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Using A Treadmill to Train for Soccer

Soccer players are some of the fitness athletes on the planet. During a 90-minute match a soccer player can cover up to 12km. Soccer Fit Academy informs that for 2/3 of a soccer match players will spend it walking or jogging and for 1/3 they will spend it sprinting, running and changing direction. In order to get into the right shape soccer players have to tailor their training to increase their stamina and reactions to sudden changes in speed. The treadmill is the perfect equipment for getting ready for the soccer season and is a core part of any player’s preparation.Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Prepare for Running Your First Half Marathon

half-marathonSo, the running bug has bitten you and you cannot resist any chance that comes your way.

Maybe your first run was all for fun: a friend cajoled you into it and you thought why not. Or maybe you started running to lose weight and now you always run every local race in your city. You have done the 5ks and 10ks a couple of times and now you feel you are ready for a tougher challenge. Continue reading

Facts about iFit: Bringing the Best in your Treadmill

In the recent past most treadmill manufacturers have upgraded to designing treadmills with the iFit® feature to enable the users have the best out of their treading sessions. Maybe you are wondering what this iFit feature is all about; iFit® is a Smart Technology where programmed workout cards are featured in a treadmill to give the user more personalized workout programs other than the ones that are preset in the treadmill. Continue reading

Should I use a treadmill mat?

Treadmill Mat Review

If you are using an exercise machine without a treadmill mat underneath the machine then you have surely experienced the vibration of the machine and the noise produced due to this vibration. This constant friction of the machine with the flooring not only reduces the life of the machine but also damages the flooring of your room. Thus, it is an accessory, which every gym owner should use whether he owns a personal or a commercial gym.Continue reading

5 Treadmill Tips for Fatties

fat-shadow-manIf you’ve ever seen a commercial for a treadmill—or any kind of exercise equipment for that matter—you’ll notice that they’re usually filled with these waif-like actors, gracefully galloping away with perfect form, their hair tied back in a perfect ponytail that bounces up and down in perfect sync with their perfect movements. Continue reading

Lubricating a Treadmill: The Why, the How and When

lubeJust like any other piece of complex machinery, your treadmill is going to need maintenance of some kind. With all of the friction involved in its function, you may have realized that one of the basic kinds of treadmill maintenance that you may be faced with is needing to add lube to the belt. Continue reading