lot of calories in very little time.

Workout nr.7 –  Upward momentum: To increase all of your stats, pushing yourself to the edge of your endurance and boosting your metabolism and your heart rate, check out this workout plan. It involves increasing intervals of fast sprinting, which is guaranteed to make you sweat.

Workout nr.8 –  Shed 500 Calories: You might have an hour or so to spare, and in that case you can perform this high-intensity routine and use up 500 calories of energy. That comes out to about 1/2 of one pound of fat per week if you simply do the workout 4 times per week.

Workout nr.9 –  Going up hill: Maybe you miss running up the rolling hills of the countryside and want to replicate that experience. This workout will attempt to simulate those inclines, and once you get used to this level of intensity, jogging on a flat plane will seem easy by comparison. Try this workout if you like running uphill.

Workout nr.10 –  Running in the woods: You might not be visiting a national park anytime soon,but you can simulate a walk through nature with your treadmill. This routine is 45 minutes long and requires you to run and walk up some very sharp “hills.” Over time, this will help your thighs and glutes to become more shapely. There is also a short version that lasts only 20 minutes if you feel so inclined.

Workout nr.11 –  Mountain climber: Hills are lots of fun, but the real challenge comes when it’s time to make your way up a mountain. If you want some really challenging inclines, go for this workout.

Workout nr.12 –  Become stronger: Jogging isn’t the only thing treadmills are good for. Check out this hour-long routine for a hybrid of strength and cardio training. You begin on the treadmill for 3/4 of the workout, and then move on to some resistance training for the last 1/4.

Workout nr.13 –  Get rid of that blubber: The best way to shed that mass of fat is to use interval training to your advantage. Get rid of that spare tire with this interval routine. This intense workout will burn over 400 calories and you’ll find that the weight will slowly come off over time. In addition, you’ll also get to take a look at our special fat-busting treadmill workout. It will help shape your glutes by blasting away hundreds of calories in a mere 45 minutes.

Workout nr.14 –  Two is better than one: We all know that cardio can get boring. When it’s time to try something new, you might want to use this two-in-one machine, that mixes both a treadmill motion and an elliptical motion in one.

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