Sole F63 Treadmill Review 2018

Sole F63 Treadmill

Are you looking for a new model treadmill to make a difference to your workout sessions? You need to get yourself this amazing Sole F63 Treadmill and get to enjoy the new experience that you want. It is made with a simple design to give you an easy user experience and also exceptional features made to satisfy your treading needs perfectly.

With this features you will get to enjoy workouts, a long term service, mobile apps to enhance your productivity, top most efficiency and also a customer-friendly price to fit your budget. More to that, the price given for this treadmill is quite remarkable since the features that you find in it are rare to find with the other brand’s treadmills whose price ranges below $ 1, 000. Below is a list of the features for this Sole F63 Treadmill that you will get to enjoy once you purchase one for yourself.

What actually is Sole F63 treadmill:



What are the Features of Sole F63 treadmill
F63-1Powerfull Motor

You want a treadmill by which you will be able to perform your endurance training sessions without annoying breakdowns in between the sessions? This F63 Sole treadmill is featured with a 3.0HP that will give you all the convenience that you need to train for longer hours. The motor operates quite efficiently and it also has given an assurance of a long term service due to the heavy duty flywheels cooling feature that comes along with it. It also has the capability to start slow during the beginning of your workout session to enable you to warm up. More to that, this powerful motor operates on a quiet mode even when it is used for long training sessions thus enhancing your user experience.

Heavy Duty Frame

The frame of this incredible treadmill is quite irresistible due to its sturdy construction. It is constructed with a welded steel material that will enable you to have whichever inclines you want without experiencing breaks.

Easy to Fold Design

You don’t want a treadmill that will give you some extra work while folding it after use. This treadmill is designed with compact design that makes it quite easy to fold and store. This process is made easier with the inbuilt hydraulic system and the dropping systems which folds and unfolds the machine effortlessly to suit your needs. Moreover, the easy to fold design will also help you save on space when you have a limited floor area in your home.

Easy to Move

Moving the treadmill on your own can be quite tedious or next to impossible. While putting this into consideration this Sole F63 treadmill comes with transport wheels to make the job possible for you. These transport wheels are fixed on the bottom part of the sturdy frame of this treadmill and that makes it easy for you to move it to your desired area of training or storage.

Great Deck Cushioning

Do you know that running for long hours on a shabby deck may cause some severe injuries on your feet or joints? This treadmill comes with a properly cushioned running surface that will help you stay comfortable. With this kind of protection you will be able to go for more productive workout sessions without any injuries or stress on the joints. It is also fashioned to absorb the joint impact on a 35% joint perfect thus keeping your legs and joints completely safe from stride impact.

Excellent Incline Controls

This treadmill comes with 15 level incline that is perfect for any serious runner that wants to achieve their fitness goals quite soon. These 15 levels of incline are your number one key into losing a big number of calories than you would have lost in running or walking. Changing your incline level on the console maybe quite inconveniencing for you to stretch your hands for the console as you exercise; due to this reason this treadmill is designed with controls on the handlebars. This will enable you to change your programs and set up-incline easily without much effort.

Efficient Cooling Fan

You don’t want to take home a treadmill that doesn’t take care of your cooling needs. This treadmill doesn’t disappoint when it comes to keeping you cool during the intensive workouts. It is outstandingly designed to keep you cool in determination to your speed and incline. You will notice that with this feature you will perform your treading activities in a more relaxed manner and attain an excellent performance.

Large and Quality Running Surface

If you are looking for a treadmill that will fit any average treadmill user you need to get yourself the F63 and have your desire met effectively. First of all the deck measures 20×60 inches long which is designed to accommodate a large number of treadmill users. Secondly, the surface is well taken care of due to its 2-ply design to guarantee you maximum comfort as you run or jog on the track.

LCD Screen Display

Any runner desires to have a treadmill that possesses an incredible easy to view LCD screen. With this F63 treadmill 6.5 inches screen you will get to access your workout data clearly without much effort. You will also get to access your performance data on speed, distance, time, calories, pulse and space and incline level. On the screen you will also get to the ¼ mile track, peak and valley graph designs and another that enables you to access various programs. The console also creates the ability to get access to the workout programs and also any other needed controls.

Efficient Heart Rate Monitoring

Keeping your heart rate details on your fingertips is one thing that will cause you to have productive workout sessions to attain your fitness goals. This amazing Sole F63 treadmill comes with a heart monitoring system that operates through the contact pulse rate monitors and the wireless chest straps compatibility. With this feature you won’t miss a single detail about your heart rate which will help you to keep track on your set goals. The hand-grip pulse monitors placed on the handle bars work conveniently to enable you enjoy tracking your heart rate with a wireless technology.

Pre-set Workout Programs

Want a treadmill that will do all it takes to help you achieve your workout goals? You need to get yourself this treadmill that comes with 10 workout programs to help you achieve your fitness goals soonest time possible. The overall function of these programs is to help you reach your targets on cardio training, muscle training and weight loss. These programs are divided into three categories; 6 built-in workout programs, 2 heart rate programs and 2 user defined programs. Setting the workout program that you want for your treading session is quite easy with the use of the display screen feature. Moreover, with this feature you will get to enjoy two user profiles that will help you to give you an easy time while facing your next challenge on your next workout session.

Device Holder

Your device deserves to stay safe even as you perform your workout sessions. Mostly we use our iPhones or tablets when we want to watch our favorite music videos or movies as we undergo the training exercises. This treadmill is featured with a tablet holder to ensure that your gadget stays positioned in a convenient position where you will not end up blocking the screen display or experience accidental drops that could cut short your entertainment.

Security Key

Do you want to keep your treadmill safe and secure from being used by strangers? You need to get yourself this Sole treadmill and have the treadmill for yourself alone. It is featured with a security key that is used to set the treadmill to work. With this safety key you can always leave your treadmill locked when not in use thus keeping away any stranger with an intention to use it. Moreover it also comes with a safety guard to protect you in case you accidentally stumble off the deck. It is featured with a clip to hold the user to the Lanyard such that the console key is pulled off causing the deck to stop moving when they fall from the deck.

Bluetooth Capability

Get yourself a treadmill that is technologically advanced and you can be sure that your work out sessions will become more motivating and comfortable. This treadmill is designed with the Bluetooth connection feature that will allow you to transfer your workout data from the console to your tablet or smartphone. Furthermore with the Sole free App you will be able to download your performance data and be able to manage it to achieve your desired fitness goals. There are also other apps like the Apple Heath app or the Fitbit where you can transfer this data and have an online history of your workout results.

Bottle Holder

You don’t want to leave behind your favorite drink or water as you get set for a treading session. It is definite that running or jogging intensely will cause you to become dehydrated pretty fast. Therefore having your drink close to you will keep you hydrated always thus becoming more energized and quite productive.

Media Device Compatibility

Maintaining maximum entertainment during your workout session will enable you to work out better. This treadmill comes with inbuilt speakers and an input jack to enable you connect your iPod device or any media device that can keep you fully entertained during your work out session. These speakers are specially designed to give you the ultimate sound quality that won’t disappoint you when you want to get motivated through music videos or movies.

Message System

Do you want to experience workout sessions with a supervisor right beside you? This treadmill will make it possible for you. It is featured with cohesive messages board that keeps the user updated with the guidelines they should follow during a particular workout session. This feature gives you the exact feeling that you would obtain from an instructor standing next to you. Other than giving you the feeling of being under an instructor you will become more conversant with the treadmill processes. An added advantage is that with this feature you will also be able to access your workout progress because it does a review on your workout sessions.

Quiet Operation

You don’t want a treadmill that will cause you to get into trouble with the neighbors due to noise distractions. This treadmill is designed with high quality features that cause it to give its customers a smooth satisfactory operation. The motor and the running deck are quite efficient in operation and they will satisfy your needs for a quiet environment as you work out.

How to Assemble Sole F63

The assembling of this treadmill is quite easy and convenient while using the manual. You just need to put together the upper and lower parts of the board using the tools provided in the box. More to that, you will also be required to fix the arms and the highlighting covers also.

Warranty for the Sole F63 Treadmill

Sole offers you quite a generous customer warranty; lifetime cover for the motor and the frame, 3 year for decks and electronics and up to 2 years of labor.

What we like about the Sole F63 Treadmill 

· Great quality features
· Customer friendly warranty
· Easy to fold and move
· Great price for an incredible product

What we don’t like about the Sole F63 Treadmill

· Quite a hassle to carry it up the stairs after delivery
· Some of the bolt holes are almost cross threaded
· The speakers are not of a great quality sound
·  This treadmill takes few seconds to rump up or down
· For runners that make more than 100 miles weekly Sole F65 or Sole F80 is more appropriate

Where to buy Sole F63 Treadmill?

This treadmill is available in Amazon and also the Sole Website. Buying from any of these two sites has got their own different benefits. If you purchase the treadmill from Amazon what you will enjoy most is the free shipping if you a prime line member. Buying it directly from Sole, the manufacturer give you the benefit of free shipping if you want it delivered within United States.

Verdict on Sole F63 Treadmill

If you have been in search of a pocket-friendly treadmill that comes with excellent features, you now know that your search is over. With the above given Sole F63 Treadmill Review you already know the splendid features that you will get to enjoy once you get this treadmill for your workout sessions. Just to mention a few you will enjoy inbuilt workout programs, customer friendly price, generous warranty and many more. Purchase this treadmill for yourself today to get a transformational experience during your training sessions.check-price-at-amazon

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