Sole F65 Treadmill Review 2018

Sole F65 Treadmill

If you are a runner looking for a powerful treadmill to take your training sessions to another level you need to get yourself this exceptional Sole F65 treadmill that comes with high quality features to enhance your performance during your workouts. With the amazing features here you get to enjoy maximum comfort, incredible personalized workout programs, great customer warranty, accurate workout data tracking and also a long term service that comes as a result of high quality feature construction.

Moreover, you will also get to experience an amazing customer service and a pocket-friendly price that comes with Sole F65 treadmill. Once you purchase this Sole F65 treadmill you are assured of getting to enjoy the incredible features as listed below;

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What are the Features of Sole F65 Treadmill

Sole-F65-1Powerful Motor

Every runner understands that a sturdy motor is all they need to make the best out of their workout sessions. This treadmill is designed with a strong 3.25 CHP motor that operates continuously and quietly without annoying breakdowns in between your training sessions.

The motor is also designed with a flywheel that enables it to start at the speed of 0.5 MPH to enable the user to warm up while starting the workout session. This wheel also contributes to the long life of this motor because it aids it to have a cool operation without using much current. With this heavy duty flywheel the user will be able to enjoy their home workout sessions as if they were in the gym because of the fluid motion that comes with it. Moreover, this motor comes with a lifetime cover that is an added assurance of its long term service.

Sufficient Running Area

Are you a tall user looking for a treadmill with a running surface that is large enough to accommodate your long strides? This Sole F65 treadmill is what you need. It comes with a large running surface that is  20″ x 60″  inches long to suit your treading needs perfectly. With a running belt that is this long you will get to enjoy making long strides as you run on the belt without experiencing discomfort of any sort. 

Large Weight Capacity

Want a treadmill that will be able to hold your weight conveniently? Get yourself this amazing treadmill that is able to hold the weight of any treadmill user. It is featured with a 350 pound weight capacity which is an overestimated capacity compared to the weight of most treadmill users. With this user capacity you will be able to run on the deck without anything to worry about.

Shock Absorption 

As much as you focus on achieving your fitness goals you also need to ensure that your comfort and relaxation needs are well taken care of. With the shock absorption feature that comes with these treadmill you will get to experience maximum comfort on your legs and joints.

Performing thorough exercise on a deck that is not well cushioned will cause you to end up with sores and stress that comes from the strides impact. With this treadmill cushioning, the running surface is able to absorb the joint impact up to 40% compared to when you are running outdoors.

Space Saver Design

You don’t want a treadmill that will consume all your floor space when not in use. This feature is designed with a space saver that makes it quite easy to fold and store when you are done with your workout session. It comes with an Easy Lift design to enable you to release the treadmill to fold or unfold by simply flipping a switch. With this feature you will not have a difficult time while folding your treadmill after a tedious workout session.

Easy Mobility

You don’t want to get a treadmill that will give you a difficult time when you want to move it from one place to another. This treadmill comes with efficient transport wheels to save you the hassle of having to lift the treadmill when you want to move it. The wheels are located at the bottom of the frame which enables you to move the treadmill to your desired position when it is placed in an upright position.

Sturdy Track 

This treadmill is designed with a strong and steady track to support all your workout needs. The track is 2-ply which makes it quite durable and comfortable. It also comes with a quiet operation by the use of the 2.5 inches rollers that are fixed to it. With this feature you can be sure that you will maximize 100% on the performance of your workout sessions.

Safety Feature

If you are new in the treading exercise you need to get a treadmill that will keep the user’s safety as their priority. This treadmill comes with a safety cord that will cause the treadmill to stop when you fall off accidentally.

Another safety feature comes with the console safety key by which the console cannot operate when it is not present. This will ensure that no invader interferes with your treadmill when you are not around and it will also keep safe the little kids that want to play their games around the treadmill.

Cooling Fans

A treadmill that comes with a cooling feature is the most ideal that any runner would want since it keeps you relaxed and refreshed during your training sessions. With this treadmill that is featured with twin cooling fans you will be able to stay cool during your most engaging treading sessions. These fans maintain a cool environment around you as you work out to bring the best training results.

High Speed and Incline level  

If you are a fast runner looking for a treadmill to suit your needs perfectly this F65 Sole treadmill will be ideal for you. It comes with the capability to enable you to run at a 0.5 to 12 mph speed. This speed is one of the highest and you can be assured of running your desired speed without facing any limitations. It is also featured with a 0-15 incline level which is perfect for anyone aspiring to loose calories and also to train their muscles.

Efficient LCD Display screen
Every runner wants a treadmill that has the capability to help them view their workout programs and data clearly. With this treadmill you will get to view all the data you need to know about your training sessions because of the 7.5 inch LCD backlit screen that is featured in it. It provides you with information on your speed, pulse and pace, incline, calorie loss and distance covered. With this display screen you will also be able to set up the workout program that you need for a specific training session. More to that, it comes with a ¼ mile track, a valley and a peak graph meant for various workout programs.

Pre-set Workout Programs

Want a treadmill that will see you achieve your fitness goals comfortably and successfully? This treadmill will be the best for you. It comes with 10 workout programs that are designed to help you meet your fitness goals effectively in terms of weight loss, muscle and cardio training.

The programs are categorized into different functions; 6 programs for fat burning and cardio workouts, 2 user designed programs and 2 heart rate programs. It also comes with an option to save two user profiles set with routine programs to enable you have an easy training session. With this treadmill’s display screen you will have an easy task while setting your preferred program.

Wireless Heart Rate Monitors

Want a treadmill that will help you to monitor your heart rate with the wireless technology? Get yourself this treadmill and satisfy your desire. It comes with a non-wired heart rate monitoring which works through the wireless chest straps that sends a signal to the treadmill’s computer to display the heart rate data on the LCD display screen. Good thing with this wireless chest strap is that you won’t strain to reach the contact pulse monitors that are featured in this treadmill to keep track of your heart rate.

Heart rate control 

This treadmill does not only feature a heart rate monitor but also a heart rate control to adjust your heart rate to your intensity goals. The heart rate control reading is provided by the wireless chest strap and also the hand grip pulse monitors. With these readings on your pulse rate the treadmill’s computer will be able to adjust to your needed workout target.

MP3 Compatibility 

Getting yourself entertained during your training sessions will enable you have high performance and also be able to train for longer hours. To take care of your entertainment needs this treadmill comes with inbuilt speakers and headphone jacks to enable you listen to your favorite music as you tread. While getting entertained during your workout sessions you can be sure you won’t notice how fast the training session time will fly.

Bluetooth Compatibility

Having a treadmill compatible with the Bluetooth technology will enable you to track your data precisely and quite easily. Sole F65 treadmill is designed with the Bluetooth compatibility to enable you synch data into your smart phone or iPhone. With these feature you will get to transfer your workout data conveniently from the treadmill to your smart devices. More to that, this treadmill is featured with a free Sole app by which the user can be able to transfer their workout data to the fitness apps like the Mapmyrun or Fitbit.

Tablet Holder

Want a treadmill that takes care of all your entertainment needs? Get yourself this F65 treadmill that comes with a device holder to hold your tablet or iPhone as you get entertained. With this tablet holder feature you will be able to keep your entertainment device at a convenient position to enjoy your favorite music videos and movies while also ensuring that you don’t block the display screen.

Bottle Holder

Doing your workout sessions with your favorite drink close to you to keep you refreshed will enhance your training performance. This treadmill is featured with a bottle holder meant to give you the pleasure of enjoying some water or drink during the workout sessions. While enjoying this refreshment you will become more motivated to run for long hours.

Scrolling Message feature  

Do you desire to have a treadmill that will give you the feeling of being under an instructor’s supervision? This incredible treadmill will be perfect for you. It is featured with a message board that comes with multiple messages to ensure that you have sufficient guidelines on how to go through your workout sessions. After your workout session you are able to get a review of the entire training session that will enable you track down your progress.


How to assemble Sole F65 treadmill

Assembling this treadmill is quite easy with the use of the user manual provided. You just need to know the right place to fix the bolts and all the parts that are not put together during delivery. The treadmill head and the treading arms come separately for safety purposes so you will need to combine them once the treadmill is delivered at your door. The cable attachments that are needed in putting together the treadmill are quite easy and within a few minutes you will be good to go.

Warranty for the Sole F65 Treadmill

Sole gives an exceptional warranty for this F65 treadmill. It gives a lifetime warranty for the motor and the frame, 3 years for the rollers, electronics and the belt and 1 year warranty for labour.

What we like about the Sole F65 Treadmill

· Saves on floor space where there is a limited floor room
· Easy to fold and move
· Endless entertainment for your workout sessions
· It operates quietly without causing noise distractions
· It is perfect for cooling the user when they are exercising on a warm weather
· Great speed and weight capacity

What we don’t like about the Sole F65 Treadmill

· The safety handles maybe too low for a tall user at around 6 inches and above
· It comes with some mislabeled right and left functionscheck-price-at-amazon

Where to buy Sole F65 Treadmill

When you go to purchase a Sole F65 treadmill you will have two options to purchase from; the Amazon site and directly from the manufacturer, Sole. Buying this treadmill directly from the manufacturer will give you the benefit of enjoying a customer friendly price on top of free shipping. When you purchase it from the Amazon site you will get to enjoy free shipping if you are a Prime member and also an amazing customer support.

Verdict on Sole F65 Treadmill

With the above given Sole F65 Treadmill Review you now know which treadmill to buy the next time you will be looking for a new machine. The features that come with this treadmill are quite irresistible and competent to give any runner the best of treading experience ever. Moreover, the price offered for this product is very friendly to fit the customer’s budget effectively. Get yourself this Sole F65 treadmill today and you can be sure you won’t get disappointed by its incredible functionality.check-price-at-amazon

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