Sole F85 Treadmill Review 2018

Sole F85 Treadmill

Are you looking for a treadmill that is quite advanced in the digital technology to make your treading sessions super enjoyable? You need to purchase Sole F85 that will satisfy your workout needs effectively. It comes with digital tech features that are meant to give you maximum comfort and easy user experience as you go through your workout sessions.

With this treadmill you will get to enjoy a continuous powerful motor, accurate workout data, wireless apps and a great customer warranty. Moreover you will also get to experience plenty of in-built programs. The programs are set up by a certified trainer to help you into achieving your fitness targets pretty fast. Listed below are the exceptional features of this amazing treadmill that you will get to enjoy.



What Are the Features of Sole F85 Treadmill

Sole-F85Powerful Motor

If you are a runner looking for 100% productivity during your workout sessions make sure you purchase a treadmill that is constructed with a powerful motor that can withstand endurance training. Sole brings you this F85 treadmill that is constructed with a powerful motor to meet the needs of a serious runner that wants to engage in vigorous workouts.

It comes with a 4.0 CHP strong motor that never gets tired even when it is subjected to several intensive workout sessions. It is also featured with steel coated flywheel meant to increase the longevity of the motor and also to give the customer an efficient fluid flow. One thing that you will love most about this motor is that it is not only powerful but it operates quietly to ensure that you don’t cause disturbances in your neighbourhood and also it doesn’t interfere with the sound from your entertainment devices.

Strong Framework

You don’t want a treadmill with a frame that won’t be able to support your workout needs efficiently. This treadmill comes with a steel welded frame to support you as you run on a 12 MPH speed on the running deck. Not to forget this frame comes with a lifetime warranty that will save you on the maintenance costs that will come with the frame.

Quiet Operation

You don’t want a treadmill that will alert everyone around that you have just began your workout sessions. This treadmill is constructed with high quality features that make it to operate quietly throughout your training sessions. With this quiet operation you will be able to listen to your favorite music without having to turn up the volume of your MP3 device. Additionally you will not receive complaints from neighbours who are irritated by the noise distractions that are as a result of your treading sessions. 

Cushioned Deck

Every time you go out looking for a treadmill ensure that you find yourself one that has a properly cushioned deck. The reason being a deck that doesn’t have sufficient cushioning will end up injuring your feet, hips, knees, spine and joints due to the strides impact that is generated when you are running or jogging.

This amazing F85 treadmill comes with a cushion flex deck that ensures that all your comfort needs are well taken care of by reducing the stride impact to 40% compared to running on the outdoor surfaces. With this feature you will be able to tread for long hours without experiencing sore feet or painful joints and spine. More to that, this deck doesn’t only give you comfort but it also operates quietly to give you a quiet workout environment.

High Incline and Speed 

If you are looking for a treadmill with a high speed and incline limits to suit your intensive workouts you need to get this Sole F85 that will meet your needs perfectly. It comes with a 15% incline level and a 12 MPH speed that is quite favourable for any runner wanting to get involved in challenging high intensity workouts. This incline level will help you in a big way if you are a runner that has a target to lose a large amount of calories and also revive your muscles. 

High Quality Running Track

A strong and a comfortable running deck will absolutely motivate you to give the best performance during your workout sessions. This amazing treadmill comes with a sturdy running track that is 2-ply to give you all the comfort you need for your running sessions. It is also featured with 2.75 inch rollers that makes the track operate quietly and also promotes the treadmill’s durability. It is also 22×60 inches long which enables the tall users to make long strides comfortably.

Maximum Safety 

A good treadmill is that which takes care of your entertainment needs as a priority. This incredible treadmill comes with several safety features to ensure that you stay safe during your treading sessions. It comes with an automatic cord system to stop the treadmill in case the user stumbles off the deck. It is also featured with a safety lock that automatically locks the deck once you step off.

Moreover you don’t have to worry about the deck hitting your head when you want to unfold the machine. It comes with the Easy Assist Folding feature that lower the machine to the ground slowly by the pulling low the lever placed under the deck. These safety features will not only keep you safe but also your kids that may want to play around the treadmill.

High Weight Capacity

This treadmill comes with a weight capacity that can accommodate most average treadmill users. It is constructed with a 400 weigh capacity that is well estimated weight limit compared to the other treadmills weight limits.

Easy to fold

You don’t want a treadmill that will give you a hassle of folding it once you are done with your exhaustive workout sessions. This treadmill comes with a space saver design that makes it quite convenient foldable once it is not in use. What make it very easy to fold are the hydraulic assist and the soft-drop system that are featured within the treadmill. With the Easy Assist folding tech you will be able to store your treadmill to its rightful place without using much of your energy and most importantly using less of your floor space.

Cooling Fans 

Staying cool and refreshed throughout your treading sessions will definitely make you more productive. This treadmill is featured with two cooling fans that keep you refreshed depending on the intensity of your workout.

Display LCD Screen 


Every runner wants to be able to view their workout progress to become more motivated during the treading sessions. This treadmill is featured with a 10,1 Inch TFT LCD screen that helps you easily access your workout data. The LCD screen displays your workout information on the distance covered, time consumed, speed, calories burnt, incline, pulse and pace. With this information on your workout progress you will be able to determine whether your workout intensity matches with your targeted fitness goals. On this display screen you will also get to access ¼ mile track, a valley and a peak graph that you will use for various workout programs on the treadmill.

Workout Programs

Want a treadmill that is featured with programs to help you out in achieving your fitness goals? Get yourself this Sole F85 treadmill which will satisfy your needs. It comes with 10 workout programs that are meant to support your weight loss, muscle toning and cardio training needs. The programs are categorized thrice to meet the different needs of the user; 6 standard programs, 2 user defined programs and 2 heart rate programs. This treadmill also enables you to set two user profiles and 2 customized programs for an easy start-up of a new session.

Convenient Controls

Reaching out for the console when you want to adjust your speed or incline can be a bit inconveniencing and tedious. To take care of this concern this F85 treadmill is featured with speed and incline controls on the handlebars to enable you to adjust your speed and incline levels without much effort. You don’t have to worry about pressing the controls accidentally because the handle bars are designed with a safety key to ensure that you don’t press the buttons unnecessarily.

Message Board

This treadmill is fashioned in a special way to ensure that the user goes through their workout sessions as if they were under an instructor’s instructions. It is featured with a message board that provides you with scrolling messages to guide you through your training sessions. Moreover, this message board provides you with a review of your workout data to help you track your workout progress efficiently. This feature will also enable you to get more conversant with the treadmill features and enjoy unmatchable user experience.

Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

Want to monitor your heart rate with a wireless technology? This treadmill will make it possible for you. It is featured with a wireless heart rate monitor that calculates the intended heart rate precisely determined by your age and gender. Contact pulse monitors are also included in the heart rate monitoring. With your heart rate data you will be able to monitor your workout progress and make the necessary changes to achieve your set healthy goals.

Maximum Entertainment 

Want a treadmill that will help you stay entertained throughout your workout sessions? All that you need is this amazing treadmill that comes with in-built speakers, headphone jacks and MP3capability to keep you entertained through your training sessions. While staying entertained through your training sessions you will be more productive than ever.

Bluetooth Capability

Want a treadmill that will enable you to transfer your workout data from the treadmill to your smartphone? This treadmill comes with the Bluetooth capability to enable you to synch your workout data to your smart device. Once your workout data is collected on the treadmill you can be able to move it to your smart phone or iPhone through the Bluetooth compatibility. More to that this treadmill is featured with a free Sole app by which you can download health apps to help you keep track of your fitness goals.


Tablet Holder

If you are using a tablet, iPhone or a MP3 device to get entertained you will require somewhere secure to place it. This treadmill takes good care of that by being featured with a secure tablet holder to hold your entertainment device in a position where you can watch your preferred music videos or movies conveniently

How to assemble this treadmill
Here is a short 3 minutes video how to assemble Sole treadmill (video shows assemblement of Sole F80):

With the use of the assembling guide, this treadmill will take you less than two hours even when you are doing it on your own. You will be required to fix together the fixed arm and the treadmill arms that come separately in the box. Attaching the electronics to the lower board of the treadmill will be quite easy by using the user manual. Always ensure that you get the assembling instructions right to have a very easy time while putting together this treadmill.

Great Price 

Though this treadmill doesn’t come with a price lower than the price of the other treadmills, customers that have experienced its amazing features termed it as a good product that comes with an incredible customer price. The current price is quite generous compared to the treadmill experience you get will get.

Great Customer Warranty for the Sole F85 Treadmill

Sole offers a very impressive warranty for their F85 treadmill. It gives a lifetime warranty for the motor and the frame, 2 years on labor and 5 years on the parts.

What we like about the Sole F85 Treadmill

· It is easy to use and fold
· Easy to assemble
· Strongly built for long term service
· It operates smoothly
· Easy-to-use controls
· High incline that is favorable for runners that love treading on a steep hill


What we don’t like about the Sole F85

· Moving the machine around can be quite tedious (it weights 301 lbs)
· It comes with short hand rails
· The handles are positioned very low making it difficult to reach themcheck-price-at-amazon

Where to Buy Sole F85 Treadmill 

Buying this treadmill comes with two options; getting it from the Amazon site or buying it directly from the manufacturer, Sole. Buying it from the Amazon will enable you to enjoy free shipping (if you are a prime line member), fast shipping and a safe delivery of your equipment. Getting it directly from the manufacturer will give you the benefit of free shipping services on top of incredible customer services and an awesome price.


Verdict on the Sole F85 Treadmill

If you are looking for a home treadmill that will give you the services of a commercial treadmill you have no doubts that this Sole F85 will be the most ideal for you. With the above given Sole F85 Treadmill Review you should rest assured that its features match perfectly to those that you get to experience in the gym sessions before. You will be able to experience a heavy flywheel which will facilitate the fluid motion that will make you feel as if you were in the gym. Get it today at a customer-friendly price and get a complete turnaround in your workout sessions.check-price-at-amazon

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