ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill Review 2018

ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill

If you are looking for an affordable treadmill that comes with incredible features to give you satisfactory workout sessions this ProForm 6.0 RT treadmill is all that you need. It has gained fame recently due to its ability to perform its job perfectly and smoothly not forgetting it comes with a customer-friendly price. It is designed with great features which are specifically meant for the serious runners that want to begin on a journey of staying fit to reduce health issues.

With this treadmill you will get to take pleasure in enjoying the features that bring along maximum safety, efficient workout data tracking, maximum safety and various workout programs. Moreover you will get to enjoy storing it in any size of a room because it doesn’t consume much of floor space. Listed below are the features of this amazing treadmill that you will get to love the moment you bring it home.



What are the Features of ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill?

Efficient and Powerful motor

This machine comes with Mach-Z motor that is 2.0 chp and powerful enough for both intensive and light workouts. You can easily adjust power and speed when the need arises. Such versatility will give you a chance for longer and interval sessions. Furthermore, the motor has a long life as it comes with an internal cooling system to keep it stable even at the peak of workouts.

TreadSoft Cushioning

How effectively the running deck is cushioned is always a great determinant of how good or bad the performance of the runner will be. With this amazing treading equipment you will get to enjoy sufficient cushioning to give you the ultimate comfort that you need. With this cushioning you will get to evade the harsh conditions like stress or pain that occur to the feet, legs and joints that occur when a runner runs or jogs on a deck that is not well cushioned for long hours. Moreover your performance will definitely be higher once you have all the comfort you need to protect you from encountering sore feet and aching joints. 

High Weight Capacity

A treadmill will only be useful to you only if it meets your weight requirements. This incredible ProForm 6.0 RT is featured with a 300 pound weight limit which is a good approximated weight for most treadmill users. With this weight capacity you will be able to run at your desired speed without the worry to overpower the machine. 

Average Running Surface

Though it may be inadequate for the tall users this machine is designed with a running surface measuring 18×50 inches long. If you are an average user this running surface will give you all the convenience you will need for making long comfortable strides without straining. However the tall users can use this surface for walking purposes only and be rest assured that the walking sessions will be satisfactory.

Incline Level

Do you intend to lose a large number of calories or stimulate your muscles during your exercising sessions? You need to get yourself this great treadmill that comes with a 10% incline level to ensure that you get to run on steep surfaces. Running on a 10% incline level will help you a big deal in achieving your fitness goals sooner than you expected. 

Great Speed

This machine is featured with a 10mph speed which is convenient for most average home treadmill users. If you are a runner that does their workout sessions at a higher speed you don’t have to worry because the 10mph combined together with the 10% incline can work together perfectly to give you a challenging running task. 

Built In Workout Programs

Looking for a treadmill that goes an extra mile to ensure that you attain your fitness goals without much hassle? This ProForm 6.0 RT treadmill will work perfectly for you since it comes with 8 workout programs that are set up by a professional trainer. These programs majorly assist in supporting you to achieve your weight loss targets, burn calories and fats remarkably. What you will love about these in built workout programs is that they will help you to break the monotony of staying on the same treading exercise day in day out which may cause you to develop a cold attitude towards the workout sessions. Adjusting to a new workout program in every training session will enable you to stay more focused and motivated for the next workout exercise. 

Heart Rate Monitor

Do you want a treadmill that will enable you to keep monitoring your heart rate to ensure that you are working on the right intensity to achieve your workout goals? All you need is this exceptional ProForm treading equipment that is featured with handgrip heart sensors that perform a continuous monitoring of your heart rate accurately to let you stay updated with the details of your heart rate

Easy to fold

You don’t want to bring home a treadmill that fills all your floor space leaving you with some limited space for storing other home equipment. This machine comes with the space saver design to take care of the needs of the runners that have an insufficient space at home. With the space saver design it is definite that this equipment won’t give you a difficult time to fold it the moment you want to store it. In addition, this equipment can be kept in an upright position when it is folded which is an added advantage of saving more of your floor space. 

LCD Display

One way to boost the motivation of a runner is to allow them view their workout progress as they get to train. This treadmill is featured with a clear display screen to ensure that you get to view your progress in terms of time consumed, calorie burn, distance covered and heart rate. With an easy access of your workout progress you will be able to adjust the speed and incline to the intensity that will enable you to attain all your healthy goals. Note that the control panel is very easy to use and with it you will be able to set up easily the workout programs that you prefer for a given workout session. 

Convenient Incline/Speed Controls

No one runner can be able to resist the charm of a treadmill that is featured with an easy option of adjusting speed or incline. Everyone that has ever used a treadmill before can attest that reaching out for several options on the console to change the speed and incline can be quite inconveniencing. This machine is featured with quick buttons by which you are able to adjust your incline or decline at a single press even when you are on an engaging workout. With this ease of use the user will stay energetic throughout the training sessions. 

Quiet Operation

If you love watching TV programs or listening to music as you continue with your treading sessions this treadmill will be best for you. It is designed with high quality features beginning from the motor and the running belt which allows you to go for long sessions without producing some distractive noises that may cut short your entertainment. Apart from keeping you fully entertained this smooth operation will save you from getting into trouble with your neighbours due to noise distractions.

iPod Compatibility

One secret to enduring challenging workout sessions is listening to your favorite music as you work out because it keeps the mind refreshed and energized. With this iPod compatibility feature that comes with this great machine you will be able to get entertained throughout the workout sessions by listening to your preferred music. 

How to assemble this treadmill  

Putting together this treadmill may not require a second helping hand but it all depends on how soon you want the process to be. The treadmill box comes with several separated parts but the good thing is that with the assembling instructions you will find the process quite simple. With the tools provided in the box to assemble this machine you need to begin to work on it immediately it is delivered on your doorstep and start keeping fit immediately. 

Generous Customer Price

It is amazing how this outstanding treadmill with incredible features comes with price below $500. Any customer that is on a low budget for a treadmill to use at home will become completely satisfied with this ProForm 6.0 RT treadmill. 


Based on the size, price and the features that come with this treadmill we could say that the customer warranty is quite friendly; 5 year warranty for the motor and the frame, and 90 days for the parts and labor

What we like about ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill 

· It comes with a customer friendly price
· It easy to fold when it is not in use
· Smooth operation that won’t get you into trouble with the neighbours
· Great sound from the speakers
· Good in recording your mileageEasy to assemble

What we don’t like about ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill

· The running surface won’t be convenient for the tall users
· It doesn’t come with a cooling fan
· Some users had reported having problems with the motor


Where to Buy This Treadmill

When you are left with no single doubt that you are taking home the ProForm 6.0 RT treadmill you will have one option from where you can purchase the product; the Amazon site. Amazon offers an outstanding customer service, customer-friendly price and free shipping for the Prime line members

Unfortunately, ProForm 6.0 RT treadmill is not available for purchase on manufacturer site.  This is one more reason to order it from  Amazon, where you will get really excellent customer service.


Probably you have been waiting to save from month to month to be able to buy a good treadmill. Well, the reason could be that you didn’t know that ProForm offers such a great machine with a very generous price. From the above ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill Review you have all the assurance that you need that once you purchase this equipment you won’t get disappointed. With it you will get to enjoy the easy to fold convenience that works favourably when you have a limited home space. Moreover I won’t forget to mention the easy-to-use speed and incline controls that give the user the optimal comfort as they work out. Get this outstanding treadmill today and begin to enjoy a complete transformation of your workout sessions


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