ProForm Power 995i Treadmill Review 2018

ProForm Power 995i  Treadmill

Are you in need of complete turnaround in your workout sessions? All you need is to get yourself the ProForm Power 995i Treadmill that will enable you to have a brand new experience in your treading sessions. It is specially constructed with outstanding features that are all designed towards giving the runner a comfortable workout experience.

Once you get this treadmill you will get to enjoy everything that you have ever dreamt of having for a treadmill including maximum comfort, safety, efficient motor, long term service and multiple workout programs. Here are the incredible features that come along with this exceptional treadmill.






What are the Featuresof ProForm 995i Treadmill?


Powerful Motor

Want a treadmill with a powerful motor that works consistently without breakdown hiccups in between your training sessions? This treadmill is featured with a powerful 3.0CHP motor that is sturdy enough to keep going even when you run or jog for long hours. With this 3.0 CHP motor you will also be able to run 12MPH on the deck comfortably. The motor is also designed to operate smoothly without causing disturbances to the neighbourhood. This motor also comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer an assurance of its durability to their customers. 

ProShox Cushioning

Running on a comfortable deck is the key for a runner who wants their treading sessions to be productive. With this great ProShox treadmill you will get to enjoy comfortable cushioning that will provide maximum protection to your legs and joints. When you run for long hours on a rigid deck you will end up with sore feet or painful joints but with this well cushioned deck you won’t face any of these injuries thus making your treading sessions enjoyable. 

Convenient Running Surface  

Want a running deck that is sufficient to suit your running sessions? You need to purchase this treadmill that is featured with a 20×60 running belt that can be used by most average users quite conveniently. With this treadmill any average user will be able to make comfortable strides while running on the deck to attain their intended workout intensity. 

High Speed  

A treadmill that has a high speed limit works perfectly to meet the needs of runners that love setting up for themselves challenging speed goals. This treading machine comes with a 12MPH speed to enable the user meet their workout goals effectively. 

High Incline


Are you a runner with an intention to lose calories and stimulate your muscles remarkably? Get yourself this amazing fitness equipment that comes with a 0-15% incline level that will work perfectly for you. With this incline you will be able to run on a hilly surface that will make your body to get exposed to more challenging workout sessions.

Easy to Fold 


You don’t want a treadmill that will consume much of your effort when you want to fold it after use. This ProForm 995i is what you need. It is featured with a space saver design meant to give you an easy time when you want to fold it for storage. The easy-to-fold feature is facilitated by EasyLift technology that enables you to fold or unfold the treadmill effortlessly just by a single push. Additionally you will be able to store the treadmill conveniently even when you are short of floor space in your home. 

Heart Rate Monitors

You don’t want to keep running without keeping track of your heart rate. This equipment comes with pulse rate sensors that are placed on the handle bars to ensure that you never lose track of your heart rate. Your heart rate will help you determine if you are working on the required intensity to achieve your workout goals. 

QuickSpeed Buttons

If you are the kind of runner that wants to keep a maximum focus on their workout session you need to take home this equipment. It is featured with QuickSpeed buttons that help the user to change their workout intensity without losing stability and focus. With this feature you will be able to stay consistent on the training session and get to achieve your targeted health goals pretty fast.

LED Display Screen


Every runner wants to know the progress they are making during their workout sessions. This ProForm 995i treadmill is featured with a 7 inch display screen meant to enable you view your workout information on speed, distance covered, time consumed, calorie burn and incline. Accessing this data will enable the runner to know whether they are training on the right intensity to achieve their workout goals. With this display screen you will also be able to set the workout programs you intend to engage in during your treading session. 

Workout Programs

Want a treadmill that goes an extra mile to come with workout programs to help you achieve your health goals faster? You need to get yourself this efficient equipment that will meet your workout needs appropriately. It is featured with 30 pre-set workout programs set by a certified trainer to enable you to make the best out for your workout sessions. If you are interested in getting more workout programs you will need to subscribe to the iFit feature which will enable you to access personalized workout programs for your weight loss, calorie burn needs and many other fitness needs. 

iFit Enabled 

If you have been longing to run on various routes all over the world you need to get yourself this iFit enabled machine that will give you access to various google map routes. With this feature you will be able to run on the most famous running routes you have ever dreamt of. Moreover with this iFit feature you will be able to access workout programs depending on the treadmill level that you are in whether you are a beginner, an average runner or an everyday runner.

For you to access the iFit feature you will need to buy the iFit adapter separately and ensure that you have an internet connection at home. Furthermore, for a more convenient way to keep a history of your workout data you will be required to create an iFit membership account using your smart device. 

MP3 Compatibility 

Music works magic when it comes to enhancing your performance during your workout sessions. ProForm knows this secret thus they bring you this 995i machine featured with an iPod audio port where you can connect your iPod and get to enjoy your favorite music as you work out. It also features 2 inbuilt speakers that produce a great sound to give you the most ideal entertainment. You will be surprised that when getting entertained by your favorite music as you tread you will be able to stay motivated to endure the training session for long hours.

Integrated Tablet Holder

The entertainment needs for your workouts sessions cannot be fully satisfied when the treadmill you own is not featured with a tablet holder. This ProForm 995i is featured with a tablet holder to ensure that your entertainment needs are well catered for. With this tablet holder you will be able to place your table at an appropriate position where you will be able to view your desired movies or music videos conveniently without blocking the display screen

Workout Fan  

Want a treadmill that will give you some refreshing comfort all through your workout sessions? You need to get yourself this great treadmill that is featured with a CoolAire workout fan to keep you cool as you work out. With this feature you will be able to stay refreshed and energized to engage in endurance training without getting tired. 

How to Assemble this Treadmill

Assembling together this treadmill will be simple only if you get to read the assembling manual carefully and follow the instructions. The fact that this treadmill is heavy also means that putting it together will need at least two persons. The main part of the putting it together is fixing the frame and the running base together which you can do using the assembling tools provided in the box. Getting a person to do it for you can save you from this hassle but if you want to save on money you can get a friend to help you and in less than two hours you will be ready to go. 


The warranty that comes with this workout equipment is quite outstanding. It provides you with a lifetime warranty for the frame and motor, 1 year for labor and 5 year for the parts

What we like about ProForm 995i Treadmill 

· Saves on your floor space
· Unlimited workout programs
· Quiet operation
· Absorbs impact effectively
· Easy to adjust incline and speed

What we don’t like about ProForm 995i Treadmill 

· It is a heavy treadmill and this is why it is difficult to assemble
· It requires a technical mind to assemble this treadmill



Where to Buy this Treadmill 

There are many stores that you will find this equipment but the best place that I can recommend is that you buy it from the Amazon site or directly from the manufacturer. From Amazon you will enjoy free and fast shipping and a great customer service and price. If you get it straight from the manufacturer you will get the benefit of free shipping and on top of that a customer-friendly price. 


If you have been searching for an efficient treadmill to give you a fulfilling workout experience right at the comfort of your home you need not to search anymore. This ProForm 995i Exercise Treadmill is all that you need. It enables you to have home gym equipment with all the features that you would only find in a commercial workout gym. Once you have this machine in your home you will get to enjoy a transformational treadmill experience through its steady and comfortable operation that will enable you to give the best that you can the moment you are out for a workout session. It is definite that from the above given ProForm 995i Exercise Treadmill Review you’ve got no doubts that you will indeed get an amazing treading experience with this workout equipment.


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