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Best Ping Pong Paddle 2018

Ping Pong Paddle

Once you’ve got it all figured out, where to buy that ping-pong table, how to set it up, and learn all the rules, it’s time to buy your first ping-pong paddles (sometimes called bats and in some cases, racquets). As you may already know, no two paddles are created equal; however, one bat may help you perform better than another. How to know will surely take time and commitment to the game. Here are some things to think about when buying ping-pong paddles, but first let’s start with some history.Continue reading

Ping Pong Paddle Rules

The game of ping pong is currently exploding in popularity all over the world.  There are now a number of professional tournaments around the world, as well as a very popular Olympic event.  Although there are a number of variations to the game, the professional rules, as laid out by the International Table Tennis Federation, are followed in all of the major tournaments and it’s important that any newcomers to the game know them inside out.  While there are specific rules regarding general play, scoring and table dimensions, there are also very specific regulations when it comes to ping pong paddle rules.Continue reading